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  1. Settled at the buzzing Harbour City inside LCX, it is the Korean bistro and restaurant, also the first overseas branch of The Joomak. It has a stunning harbour view with an edgy interior design, along with K-pop background music, it serves some Korean fusion cuisine. The Joomak The Restaurant View 餐廳景色 One of the restaurant signatures and must-have would be a Mate Tea 4C°C Noodle. It is basically thin soba noodle served with assorted sides including sliced cucumber, kimchi, Korean pear and a soft boiled egg; they also offer choices of meat (pork or beef) to vegetarian. Served aside a herb and yuzu sauce, it is sharp-flavored but very palatable. Mate Tea 4C°C Noodle 瑪黛茶 4°C 冷麵 Korean Shredded Beef Rib 手撕韓式牛肋骨 Kimchi, Pear, Cucumber, Soft Boiled Egg 泡菜, 香梨, 青瓜, 溏心蛋 The menu offers a good selection of Korean fried chicken, and most of them comes with an unbelievable dressing. Such as an avocado and lime fried chicken, the sauce is thick and creamy with a hint of tanginess from the lime. The deboned chicken meat is juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, thickly battered and sprinkled with a particularly flavoursome cheese powder. Lime & Avocados Fried Chicken with Cheese Powder 青檸牛油果麻藥炸雞 Lime & Avocados Fried Chicken with Cheese Powder 青檸牛油果麻藥炸雞 Self-grilled angus ribeye is another recommended choice. Served aside raw shiitake mushrooms, onion rings and cabbage, there are a few pieces of mozzarella for us to melt on the ribeye. The Angus ribeye is sizzled on the cast iron plate, to your desire doneness, it is indeed succulent and mouthwatering. Sizzle Grilled Angus Ribeye 板燒安格斯肉眼排 Finally, a tiramisu with Movenpick tiramisu ice cream, ladyfingers and coffee is very satisfying. I also loved the fresh fruits yuzu soda made with that smoky effect. Tiramisu 雪糕, 提拉米蘇 Tiramisu 雪糕, 提拉米蘇 Fresh Fruit Yuzu Iced Tea 水果柚子茶 The Bill 單據 The Joomak Address: Shop 34, LCX, 3/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Telephone: 2111 0851 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:30 Website: http://tjm.co.kr / https://www.facebook.com/thejoomakhk Source
  2. Bao Bei – A Year After | A Brand New Menu

    Tucked away down an underground space on Wyndham Street, Bao Bei is still the made-in-Hong-Kong eatery and bar located in the nightlife hub of Hong Kong. Introducing a brand new menu a year after, it still serves small plates of east-meet-west dishes with a playful and modern presentation. Bao Bei Bao Bei A Sichuan Edamame to start, seasoned with hot Sichuan pepper and chili oil. Followed by thinly sliced pork belly with chili garlic sauce, and a very refreshing hand-pulled chicken salad with mixed greens and a moreish wasabi sesame dressing. Sichuan Edamame Edamame, Sichuan pepper, chili oil Thin-Sliced Pork Belly with Chili Garlic Sauce Sous-vide pork belly, shallot, cilantro, red vinegar Hand-Pulled Chicken Salad Yellow chicken, mixed greens, homemade wasabi sesame dressing Aside from their signature steamed bao with slow-cooked pork belly, we have a new rice burger with homemade barbecue pork and fried egg. The rice has been pretty well flavored with “furikake”, a kind of Japanese rice seasoning, pan-seared and stuffed with tender char siu, arugula, caramelized onion and a runny fried egg, despite the barbecue sauce is a tad too sweet for my liking. Char Siu & Egg Rice Burger Homemade Cantonese BBQ pork patty, fried egg, arugula, caramelized onion Char Siu & Egg Rice Burger Homemade Cantonese BBQ pork patty, fried egg, arugula, caramelized onion Pork Belly Bao Sous-vide pork belly, portobello, pine flowers, apricot salsa, gravy, pork floss Favourites are the popular