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  3. Although Hong Kong sees dozens of new restaurants pop up every month, they’re often wallet-draining and oh so disappointing. That’s exactly why I love the concept of Test Kitchen. Every month or so, Test Kitchen hosts global chefs from around the world for a few nights who cook up a storm for a hungry group of foodies. These chefs showcase a range of much-loved dishes from their restaurant and/or worldwide travels to other kitchens. This month’s collaboration was with Rice Paper Scissors, a South East Asian-inspired restaurant from Melbourne. Vibe at Test Kitchen Test Kitchen is located in a quiet area of Sai Ying Pun on Connaught Road. The venue is three stories high, the set-up is focused on communal dining with a large 10-person dining table on each floor), and the staff are incredibly warm and welcoming. The open kitchen is located on the second floor, so I’d recommend sitting there if you enjoy checking out what goes on behind the scenes. Vincent, the founder of Test Kitchen, really pours his passion for enjoying great food in a unique and fun way into this concept. That alone makes me want to come back again and again. About Rice Paper Scissors Rice Paper Scissors is one of Melbourne’s hottest restaurants and is based on the hawker dining bars of South East Asia with the concept of shared plates (they’re all about #useyourhands). Both Chef Ross Magnaye and owner Rahmie Clowes were at Test Kitchen to bring diners bold Asian fusion dishes strongly influenced by Ross’s Filipino background. Starters Kangaroo tartareMarket seafood with traditional condimentsFilipino ceviche ‘kinilaw’Squid in its own inkWe began with Rock Paper Scissors’ famous kangaroo tartare. This was the first time I had ever tried kangaroo and it tasted similar to other game meat I’ve had before. The spices and seasoning were fresh, giving the meat a lighter taste. The market seafood with traditional condiments was a fresh way to start our meal and the sauces were delicious, though I can’t say the dish was all that memorable. The Filipino ceviche ‘kinilaw’ was my favorite starter. the pickled vegetables added a slightly acidic taste, while the fermented coconut sauce helped give the dish a bit of sweetness to balance everything out. Finally, we had a bowl of very tender squid in its own ink with garlic and coconut vinegar. The mild flavor of this dish allowed us to truly appreciate the fresh squid on its own. Mains Davao style bbq chickenFilipino style ‘caldereta’ (lamb shoulder)Filipino ‘lechon kawali’ (pork belly)Sides: salad, ‘pinakbet’ vegetable stew with okraThe davao style bbq chicken had an incredible flavor profile that tasted akin to the dressing often put on Vietnamese vermicelli noodles. Although I really did love the salad on top and the smokiness of the chicken, the texture of some of the pieces were a bit too tough to bite into. My favorite main was hands-down the Filipino style ‘caldereta’. This slow cooked lamb shoulder in a traditional rich tomato sauce was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Unfortunately, we found the Filipino ‘lechon kawali’ (crispy pork belly roasted in Cebu-style spices) to be far too fatty for our liking. To accompany these main dishes, a bowl of rice, a garden salad, and ‘pinakbet’ vegetable