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  1. Is too late that i saw this post ... By the ways Thanks Bryan Gorgor for your information.
  2. Thank you Shirousa...
  3. ok...so sad!.....by the ways thanks ...
  4. Really? Oh....so does you have any suggestion for me cause tomorrow i wil travel to HK for 9 days
  5. Hi. HongKongYan. I'm from Malaysia and tomorrow i will be at Hong Kong for 9 days My girlfriend and I are very crazy with HK TVB artist ..... So does you guys know anyplace that can meet ,take photo,autograph with an artists? :)
  6. ok...thank for you information..
  7. Hi. May i know where is it?
  8. You can try this app too... HKeTransport by HK goverment....it quite nice...search at your smartphone browser to download. hopefully this is helped you...