mapo tofu fries baked with cheese, minced pork, tofu and chili over a huge bed of thin cut fries; chewy and batter-fried rice cake covered with creamy cheesy carbonara sauce. Mapo Tofu Fries Minced pork, tofu, chili, cheese, spring onion Rice Cake Carbonara Chinese coin rice cake, Jinhua ham, prosciutto, parmesan, mozzarella Something bigger on the menu is a Korean-inspired claypot rice baked with kimchi, and bulgogi, whilst the baked curry chicken in a sweet and crunchy pineapple bun crust is deliciously juicy and succulent. Not to mention its strong and aromatic lemongrass flavor! Korean Bulgogi Rice in Claypot Kimchi, sweet soy sauce Baked Curry French Game Hen in HK-Style with Pineapple Bun Crust French game hen, red curry, onion, lemongrass, shallot, garlic Baked Curry French Game Hen in HK-Style with Pineapple Bun Crust French game hen, red curry, onion, lemongrass, shallot, garlic Our meal ends with two desserts, a green tea molten cake with red bean filling, plus a signature mango pomelo sago slushy with a delightful kick of white rum. Green Tea Molten Red Bean Cake Vanilla ice cream, fresh berries Green Tea Molten Red Bean Cake Vanilla ice cream, fresh berries Mango Pomelo Sago Slushy White rum, fresh mango, pomelo, mango juice, sago, coconut milk Finally, there are two playful signature cocktails including a Yakult shot mixed with soju and yakult; a Childhood Memory that is sweet, milky & creamy with a soft hint of rum and Baileys. They are not to be missed! Yakult Booster Soju, yakult, morello cherries Yakult Booster Soju, yakult, morello cherries Childhood Memory Spiced rum, Bailey’s, Vitasoy malt Bao Bei Address: B1/F, 75-77 Wyndham Street, Central Telephone: 2801 7779 Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 17:00-02:00 Website: http://www.baobeihk.com / https://www.facebook.com/baobeihk Source
  3. One of my favourite desserts in Bangkok is probably a mango sticky rice shaved ice. And lately, a new dessert shop opened in Argyle Centre, Mongkok, happens to create a very similar version. Chatuchak Shave Ice 翟道翟棉棉冰 Chatuchak Menu 餐牌 They offer mainly three shaved ice flavors including durian sticky rice and Thai milk tea, but mango sticky rice flavor is surely the most popular order here. Consist of sticky rice topped with mango shaved ice, chopped mango and mango sauce; the coconut cream on top is amazingly thick and creamy, which melts perfectly into the shaved ice. Mango Sticky Rice Shaved Ice 芒果糯米飯棉棉冰 Mango Sauce, Mango Shaved Ice 芒果醬, 芒果刨冰 The serving of sticky rice at the bottom is also warm and generous, whilst the crispy rice sprinkled over is a bit hard to chew. Coconut Cream, Crispy Rice 椰奶忌廉, 脆米 There are also a list of drinks including milkshake, soda and their home brewed Thai milk tea, and we opt for a Tom Yum Gung soda that is merely spicy but refreshing. Tom Yum Gung Soda 冬蔭功梳打 Chatuchak Shave Ice 翟道翟棉棉冰 Address: Shop SK6B, 2/F, Argyle Centre, 688 Nathan Road, Mong Kok Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 13:00 -22:30 ; Sat-Sun 12:00 -23:00 Website: https://www.facebook.com/%E7%BF%9F%E9%81%93%E7%BF%9F%E6%A3%89%E6%A3%89%E5%86%B0-Chatuchak Source