stew with okra and pumpkin (a very traditional Filipino dish) were brought out as well. Dessert Mango floatMama Riza’s rich peanut chocolate cakeOf the two desserts individually served, the mango float was by far my favorite. The fresh mango sat atop a layer of thick cream and was sprinkled with a peanut-like dust. The other dessert, Mama Riza’s rich peanut chocolate cake, was too dry for us to enjoy, although the dollop of custard underneath did help. Verdict If you’ve never been to a restaurant pop-up event before or have never been to one at Test Kitchen, I would highly recommend going. Not only do you get to try a range of dishes from a well-respected and popular restaurant from around the world, but the experience is unique and a tonne of fun. Most dinners sit around the HK$1000 mark, which includes 6 – 8 individual and/or sharing dishes and 3 – 4 alcoholic drinks. Be sure to check out Test Kitchen’s Facebook to see who will pop up next! Test Kitchen Shop 3, Kwan Yick Building 158A Connaught Road West Sai Ying Pun Contact: info@testkitchen.com.hk View the full article
  4. 國慶日,送上超級姍姍來遲的旅記!話說某天返看 Facebook 舊相薄,重溫長達18日的2009意法蜜月之旅,看到不少有趣舊照;由於當時寫文沒那麼長,索性懶惰沒有放上 blog! 該日,已經暗下決心,要將遊記慢慢搬上來,沒錯工程很浩大,但 Facebook 已有不少資料,所以應該不難~由於年代久遠,當時旅遊方式、消費及兩口子的模樣及身材(!!!!)都起了翻天覆地的變化,但這也是重寫遊記最有趣的地方,對不對? 當年自己在 Facebook 的相薄是根據旅遊地區,這次寫 Blog 也會一樣;為了方便起見,寫好的詳細遊記會 update 在 主網誌,讓大家清楚這18天的去向~ Day 1 : 香港 -> 巴黎 Day 2 : 巴黎 -> (意大利)佛羅倫斯 Firenze -> Siena -> 佛羅倫斯 Firenze Day 3 : 佛羅倫斯 Firenze Day 4 : 佛羅倫斯 Firenze + 比薩 Pisa Day 5 : 佛羅倫斯 Firenze -> 威尼斯 Venice Day 6 : 威尼斯 Venice Day 7 : 威尼斯 Venice -> 米蘭 Milano Day 8 : 米蘭 Milano -> Piacenza Day 9 : 米蘭 Milano -> (法國)尼斯 Nice Day 10 : 尼斯 Nice Day 11 : 尼斯 Nice-> 摩納哥 Monaco -> 尼斯 Nice -> 馬賽 Marseilles Day 12 : 馬賽 Marseilles -> 奧朗日 Orange -> 亞維農 Avignon -> 奧朗日 Orange Day 13 : 奧朗日 Orange -> 古堡區 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Day 14 : 古堡區 Châteauneuf-du-Pape-> 奧朗日 Orange -> 巴黎 Paris Day 15-18 : 巴黎 Paris -> 香港 --------------------------------------- 除了以上簡單 Summary(這次沒有縮圖,因為那時還未有在 Facebook 即時出 feed), 今篇也會記載出發日(香港 -> 巴黎 -> 佛羅倫斯);很多年前,自己已經很愛旅遊,8月1日簡單教堂婚禮+晚上親人吃飯後,翌日8月2日已經出發渡蜜月。由於年代久遠,照片質素很差請見諒... Caption 也是轉貼 Facebook,較為口語化,配合年輕郭太心情! XD ****** 我地搭早上10:25的機,為了可以遲點出發,我地預早做online check-in,仲有小禮物收,開心! 機上好乾,勁飲perrier,初時覺得好好飲,不過後來在歐洲飲到好悶 又特別request了海鮮餐,原來同普通餐一樣麻麻,而每份餐都包括一舊芝士。 12個鐘的機食了2餐,依餐的軟芝士勁好食,後來在意大利都有返兜。 機上餐酒任飲,這支白酒飲到我幾乎醉;老公則愛紅。Cheers! 其實還有杯麵及 Haagen Dazs 雪糕批(沒拍,但根據留言對話我很不客氣吃了三件 XD),杯麵會比飛機餐好吃~ 機上睡一陣,睇下movies,再開下netbook睇相,好快就到巴黎喇!! 時差關係賺了7個鐘,搭埋機場巴士到市中心 (auber) 都係7點未到~ 巴黎所有 buildings 都好名勝look,打算搵的景點--大小皇宮、協和廣場、歌劇場一概搵唔到(按:當時還未流行 WiFi 蛋,Google Map 也是初步成型、尚未準確,找路主要靠地圖!!).... 意法都好興用依款垃圾筒... 搵唔到景點就算啦,反正遲D會再返巴黎。以HK時間計已經12點幾,累累地都係食野先啦~ (按:當時我還是真甜魔)揀黎依間連鎖扒房,主要係貪佢甜品特多!! 我地坐窗口位。當日天陰都幾凍下,約得廿度頭咋 餐前小食係薯片,唔脆 唔暖的麵包 老公的主菜 叫左medium但過了火,幸而肉質唔差 豐富的甜品menu就係吸引我的主因喇!!! 網上都有 menu 睇,不過只得法文~ 好可惜,心太軟唔濃又唔流 菠蘿他他都唔新鮮,鍾意菠蘿的老公都食唔哂 Ben & Jerry's的雪糕叫做最好喇 歐洲第一餐以失望收場... 食飽搭地鐵去酒店。 個個都話巴黎地鐵污糟,果然係真,仲要加上殘舊同混亂似迷宮 又好多人講火車站附近好旺,去到 Lyon-de-gare 就知係真,早知o係依頭開飯啦!! 老公影的酒店 第一晚的酒店,外牆仲裝修緊,搞錯! 幸而房間好靚好舒服 仲有大大間浴室,老公至愛 酒店奉送的小點心,成為翌日趕車早餐 第二朝7點唔夠就去火車站,又一個凍C人的陰天! TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse 法國高快速列車) 既寬敞又舒服,兼超快超準時 但係收費絕對唔比飛機平 黎張郭生郭太自拍照啦 俾老公偷影訓覺... 火車上的snack bar唔多吸引 搭左4定5個鐘? 火車到達意大利境喇~ 無聊搞頭髮, 又俾老公偷影~ 依部就係我同老公o係歐洲通訊的walkie (按:當時科技沒那麼發達,很多資訊都在 Lovely Planet 書上找!!) 到達米蘭火車站喇!! 但仲未到目的地, 仲要轉車 又見垃圾筒 買野醫肚先~ 用英文溝通唔到,唯有出動手指 panini好味,指錯隔離的果占撻就一般啦 雖然要趕下班車,都買杯咖啡先 Cappuccino勁香勁好味囉! 一試後愛上依隻機,之後的trip都有幫襯~ 抵達佛羅倫斯以及之後的行程,就要留意佛羅倫斯的遊記。暫定每星期分享1-2集,根據地點及站數,大概8-10集,希望順利在年底前完成! 延伸閱讀 預覽及總結*2014摘星高茶音樂劇5週年倫敦行* 六週年鐵婚曼谷之旅 ஐ Iron Wedding Bangkok Trip ஐ 旅程總結 七週年銅婚 ஐ Copper Wedding Bangkok Trip ஐ 曼谷之旅總結 2017 Sydney Trip Summary ❤ 悉尼8週年陶婚 x 探親之旅 ** 想得知最新飲食情報,可追蹤 甜魔媽媽;欲得知甜魔一家消息,就追蹤 Matthew and Chloe 吧~~
