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  1. Rolled Tortilla chips are the best invention because they are easier to eat and pop them into your mouth. These Bacon Maple Tortilla Rolls by Marks and Sparks were a bit sweet to start off with but then the bacon flavour really comes out. They are so addictive that you can't stop eating them. Source
  2. According to wiki Old Master Q is a popular Hong Kong comic portrayed in cartoon form in newspapers and magazines as far back as 1962 which was later serialised in 1964. OMQ Dining room is basically decorated with Old Master Q so it makes a great tourist attraction for people to experience. Foodwise, they serve the typical cha chaan teng stuff like Swiss wings, baked pork chops etc, fancy desserts and drinks. I had the fancy sweet potato drink with black diamonds which was actually grass jelly. A surprisingly good drink because it was not too sweet or artificial and I liked the sweet cream on top. The food was so so especially the lasagne which was too sweet. Overall a great place for gatherings because it is quite spacious with baby chairs. The seats are big enough for large people! Not funny but funny because the character looks decapitated! OMQ Dining Room: facebook: omqdiningroom 777 Nathan Road, Mong Kokg Source
  3. In Hong Kong, buffets are just buffets with oysters and lobsters because this is a basic requirement that Hong Kongers want to have. At The Place, Cordis, they are doing a Hawaiian themed buffet for summer which is really worth trying because there are only one or two places in HK for Hawaiian food. From appetizers to desserts, you will find something exciting. Lomi lomi salmon, tako poke, seared ahi nori roll: Lau lau roasted pork: Desserts: Rainbow shave ice: Macadamia souffle: Almond rice pudding: Pina colada cake: Pineapple mousse cake: They also have craft beers from Hawaii at a special price of HK$50 per bottle. My sweet tooth totally kicked in because of all those exotic desserts. The macadamia souffle was divine because the creamy nuts really give it texture and flavour while the shave ice was the best thing to have on a hot day. Shave ice is not to be confused with Shaved ice because that is how they call it in Hawaii. ++++++++ Dinner buffet: 6:30-9:45pm Sun-Thurs & PH: Adults HK$608, Kids/seniors HK$428 Fri, Sat, PH eves: Adults HK$648, Kids/seniors HK$468 The Place: Level 4 555 Shanghai Street, MongKok http://www.cordishotels.com/en/hong-kong/restaurants-and-bars/the-place/ Source
  4. Discovered this donut latte at the convenience store so decided it try it even thought it is evidently latte with a squirt of Monins doughnut flavoured syrup. I wouldn't describe the donut taste as strong but it was a nice latte that was not too sweet with a cakey sweet aroma to it. Source
  5. Hartley's NEW Black Cherry Jelly

    I love black cherries so when Hartley's launched the NEW Black Cherry Jelly, I got my hands on some from the supermarket. You make them in the normal way by adding boiling water and stirring it until it dissolves then refrigerating it. The taste of this black cherry jelly was really good and the black cherry flavouring was not too artificial. http://www.hartleysfruit.co.uk/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWlOq3AQgyc Source
  6. As well as food, tea is another big thing for me, be it Chinese leaf tea or English tea. At 2dp, they serve Brewteaful tea, desserts and vegetarian food which all happen to be my thing. It is a modern Chinese tea house that uses Chinese teas in their icecreams, cakes, bakeries and of course their artisan teas while modern vegetarian food is served on the menu as well. Vegetarian and Tea menu: It was good to see blackberries as not many places source them in Hong Kong. For drinks had the Lavender blackberry tie guan yin, white rose tea and lychee grapefruit white tea.+++++++++++ lychee grapefruit white tea: Lavender blackberry tie guan yin: white rose tea: Anyway, started with some vegetarian bites which were as good as expected. The tofu bites were tasty and the cheese, potato and leek bites were crispy filled with fluffy potato filling. It was interesting to see it paired with pickled cabbage which reminds me of this Chinese takeaway in UK. Homemade tofu balls: Potato and cheese potato wontons: For dessert, I managed to scoff more than I expected because they were not sweet at all which is healthy and infused with a fragrant tea taste. The cream horns are a must try because the pastry is soft with a slight chew coated in a sweet glaze filled with fragrant tea custard. There are two flavours puer tea or tieguanyin. +++++++ tieguanyin custard cream horn: +++++++puer tea custard cream horn: +++++++ The teapot cake, again in two flavours was also good because it was tea flavoured mousse with cake layers in the middle, I chose the tiegwanyin apple teapot cake because it was flavoured by refreshing apple puree in the middle. Tie gwan yin apple teapot cake: +++++++ Finished with the icecream, again there are two flavours. Personally I liked the puer chocolate because the tieguanyin was a bit bitter. Definitely will be back soon for the vegetarian burgers and breakfasts!~ The HAND DRIPPED TEA is also very interesting. 2DP - 2decimalplacest https://www.facebook.com/2DP-2decimalplacest-1709932289035851/ Source
  7. Cute baby durian

    You either love or hate durian. In my case, I love durian but they are big and difficult to open that I can never finish a whole one to myself. Discovered these cute mini durians so I got one for fun. It took a few days to ripe and it cracked open naturally so I opened it effortlessly. The durian meat was sweet and delicate so I loved it but the one I got wasn't developed properly so it only had two sides with flesh inside. Source
  8. [Mr Kipling] Trifle bakewells