  4. This Autumn, the restaurant at The Cordis Hotel – The Place, has launched a dinner buffet featuring the theme of “Japanese & Korean Autumn Celebration”. The buffet highlights many popular delicacies from two Asian culinary destinations, which also includes a selection of Japanese beers and wine. The Place Japanese & Korean Autumn Celebration Dinner 「日韓秋祭」主題自助晚餐 Selected Beer 日本啤酒 Starting with cold appetizers, there are fresh lobsters, crab legs, whelks and clams at the seafood station. Two kinds of freshly shucked oyster are served, the Australian one is particularly buttery, creamy and carries a tad subtle sweetness. Seafood Station 海鮮 Fresh Oyster 生蠔 The Korean Imperial appetizer platter consists of kimchi and spicy marinated lotus root, spinach and assorted mushroom; the soba noodle is also colourfully displayed including white, red and green colours. Whilst at the sushi bar, assorted sashimi is offered upon your choice, as well as Japanese sushi hand rolls and a few fire-grilled sushi. Korean Imperial Appetizer Platter 韓國宮廷九節板 Appetizer Platter 九節板 Korean Soba Noodle 韓式冷麵 Japanese Hand Rolls 日本手卷 Flame Seared Aburi Sushi 火炙壽司 The noodle station offers two soup bases, chicken soup and pork rib soup; but my favourite is the traditional chicken and ginseng double boiled soup with a surprisingly strong bitter aftertaste. The hot dishes also highlight plenty of Japanese and Korean cooking, including a miso and cheese baked lobster, wagyu beef, Korean luncheon meat fried rice and Korean beef ribs. Noodle Station 即煮湯麵 Double Boiled Soup 韓式人蔘雞湯 Baked Lobster with Miso & Cheese 味噌芝士焗龍蝦 Wagyu Beef 一口和牛粒 Korean Gyeran Bokkeumbap Bap with Luncheon Meat 韓式午餐肉炒飯 Fried Lobster Claw with Garlic & Black Bean 豉蒜炒龍蝦鉗 Korean Bulgogi (Beef Short Rib) 韓式牛仔骨 In addition, there are tteokbokki (i.e. hot and spicy Korean rice cake), Korean fried chicken and shrimp tempura. Some chutney and mint yogurt to be served with Indian curry, also find roasted ribeye and pan-seared foie gras. Mango Chutney, Mixed Chutney, Mint Yogurt 芒果酸辣醬, 雜菜酸辣醬, 薄荷乳酪 Fresh Oyster, Korean Marinated Spinach 生蠔, 韓式醃菠菜 Roasted Ribeye, Black Pepper Sauce, Choi Sum, Fire-grilled Salmon Sushi 肉眼扒, 黑椒汁, 菜心, 火炙三文魚壽司 Double Boiled Chicken Ginseng Soup 韓式人蔘雞湯 Pan Seared Foie Gras 煎鵝肝 My most loved section is definitely the dessert corner with many Japanese-Korean-inspired desserts. A green tea chocolate fountain with marshmallow lollies, green tea cheese cake, daifuku with red bean filling, half-baked cheese tart; some other favourites are Japanese white peach pudding, homemade warabimochi and surely the huge varieties of Movenpick ice cream. Mango & passion fruit, maple walnut, blueberry cheesecake, lemon & lime; fresh fruit juices are served during the meal as a great refreshment too. Movenpick Ice Cream 雪糕櫃 Green Tea Chocolate Fountain 抹茶朱古力噴泉 Hokkaido Green Tea Cheese Cake 北海道綠茶芝士蛋糕 Green Tea Daifuku 綠茶大福 Kyoho Grape Jelly, Korean Peach & Soymilk Pudding 日本巨峰提子啫喱, 韓式香梨豆奶布丁 Citrus Honey Cake 柚子蜂蜜蛋糕 Bread & Butter Pudding 麵包布丁 Warabi Mochi 日式蕨餅 Hokkaido Cheese Tart 半數芝士撻 Strawberry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon & Lime, Maple Walnut Ice Cream 士多啤梨雪糕, 藍莓芝士蛋糕雪糕, 青檸檸檬雪芭, 楓糖合桃雪糕 *The buffet will finish by the end of November, offer during dinner time only.* The Place @ The Cordis Address: Level L, Cordis, Hong Kong at Langham Place, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok Telephone: 3552 3028 Opening Hours: Dinner 18:30-21:45 ; Mon-Sun 06:30-00:30 Website: http://www.cordishotels.com / https://www.facebook.com/cordishk Source
  5. 平時我係香港好少食韓燒,通常都每年年尾去韓國旅行先會食到。今次有幸同好友黎到旺角既一間樓上韓國料理店,位置係西洋菜南街,地鐵站 E2 出口直行轉左「友誠商業中心」樓上五樓。呢度裝飾好摩登,加上五顏六色既燈飾,非常熱鬧。 Dong Dae Mun Korean Restaurant 東大門韓國料理 Chef’s Special 廚師精選 除咗任叫燒烤食物,餐廳既另一角都有自助吧,包括頭盤,熟食,壽司,熱湯,甜品同糖水;仲有任飲既汽水同啤酒。 Hot Food Corner 熟食 Sushi Roll 壽司卷 Kimchi, Bean Sprouts, Cold Spicy Sour Chicken Feet 泡菜, 涼拌芽菜, 酸辣雞腳 今次既套餐送海鮮拼盤一份。老闆亦一直推介我哋試五花腩。五花腩好肥美,一層肉一層肥膏,比我想象中嫩口,容易咬開;海蝦唔算大隻但都新鮮。 另外係自助區夾返黎既韓式海鮮薄餅同泡菜煎餅都凍咗,所以我建議可以係鐵板上稍微燒一燒,更加脆口。 Korean BBQ, Seafood Platter 韓燒放題, 海鮮拼盤 Pork Belly 五花腩 Prawn 海蝦 最後,有甜品同水果咗完結,兩者不過不失啦! 由今日起到10月31日前食滿 $500,就可以參加抽獎,有機會去埋首爾東大門!記得去佢地 Facebook Page填埋表格喔! Desserts & Fruits 甜品, 水果 The Bill 單據 Dong Dae Mun Korean Restaurant 東大門韓國料理 Address: 5/F, Yau Shing Commercial Centre, 51 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok Telephone: 239 83777, 2396 7757 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-00:00 Website: https://www.facebook.com/dongdaemunhk Source
