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  1. 5D4N in HK only.

    Hi, me and my wife are planning a trip to HK this coming Sunday for 5D4N. We will arrive at 10am and we're staying at a hotel near Yau Ma Tei station. Kindly suggest the best way to get there. I was told to get all the tickets for HK Disneyland, Oceanpark, the Peak Tram combo tickets at the airport to avoid the hassle later. Should I do that? The plans for the trip are as follow: Day 1 - Reach hotel, check-in, proceed to Central, eat lunch at Tim Ho Wan. Then proceed to the Tram up the Peak. Then go Madame Tussad. Then go up view the deck. Then go back down.... and go to Lan Kwai Fong. Dinner there maybe. Any good place to eat there? After dinner might want to proceed to Golden Bauhinia square. Stroll around there, then head back to Yau Ma Tei. If time permits, get down at Jordan and walk back to Yau Ma Tei along Temple Street. Day 2 - Disneyland.... that's it. Haha. Any suggestions for lunch n dinner? Day 3 - Morning go Wong Tai Sin. Then head back to Tsim Tsar Tsui. Go Harbour City walk around. Then lunch, then head to the HK Museum of History. Then to the Avenue of Stars at 8pm. Then walk to the Clock tower. Then dinner (suggestions again please). Then head back to hotel. Day 4 - Oceanpark only. Suggestions for meals too. Since it is a weekday and oceanpark ends early, maybe we'll go to Ladies street too. Day 5 - Our flight is at 1pm, so what time do you think we should depart from Yau Ma Tei? Kindly advice. Thanks!!
  2. 5D4N in HK only.

    I've forgotten how much we paid for it. I think approximately HKD400 per person I think. The pier of the Star Ferry blocks a bit of the view, so please don't expect that much. Haha. Eric Kayser next to it was also quite alright, and cheaper too. Food is ok. Can grab some pastry back to the hotel after that too. There are so many shops at the Harbour City. Didn't manage to walk the whole place because my legs were nearing giving way by then!! The lights display (at 8pm) is a bit of a let down. Personally, I think the mechanical crane display at Sentosa (Singapore) is much better. Definitely don't miss the HK Museum of History. They've done it up very nicely.
  3. 5D4N in HK only.

    I'm not in the position to 'advice' you on which restaurant to avoid. Afterall, I've only been to HK once! Haha. Like I said, I prefer those serving western food. Of my visits to those restaurants, the experience tend to be more pleasant than those at those 'famous' local eateries. The BLT Steak (if I remembered the name correctly) is quite nice, considering you get a view (slight) of the harbour. Walking in Harbour City was tiring..... it is SO HUGE!!!! They were doing Christmas decorations there, it was nice.
  4. 5D4N in HK only.

    Overall, it was a nice trip. 5D4N is a little bit too short to see everything. I am used to walking a lot from my days as a student in Japan. But my wife...... she had to put in a lot of effort to keep up. I agree that it might be in the HK way of life to be rushing for things. But the worse are the mainlanders, who tend to be loud and sometimes quite irritating. Especially when they come last minute for the light display at the Avenue of Stars. They tried to push their way in front. Times like this I feel ashamed to be associated to them by race. Oceanpark was HUGE! Could hardly cover the whole area. I made 1 really big mistake at Oceanpark, which was to take their rides too early in the trip. The first ride I took was "The Flash"! It twist n turned so violently that I nearly puked at the end of it. From that point onwards, I wasn't feeling too well to enjoy the rest of the park. That's why I decided to cut short the visit and head over to the Museum of History instead. What to do..... have to admit I'm old already. As for food, I enjoyed the western dishes more than the so-called famous local food.
  5. 5D4N in HK only.

    Just got back from HK a few days back. Nearly missed my plane on the way back. Haha. Well, the trip went along smoothly, except slight oversight that the HK Museum of History is closed every Tuesday. Cut short my Oceanpark visit to give the museum a one hour visit. It was worth it. Overall, the trip was ok. A LOT OF intensive walking. The Octopus card was really convinient. But personally, I think HK food is a bit over-rated. Service level also a bit low. Met many rude people in HK. But of course, we cannot say HK people are rude as a whole. I did meet some kind, friendly HK people on the street. Personally, I prefer Japan as a tourist destination. Next, I'll give Taiwan a try.
  6. 5D4N in HK only.

    Didn't go 4 seasons just now because was very full after tea break at Mido Cafe. Went to central to buy Egg tart n chicken pie from Tai Cheong bakery. Strolled around Lan Kwai Fong followed by post-dinner meal at Mak's Noodle. HAHAHA!
  7. 5D4N in HK only.

    Yeah, yesterday was smooth sailing because I had an old friend, a local tag along with us. That's why we managed to cover so much ground. Tried the Star Ferry from Wan Chai to Tsim Tsar Tsui and to Central again. Wanted to try Mido Cafe this morning but it wasn't open after 9! So we had to postpone It as we had to leave for Disney. The crowd is alright. But the drizzle is on and off. Now waiting the queue. Will be having dinner at Mak's noodle and 4season claypot rice.
  8. 5D4N in HK only.

    Arrived in hk yesterday. Took the bus to the hotel. It was all very straight forward n easy. The Octopus card is really nice to use. Everything went according to plan. Managed to follow the schedule. The tram was crazy!! So many people!! And the foreign workers under HSBC was...... unbelievable! Finished the wax museum n peak quite fast. Tim Ho Wan's crowd was just as crazy as the Peak tram but it was worth it. However, the Australian dairy co was a letdown. Nothing special. Not worth the wait if u have to queue. My legs felt really sore by the end of the day.
  9. 5D4N in HK only.

    Ok! Thanks brothers n sisters..... counting down now! HK here I come, ready or not. Haha.
  10. 5D4N in HK only.

    Wah.... so fussy one ah?!
  11. 5D4N in HK only.

    Was thinking of taking her to the Caprice or Gaddi's for her birthday dinner. Saw the reviews at Openrice. Seems quite good. That's why I'll be bringing some extra money. Just in case. But I heard some of them have strict dress code. That'll be a problem because I just intend to go everywhere in jeans. Haha.
  12. 5D4N in HK only.

    Well, I let her do all the research on places/things to eat. Don't want to get too stressed up over this. I am just searching for a nice place for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I always take her on trips during her birthdays. Would also like a rough idea on the expenditure part so that I'll bring along enough dough. Where's the best place to change money just in case my supply of HK$ runs low? I prefer to use cash rather than credit cards due to some reasons.
  13. 5D4N in HK only.

    Will be taking the MTR from YMT to Admiralty and then Bus 629 to Oceanpark.... hopefully.
  14. 5D4N in HK only.

    Thanks guys for all the advice. Actually, I'm not that crazy about the food. It's just my wife who wants to try this and that. I'll just go along. Haha..... counting down to the trip! Getting excited!!
  15. 5D4N in HK only.

    Thanks for the prompt reply. So u think taking the bus is better than taking the airport express followed by MTR? What things should I get at the airport? Disney, Oceanpark, Peak combo tickets, Tourist Sim Card for the phone? What about the so-called Octopus card? So far, I've allocated about HK$500 per day for meals per person. So I think should be not too bad. Other than the first day, what about my plans for the remaining 4 days? OK? Is Hong Kong safe to walk around with my camera around my neck? I wonder should I bring my dslr or just my compact cameras. I favour the compacts more because their much lighter and doesn't attract too much attention. Oh yeah, I'm staying at the small budget hotel called Casa Hotel near Yau Ma Tei station.