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  1. I'm looking for cooked ones. Ok will consider this restaurant.
  2. Hi I noted that now is the season for hairy crabs. Any recommendations where to try it, of course at a reasonable price. Thanks.
  3. Hi bbgirl, thanks for your reply. Meaning even I pay $320 I still can enter some of the Halloween attractions if I want to, like Doreamon those not so scary ones, okay for children to enter. Because in Singapore priority means its express passes, whereas in HK, I'm not sure whether 'priority' refers to the same meaning. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm abit confused on the pricing of the ocean park tickets. The all day-and-night ticket gives access to the Park’s fun-filled Halloween shows and spectacularly decorated attractions -HKD 320 Get admission to all day-and-night Halloween attractions with priority access to 16 attractions - HKD 628 Only difference is the priority entry to 16 attractions? Because i just want to enter for the restaurant not to play the hallowen. Anyone can advise which ticket I'm suppose to purchase? Thanks!
  5. Sorry i mistype the wordings. Im finding those shop selling low price/goodbuys.
  6. Any place or wholesaler selling fujifilm instax camera and film in hong kong.
  7. Thank you bbgirl!
  8. Hi, At temple street, is there any particular stall that's sell cheap reasonable seafood. Or any special stall of food that is popular that we should try there. Thanks.
  9. Anyone knows the dim sum restaurant that always been showing in the HK drama 爱回家?
  10. ok will keep alook out at these areas. thanks
  11. Hi, Those participated restaurants and bakery in Ocean Park for Halloween's special, is it a must to pay for the park entrance ticket fee in order to enter the restaurants & bakery? Thanks.
  12. ok. thanks
  13. Hi any idea where are the shops selling tomica cars in hk. Thanks
  14. What about bird nest eggtart? Where can I find it? At a reasonable price too. Thanks.