  6. Just a few months ago, the popular Portuguese restaurant Casa Lisboa has reopened in Central with a brand new image and concept of “contemporary Portuguese cuisine”. It is basically an idea of reinventing traditional dishes starting from the cook techniques and its presentation, using fresh ingredients to bring old and new flavors together to the table. I am so excited to try out the pumped-out Portugues brunch on the weekday, which includes a welcome couvert, a few starters for sharing, a main and dessert, in a bright and modern, relaxing but a bit packed environment. Casa Lisboa Gastronomia Portuguesa Portuguese Brunch Menu House Marinated Portuguese Olives & Pate with Bread Beginning with a cold crab salad with toast, it is in fact a delicious mix of poached crabmeat, mayonnaise, onion and celery. There are also beetroot salad with chopped carrot, crumbled goat cheese with honey vinaigrette; a cold Gazpacho; and grilled juicy octopus in garlic, coriander and green wine complementing the rich sauce. Sapateria Portuguese cold crab salad Algarvia Tartare Beetroot, carrot, goat cheese, coriander & honey vinaigrette Alentejo Gazpacho With green apple, chourico, ham oregano, olive oil & vinegar Garlic Octopus Chili, coriander & Vinho Verde Alongside, the deep-fried codfish cakes are made beautifully golden brown with an excellent meaty “Bacalhau” filling, as well as the plumpy clams that have been cooked in a moreish and thick tomato sauce, incredibly rich and flavorful. Codfish Cakes With parsley & garlic mayonnaise Codfish Cakes With parsley & garlic mayonnaise Clams Casa Lisboa Tomato, garlic, chilli, coriander & white wine One couldn’t leave Casa Lisboa without trying their signature suckling pig dish. It comes with a chourico baked rice, some chips and a homemade gravy; the suckling pig is marinated in traditional Bairrada style and grilled for three hours, very succulent with a perfect crackling skin, impressive! Leitao A Bairrada Slow roasted suckling pig “A Bairrada” Style A new feature on the menu is a Portuguese sandwich, or burger, looked super cheesy and packed with flavoursome roast beef, pork belly, and a fried egg on top, despite the house sauce is a bit too salty for my liking. Casa Lisboa Francesinha Roast beef, chourico, pork belly, egg, potatoes & house sauce in the bread Casa Lisboa Francesinha Roast beef, chourico, pork belly, egg, potatoes & house sauce in the bread For dessert, it is a conventional serradura pudding made with layers of fine biscuit crumbs and delicate smooth cream; whilst I adore the refreshing pineapple, vanilla and pistachio sponge ravioli with a strong alcohol aftertaste! Serradura Saw dust pudding Serradura Saw dust pudding Pineapple Raviolis With vanilla ice cream & pistachio sponge Pineapple Raviolis With vanilla ice cream & pistachio sponge The brunch also provides a few free-flow, cocktails and mocktails, including Amarelo (fresh pineapple, fresh lime and jasmine tea) and Casa Lisboa Breeze (pineapple juice, cranberry juice, lychee & yuzu juice). *Brunch is available on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday* Amarelo, Casa Lisboa Breeze Brunch mocktails Casa Lisboa Gastronomia Portuguesa Address: 2/F, Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central Telephone: 2905 1168 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 18:30-00:00 Website: http://www.casalisboa.com.hk / https://www.facebook.com/CasaLisboaPortugueseRestaurant Source
