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  1. Me and my family going to spend 5 days in Hong Kong. This is our first time to Hong Kong and will be staying in Mongkok area. Can anyone of you suggest me where to go? All I can think of is Ocean Park, Disney Land, Harbour Front.
  2. Yup, like those Panasonic 3DO, Neogeo AES, Sega Disc System etc.
  3. Can anyone tell me where to look for old/vintage console & games in Hong Kong?
  4. So 629 bus will take me direct to Ocean Park?
  5. Can anyone show me how to travel from Hotel Dorsett Mongkok to Disneyland?
  6. I will be visiting Hong Kong next month and plan to go Ocean Park. Can anyone show me how to take a MRT to ocean park? I will be staying at Dorsett Mongkok Hotel.