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  1. Is this still available and are they at HK now?
  2. May i know where is this exactly located and how to go from Tsim Tsa Tsui? Please guide ya. Thanks.
  3. Thanks and may i know after 29th December which is starting 30th December any new theme is out yet?
  4. Is this opened and available for this Christmas and New Year? Can list down the full address?
  5. I thought you mentioned is until 29th December? Why here stated until March yah?
  6. Can i know which hotel at HK should i stay so it near to ferry terminal which convinient for me to depart early morning before the skies turn bright?
  7. Haha. Thanks hongkongyan. Ya,i was wondering too whether i can really finish it or not. Btw,if that case then should i divide it to 2 days trip but still staying in HK,just that for both days depart early morning by jet to Macau? Coz i thinking if staying in Macau all the luggages has to bring over like kinda troublesome.
  8. Hi. Anyone can share for Macau trip it is better to stay there one night or only day trip is better? And also going on Saturday izzit a good day to visit all places there? My list of attractions is as below : 1) Ruins of St Paul 2) Senado Square 3) Venetian Macau 4) A Ma Temple 5) Macau Fisherman’s Wharf 6) Macau Tower 7) Kun Lam Statue 8) Macau Wine & Grand Prix Museum 9) St Lawrence Church 10) Macau Greyhound Racing 11) Guia Fortress 12) City Of Dreams 13) Dom Pedro V Theatre 14) Macau Museum 15) Camoes Garden and Grotto Let me know if i make as a day trip will i manage to finish all? I thought if cannot finish i plan to stay there for one night or i will make it 2 days but will back HK at the first day then second day depart to Macau again by water jet. What you think? Let me know more,thanks.
  9. Dear admin, Apologize on this post error of the hotel name i put is wrong. Should be rosedale kowloon but is ok,i already found out the answers. Kindly delete this post as i not able to do it myself due to some error. Since there's no one reply then kindly delete it to prevent the confusion. Thanks.
  10. I've checked this yes inn hotel website,if not mistaken this hotel only accept kids age 10 years old and above. Be aware of the T&C and the best is double check before booking for hotel especially got childrens.
  11. Hello there. Anyone can give me opinion how is roselane hotel kowloon? I am looking a for 3N stays hotel at HK but i prefer the hotel is near to public transport like train to victoria harbour. I am bringing a baby at 2 years plus age and purposely here to watch fireworks at victoria harbour. Appreciate if anyone can suggest me a hotel which i can travel to victoria harbour conveniently. I prefer hotels at kowloon or tsim tsa tsui or mongkok. I need to book hotel urgently anyone can help me for suggestion please..........
  12. Hi anyone can give me some opinion which hotel is better from this two hotels : Dorsett Mongkok & Roselane Kowloon. I wanted to book either one of it for 3 nights but i am really confused with the services and condition at the hotel over there especially the room. Read from those booking website feedbacks but is kinda confusing because some comment good some is worst. Appreciate if anyone can help me on this as is urgent. Thanks ❤️
  13. May i know where can i purchase the tickets in advance? Any website? Thanks.