  7. WOOBAR – Yeh! Shanghai W T Time!

    Returning to this sophisticated high ceiling and open space at WOOBAR, we are having an afternoon treat with plenty of Shanghainese elements. This new afternoon tea set “Yeh! Shanghai” is prepared to celebrate the opening of W Shanghai – The Bund, featuring a few sweets and savouries that resemble some traditional Shanghai dishes. WOOBAR “Yeh! Shanghai” Afternoon Tea W Tea Set Such as crispy wonton with a flavorful crabmeat filling marinated with black vinegar and sliced ginger, also a delicate spoonful of cubed tofu with thousand year egg. Crispy Crab & Cabbage Wonton, Ginger, Black Vinegar Silken Tofu with Preserved Egg, Spring Onion Oil Marinated Drunken Chicken, Black Truffle, Sesame Some favourites are the crispy suckling pig skin serving on soda biscuit with black caviar; a piece of cucumber stuffed with crunchy wood ear mushroom and jellyfish that resembles one of the reminiscent appetizer from Shanghainese cuisine. Crispy Suckling Pig, Fermented Bean Curd Paste, Caviar Tossed Jelly Fish with Cucumber, Dried Wood Ear Mushroom The prawn is large in size, poached and served on a moreish sesame soy sauce mayonnaise. The set also comes with plain and raisin scones, relatively buttery and crumbly, with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Prawn Cocktail with Light Spicy Sesame Soy Sauce, Sago Plain & Raisin Scone with Clotted Cream & Strawberry Jam An earl grey mousse cake with a citrus yellow jelly coating and pâte sablée crust; black sesame dumpling with an wonderfully sweet and crunchy sesame crisp; the ginger and plum macaroon is as well tasting pretty interesting. Citrus Earl Grey Mousse Cake Black Sesame Dumpling, White Sesame Tuile Ginger & Plum Macaroon Last but not the least, my most loved dessert is the Xiao Long Bao, which is basically a vanilla white chocolate mousse with multilayers of pistachio and raspberry jam, a feuilletine bottom, made in the shape of xiao long bao. A Chinese-fusion churros is generously sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. “Xiao Long BAO” Vanilla Pistachio Mousse, Raspberry Jam, Feuilletine Chocolate & Cinnamon Croissant Twist A cup of cappuccino using illy coffee to end. After all, this afternoon tea is definitely instagram-worthy and note that it will only last until the end of October! Cappuccino The Bill WOOBAR @ W Hong Kong Address: 6/F, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Kowloon Telephone: 3717 2889 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-01:00 Website: http://www.w-hongkong.com / https://www.facebook.com/WHongKong Source
  8. This fall, FeedMe Guru has partnered with Pacific Place to launch a tasting journey “Food Vibes Only”. It is created featuring 20 exclusive tasting menus together with 11 restaurants at PP, including Chinese, European, Thai and some casual cuisines. At Apinara, a very new import from Bangkok with a luxurious vibe and a cocktail bar, they are now offering two affordable meal sets. Set Meal $250 – https://goo.gl/aKVvwW Set Meal $350 – https://goo.gl/fNVuAc Apinara by Nara Thai Cuisine Condiments 醬料 A signature appetizer platter includes fresh pomelo salad with garlic dressing, Thai fish cake, BBQ pork satay and a juicy and tender chicken thigh baked in pandan leaf. Signature Appetizer Platter 泰式小食拼盤 Pomelo Salad, Thai Fish Cake, BBQ Pork Satay, Chicken Pandan 柚子沙律, 泰式魚餅, 黃薑豬肉沙爹 The coconut chicken soup is not very spicy but creamy, with a strong flavor coming from the lemongrass, with some button mushroom and tender chicken meat. Coconut Chicken Soup 椰子雞湯 My favourite is the fried rice with crabmeat, scrambled egg and two shrimps. It is very well-seasoned, served atop crab roe and coriander on the side. Fried Rice with Crab 泰式蟹肉炒飯 Fried Rice with Crab 泰式蟹肉炒飯 The set also includes a healthy dish of stir-fried baby cabbage, and your choice of drinks including Thai milk tea and fresh lime soda, either one. Stir-fried Baby Cabbage with Garlic 香蒜炒椰菜苗 Fresh Lime Soda 青檸梳打 Make sure to check out Pacific Place outlets in this Fall, and be spoilt by the delicious rewards where you can receive complimentary sweet treat from DALLOYAU or a Olive Oil & Vinegar Set from I.T.!!! Apinara Address: Shop 205, Level 2, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty Telephone: 3107 1888 , 3107 0688 Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 11:30-22:30 ; Fri-Sat 11:30-23:00 Website: http://www.narahk.com / https://www.facebook.com/apinarahk Source