    Previously tried the Festive Bakewells by Mr Kipling and they were addictive so this time I got the Trifle bakewells. The Trifle bakewell has a layer of raspberry and plum jam topped with custard topping. At first, it was quite sweet but then you get accustomed to it and the custard topping texture was a bit sugary like icing. There is a slight almond aftertaste and these are great with tea or coffee but I think tea is better. Source
  9. I don't drink much alcohol but this Sparkling Jelly sake by Hakutsuru was really refreshing and goes down very easily because the fruity apple flavour is strong like Appetiser and there is jelly in it. The alcohol content is around 3-5% and it comes in three flavours: apple, plum or peach. Source
  10. [KFC, hong Kong] rice bowls

    Spotted some interesting rice bowls at KFC in Hong Kong where it is topped with minced pork and egg. Also tried the softserve but it wasn't memorable. Source
  11. [Golden land] Biscuit sticks

    Tried Golden Land's coconut and durian biscuit sticks. The coconut was lovely but the durian was a bit artificial. To be honest, I think durian tastes the best straight from the shell! +++++++++ Coconut: +++++++++ Durian: https://www.facebook.com/goldenlandsnack Source
  12. There are lots of options for Chinese soups in Sheungwan like Soupreme 湯品小棧, Souper Authentic 球哥燉湯 and 靚湯王 at Dor dor eatery (with rude service) but NONE for Western soups unless you go all the way to TALLORE in Wanchai. Finally Souprb has popped up serving soups with 5 choices which they change every week. The soup choices were impressive because there were 4/5 that I wanted to try: pumpkin, beetroot, Mexican chicken, portobello and chestnut, Prawn and crab gumbo (premium choice +$10) As a soup fan, I got the tasting set which comes with two soups while my friend got the Stew set which comes with rice and a curry. They also had toasties which I really really wanted to eat as well. We both added $30 for the made to order freshly pressed juices which were refreshing but a bit too sweet. +++++++++ Tasting set: Prawn and crab gumbo soup + Mexican chicken +++++++++ Stew set: curry, rice and chestnut and portobello mushroom soup The curry was Japanese curry served with Japanese rice. +++++++++ As for the soups, the chestnut portobello mushroom was really good, it was thick and there were so much mushrooms and chestnuts in it. The gumbo was a little disappointing because the cajun and spiciness was not strong enough and there were bits of shell in the soup. The Mexican chicken tasted like Chinese style borscht soup with chicken added to it. Will definitely be back for the toasties but the tasting set was not very filling, but then I probably have a big appetite. [Souprb] 100 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong https://www.facebook.com/souprb/ Source
  13. I really liked this can of All Day Breakfast by Morrisons because there was black pudding inside it. The baked beans were tasty too infused with a sausage and black pudding taste with a hint of herbs from the Cumberland sausage. The interesting thing is that on the product description it doesn't mention Cumberland sausages but they are Cumberland in the Full product description. Although it was a little bit too salty, the sausages and bacon egg bites were actually tasty and the texture was good compared to other brands I have tried. In the can, I found, two pieces of black pudding, two sausages and some bacon bites which I can't remember how many were there. Product description: With jumbo sausages, egg and bacon bites and black pudding slices, 1 of your 5 a day, Source fibre, No artificial colours Full Product Name: Baked beans, Cumberland sausages, bacon with added water and egg bites and black pudding in tomato sauce. Morrisons link: https://groceries.morrisons.com/webshop/product/Morrisons-All-Day-Breakfast/212041011?from=search&tags=%7C108397&param=breakfast&parentContainer=SEARCHbreakfast_SHELFVIEW Video of the Morrisons All Day Breakfast 395g £1.27: Source
  14. {Pot Noodle} Mac and Cheese

    To be honest the cheese taste was a little different to what I was expecting but it tasted like the rind of Brie cheese. Anyway, I love Pot Noodles however I wish they could change the lid material from foil because it gets pierced easily. The lid some how got pierced on the way home so I don't know if that would have affected the taste of the Cheese. Video of the noodles: Source
  15. At the beginning of this year, I was bored so went to MK and discovered Mr.Greek so decided to go the next day but shockingly when I got there it was closed down. Anyway, it was odd that they were located in MK because there are not much expats around there. Mr Greek is from Canada and they serve Greek food as well as POUTINE. Again, I discovered this shop by luck because I was trying restaurants nearby. There were not many people as they have only been open for two weeks. Started with spanakopita which was flaky filled with spinach and cheese. It was flaky and stuffed with lots of spinach, a great appetizer if you like light snacks. Also had the moussaka which was piping hot loaded with minced lamb and layers of potatoes and aubergines. Tasted similar to British shepherds pie but the lamb was very strong. The poutine which I was really looking forward to was disappointing because there was not enough gravy and it was lumpy. Hopefully they will improve on the gravy and serving it in a bowl might be better. +++ Gyros: ++++ [Mr. Greek] 45-53 Garley Building, Graham Street, Central. Source