  9. Bauhinia Kitchen is a Cantonese restaurant belonging to Hotel Sav at Hung Hom. The area isn’t as huge as the usual Chinese restaurants but it is still spacious and comfortable. Specializes in handcrafted Cantonese cuisines, they offer many local favourites and traditional dishes which most of them have to be reserved one day in advance. Bauhinia Kitchen 紫荊閣 A so-call “Beggar’s Chicken”, which is basically a baked chicken wrapped in lotus leaf. It is stuffed with many treasurable Chinese ingredients including red date, black fungus, fresh lily buds, also shredded pork to give not only abundant flavor but keeping the whole chicken moist and succulent. Beggar’s Chicken 叫化雞 Baked Chicken with Red Dates, Black Fungus, Lily Buds, Beetroot, Shredded Pork 富貴雞, 乞兒雞, 紅棗, 黑木耳, 鮮百合, 筍, 豬肉絲 The soup of the day is a double-boiled fish soup with yam and Chinese barleys; whilst the scallop toast is deep-fried with egg batter, golden and crunchy with a sprig of cilantro and sweet and sour dip on the side. Daily Soup 淮山茨實生魚湯 Deep-Fried Scallop Toast 窩貼帶子夾 Deep-Fried Scallop Toast 窩貼帶子夾 The steamed tofu skin rolls aren’t very impressive because it’s too saucy and the sauce itself is too salty and not tasty for my liking. Steamed Vegetable, Block Moss, Tofu Skin Rolls with Assorted Mushrooms, Baby Corn, Carrot, Water Chestnut, Black Fungus 法海蒲團 Steamed Vegetable, Block Moss, Tofu Skin Rolls with Assorted Mushrooms, Baby Corn, Carrot, Water Chestnut, Black Fungus 法海蒲團 The stir-fried egg white is well-scrambled with a deliberate amount of chopped fish maw and crab meat, but the sesame oil flavor is too overpowering. Stir-Fried Crab Meat & Fish Maw with Egg White 蟹肉蛋白炒魚肚 Stir-Fried Crab Meat & Fish Maw with Egg White 蟹肉蛋白炒魚肚 Last but not the least, a deep fried dumpling is served with a simple broth, which is intentionally used to dip with the dumpling. Deep-Fried Shrimp, Minced Pork Dumpling with Soup 上湯粉果 We got a huge lotus seed birthday bun to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. A total of 24 buns including 12 mini and 12 large ones, the former has less lotus seed paste while the latter has a salted egg yolk in the middle. Both are steaming hot, fluffy and sweet. Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Buns in Bun 子母蟠桃 Mini Lotus Bun 迷你壽包 Lotus Seed Paste, Salted Egg Yolk 蓮蓉, 鹹蛋黃 Lotus Seed Paste 淨蓮蓉 Bauhinia Kitchen 紫荊閣 Address: 1/F, Hotel Sáv, 83 Wuhu Street, Hung Hom Telephone: 3184 0166 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-16:30 ; 17:30-23:00 Website: http://www.hotelsav.com/zh-hant/dining/bauhinia-kitchen Source
  10. 十月一日入到黎長洲,除左同屋企人慶團圓做節,順便去尋找一啲隱世喺長洲嘅小店。 位於新興海旁道嘅「在水一坊」,由碼頭一出左手邊一直行就會見到。小店嘅名好得意,亦同海似乎有一點關係。 Join Shui Yat Fong 在水一坊 Join Shui Yat Fong 在水一坊 呢度賣嘅唔再只係甜品小食,亦有好多手工啤酒同飲品俾你慢慢揀。天氣熱,就坐咗係靠窗邊位置。一邊感受陽光,一邊涼下冷氣,加上店內唔多人,地方闊落,非常爽喔! Join Shui Yat Fong 在水一坊 等咗20分鐘,即叫即製嘅窩夫終於到啦!上面有紫薯蓉同忌廉,拌一球雪尼拿雪糕。 雪糕方面唔需要太介懷,反而值得一提嘅係用咗低脂,低卡路里嘅忌廉,好滑 ; 紫薯蓉憑顏色就知係堅紫薯,甜度適中,而且唔會有色素。重點係窩夫底加了一丁點鹽調味,外脆內軟,蛋香足夠,熱辣辣好好食,值得推介! Purple Potato Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream 紫薯窩夫配雲呢拿雪糕 Purple Potato Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream 紫薯窩夫配雲呢拿雪糕 叫咗一杯荔枝熱情果梳打,味道一啲都唔假。雖然明知係用咗荔枝糖醬同熱情果汁做成,但唔會假得黎死甜,又唔會大多冰,反而好清新解渴! Lychee & Passion Fruit Soda 荔枝熱情果梳打 另外叫咗一杯熱嘅朱古力拿鐵,表面嘅氣泡好美麗,咖啡杯都非常別緻,好窩心好溫暖。 Chocolate Latte 朱古力拿鐵 Low Fat, Low Calorie Whipped Cream 低脂低卡路里忌廉 Join Shui Yat Fong 在水一坊 有機會入到長洲,一定要黎支持一下喔! 在水一坊 Address: G/F, 2 San Hing Praya Street, Cheung Chau Telephone: 9658 4430 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:30-22:00 Website: https://www.facebook.com/%E5%9C%A8%E6%B0%B4%E4%B8%80%E5%9D%8A Source
  11. Odelice! – A Casual French Bistro!

    It has been a while since I had a traditional French crepe. Coming to Odelice! on Landale street in Wan Chai, it is a casual restaurant and cafe with a cosy and welcoming ambience. Their menu serves a variety of authentic French dishes, including a selection of salad and pasta dishes, also French mussels, beef tenderloin, galettes and crepes. Odelice! Odelice! Wan Chai Odelice! Menu Starting from the a la carte menu, we enjoy so much on the beef tartare served with toasted rye bread. The raw beef has been finely chopped and mixed with onions, capers, ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce, topped with a raw egg yolk for a fresh and complex flavor, definitely scrumptious. Odelice! Steak Tartar Odelice! 牛肉他他 Raw Egg Yolk 生蛋黃 The salad arrives with a balsamic dressing, the mix of baby spinach and quinoa is so refreshing and complemented with creamy crumbled feta; also served with toasted bread and smoked salmon. Quinoa & Fresh Baby Spinach Salad with Smoked Salmon With feta cheese & cherry tomato in balsamic dressing 蕎麥菠菜苗沙律配羊奶芝士, 車厘茄, 意大利黑醋汁, 配三文魚 Since it is a weekend afternoon, we opt for a French foie gras galatte from the brunch menu. it is delightful to see a generous piece of perfectly pan-fried foie gras served on top, with a buckwheat crepe filled with sweet and excellently caramelized onion. Not only is it delicious, but also gluten-free! French Foie Gras Galette With pan-seared foie gras, caramelized onion, tomato confit & fig jam 法國鴨肝蛋白蕎麥餅 They also do very fresh fruit juices and lemonades, whilst for sweets, there are premium crepes waffles with many options such as butter sugar, nutella spread with banana, as well as cinnamon apple and fruit jams. Pineapple Cucumber Apple Juice, Ginger Lemonade 菠蘿青瓜蘋果汁, 生薑檸檬水 Odelice! Address: Shop 9, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai Telephone: 2520 2311 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-22:30 ; Sat-Sun 09:00-22:30 Website: http://www.o-delice.com / https://www.facebook.com/Odelice-Hong-Kong Source
  12. On Spot The Food this week! - https://t.co/GnVJ5GuwT3

  13. Coming back to Dining at Murasaki, we are not just having a feast for the eyes but also a brand new dessert menu for the season. Still feeling very beautiful and intimate in this elegant setting, we are set at the main dining area alongside a great attentive service. Dining at Murasaki First to introduce is our favourite pick, Charcoal Crumble. It combines passion fruit and banana sorbet, in between with a fragrant pandan cream, coconut foam and charcoal crumbles on top. The presentation is utmost perfection with that thick and heavy bottom plate. Charcoal Crumble Passion fruit & banana sorbet, pandan leaf cream, coconut foam, charcoal crumbles Charcoal Crumble Passion fruit & banana sorbet, pandan leaf cream, coconut foam, charcoal crumbles A corn cheese is interestingly made in a real corn shape, but it is actually a kumquat sorbet with a salty coconut ice, rum caramel sauce and some candied nuts including pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. It is a vegan dessert. Corn & Cheese Kumquat sorbet, salty coconut ice, rum caramel sauce, nuts crispy Corn & Cheese Kumquat sorbet, salty coconut ice, rum caramel sauce, nuts crispy A big plate of macadamia nuts sponge cake with sweet and salty miso gelato comes next, whilst we like the curry rice combo better. The flavor of the curry ice cream is basically a sweet version of your Japanese curry rice sauce, but with a hint of coconut flavor, served aside a mango puree and crispy rice. Macadamia Nuts & Sweet Miso Macadamia nuts fennel sponge, rum, cinnamon agar, raspberry rose jam, coffee cream, chocolate sauce, sweet miso gelato with cucumber cube Curry Rice Curry coconut gelato, fresh mango, crispy rice, mango mint sauce After all, Dining at Murasaki is always serving beautiful delicacies in beautiful presentation. It’s never disappointing! Dining at Murasaki Address: Shop 8, UG/F, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay Telephone: 2817 8383 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-14:30 ; 18:30-22:30 Website: http://diningatmurasaki.com.hk / https://www.facebook.com/diningatmurasaki Source
  14. Set at Mid Town, Tung Lung Street in Causeway Bay, Hana is a Japanese restaurant under Mr. Steak Concept. It specialises in Sukiyaki, Shabushabu and Seiamush, with a very sophisticated and oriental environment featuring Kyoto-style décor and tatamis. Hana 華小料理屋 Hana 華小料理屋 I’m so excited about my first Sukiyaki experience, but first we begin with a trio of three appetizers, namely a fish sashimi roll with a sharp and crunchy onion sauce; a chilled tofu cube with crabmeat; a braised winter melon with some bacon strips. Appetizer 前菜 Tuna Wrap with Onion Sauce 吞拿魚卷配洋蔥醬 Crabmeat Tofu 蟹肉豆腐凍 Wintermelon with Bacon 煙肉冬瓜 The Shabu Shabu set is served with a variety of dippings including sesame sauce, vinegared soy sauce, raw egg, chopped tomato and spring onion. The clear soup base is light and mildly savory, the wagyu A3 is cooked instantly in the hot broth with a great marbling of fat. Wagyu A3, Kumamoto Rindo Pork A3 和牛, 熊本豚 Wagyu A3 A3 和牛 Shabu Shabu 涮鍋 Along with thin-sliced wagyu and vegetables, the Sukiyaki is delivered in a shallow iron pot which is simmering with their homemade Sukiyaki Sauce. I can’ tell how much I love their sweet sauce whilst the Blackmore Wagyu is also very impressive as in it just melts in my mouth like butter. The medium rare doneness is simply perfection! Blackmore Wagyu, A5 Wagyu 豪洲純和牛, A5 和牛 Sukiyaki 壽喜燒 Blackmore Waguy 豪洲純和牛 Homemade Sukiyaki Sauce 秘製醬汁 Raw Egg, Sukiyaki Wagyu Beef 生雞蛋, 和牛壽喜燒 We also have a bunch of vegetables to lighten up our palate, such as cabbage, mushroom, tofu, shirataki noodle, enoki mushroom, and a generous serving of Sanuki udon. Assorted Vegetables 野菜拼盤 Sanuki Udon 讚岐烏冬 Finally, our meal ends with Mr. Steak signature dessert, a Hokkaido milk panna cotta but in chocolate flavor instead. This is surely one of the best Mr. Steak Concept restaurants! Hokkaido 3.6 Chocolate Panna Cotta 北海道朱古力牛乳布甸 Hana 華小料理屋 Address: Shop C, G/F, Soundwill Plaza 2 – Midtown, 1-29 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay Telephone: 2895 5677 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00 ; 18:00-23:30 Website: https://www.facebook.com/hanaryorika Source
  15. Marbling by Mr. Steak, is one of those restaurants debuted in Fashion Walk Causeway Bay. Specialises in high quality cuts and steak, they have introduced a semi-buffet dinner from Sunday to Thursday. There is an optional al fresco dining area but the appetizer counter is set inside the restaurant. Marbling By Mr. Steak Perfect Ten Apple juice, lychee syrup 蘋果荔枝雞尾酒 On the counter, it starts with smoked salmon, mushroom salad, fruit salad, tuna fusilli salad etc., and a cheese platter with some cracker and bunch of grapes. Both the mixed mushroom salad and the sweet corn salad are amazing, whilst the hot smoked salmon is a bit too salty for my liking. Appetizer Counter 自助沙律頭盤 Cheese Board 芝士盤 Roasted Sweet Corn Salad, Broccoli Salad, Classic Smoked Salmon, Bradan Rost (Hot Smoked) Salmon, Roasted Mushroom Salad, Caprese Salad, Mesclun Salad 燒甜粟米沙律, 特色西蘭花沙律, 傳統煙三文魚, 熱煙燻三文魚, 烤野菌沙律, 車厘茄水牛芝士沙律, 田園雜菜 For main, I chose a Signature Petite Steak Tasting, which features three kinds of high-quality cuts including 1++ grade Hanwoo Korean beef, dry-aged and a US cut that has been fed for 400 days with grain. The 1++ has been impressively pan-seared with a medium rare doneness, rich flavor and tender; the dry-aged is still juicy serving over truffled mashed potato; but the Aberdeen steak is a bit overdone. 1++ Grade Hanwoo Beef 1++ 頂級韓國牛 1++ Grade Hanwoo Beef 1++ 頂級韓國牛 Dry Aged Steak 美國 D.A. 400 Days Aberdeen Steak 鴨巴甸 400日 牛扒 The set also includes a dessert buffet where is loaded with daily special cakes, cupcakes, puddings and macarons, but the standout favourite is definitely the Hokkaido Milk pudding with a silky, creamy texture and mildly sweet milk flavor. Daily Special Cake 是日精算蛋糕 Passion Fruit Mousse Cake 熱情果慕絲餅 Blueberry Cupcake 藍莓小蛋糕 Apple Tart 蘋果撻 Chocolate Brownie 朱古力布朗尼 Creme Brulee 焦糖布甸 Macaron 馬卡龍 Hokkaido 3.6 Panna Cotta 北海道 3.6 牛乳奶凍 Hokkaido 3.6 Panna Cotta 北海道 3.6 牛乳奶凍 All in all, it is a really great deal for a steak dinner or a little satisfaction at the dessert corner in Causeway Bay. Marbling by Mr. Steak Address: Shop C, G/F, Food Street, 5-7 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay Telephone: 2802 1128 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12:00-23:00 ; Sat-Sun 11:30-23:00 Website: http://www.marbling.com.hk / https://www.facebook.com/marblinghk Source