  5. Settled at the buzzing Harbour City inside LCX, it is the Korean bistro and restaurant, also the first overseas branch of The Joomak. It has a stunning harbour view with an edgy interior design, along with K-pop background music, it serves some Korean fusion cuisine. The Joomak The Restaurant View 餐廳景色 One of the restaurant signatures and must-have would be a Mate Tea 4C°C Noodle. It is basically thin soba noodle served with assorted sides including sliced cucumber, kimchi, Korean pear and a soft boiled egg; they also offer choices of meat (pork or beef) to vegetarian. Served aside a herb and yuzu sauce, it is sharp-flavored but very palatable. Mate Tea 4C°C Noodle 瑪黛茶 4°C 冷麵 Korean Shredded Beef Rib 手撕韓式牛肋骨 Kimchi, Pear, Cucumber, Soft Boiled Egg 泡菜, 香梨, 青瓜, 溏心蛋 The menu offers a good selection of Korean fried chicken, and most of them comes with an unbelievable dressing. Such as an avocado and lime fried chicken, the sauce is thick and creamy with a hint of tanginess from the lime. The deboned chicken meat is juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, thickly battered and sprinkled with a particularly flavoursome cheese powder. Lime & Avocados Fried Chicken with Cheese Powder 青檸牛油果麻藥炸雞 Lime & Avocados Fried Chicken with Cheese Powder 青檸牛油果麻藥炸雞 Self-grilled angus ribeye is another recommended choice. Served aside raw shiitake mushrooms, onion rings and cabbage, there are a few pieces of mozzarella for us to melt on the ribeye. The Angus ribeye is sizzled on the cast iron plate, to your desire doneness, it is indeed succulent and mouthwatering. Sizzle Grilled Angus Ribeye 板燒安格斯肉眼排 Finally, a tiramisu with Movenpick tiramisu ice cream, ladyfingers and coffee is very satisfying. I also loved the fresh fruits yuzu soda made with that smoky effect. Tiramisu 雪糕, 提拉米蘇 Tiramisu 雪糕, 提拉米蘇 Fresh Fruit Yuzu Iced Tea 水果柚子茶 The Bill 單據 The Joomak Address: Shop 34, LCX, 3/F, Ocean Terminal, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Telephone: 2111 0851 Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:30 Website: http://tjm.co.kr / https://www.facebook.com/thejoomakhk Source
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  7. たまには違う角度から香港エキスを注入!! 昨日、開催された【fashion Hong Kong】のランウェイショーに行ってきました。 2018年の春夏コレクションです。季節は2017年の秋なのにもうファッション業界は次のシーズンに進んでるんですねぇ。 オシャレとは全く縁がないワタクシ、このようなショーにお邪魔するのは初めてです!! 今年は香港から4組のデザイナーさんがいらっしゃったとのこと。 以前から気になっていたブランド『LoomLoop』も来るので楽しみにしていました。 会場にはオシャレなファッション業界の方がたくさん! スーツの着こなしがオシャレだったり、靴がオシャレだったり、垢抜けた人ばかり! デザイン学校の学生さんらしき未来のデザイナーのたまごさんたちもたくさんいらっしゃいました。 私・・・仕事帰りのOL満載ww。場違いじゃないですか?大丈夫?(笑)。 こんな間近でショーを見るのは生まれて初めてです!何故かドキドキww いくつか写真を撮りましたが、こういうショーって本当に撮影するのが大変ですね・・・。カメラをちゃんと設定していなかったのでブレブレ~。 お見苦しい写真ばかりですがお許しください・・・もっと勉強します。 お友達がここの洋服を持っていて気になっていたブランド『LOOM LOOP(ルームループ)』。デザインの中に広東絹を取り入れたり、香港を感じるブランドです。 お人形さんみたいで可愛いデザインもあったり、下の写真はよく見ると獅子が描かれています。このワンピース欲しいなぁ。 今回のショーですごく気に入ったのがこちら『MEIKING NG(メイキン・ンー)』。 フェミニンでカッコいいデザインが多く、欲しくなりました! これこれ、このワンピースが可愛い!私が着たらダメダメなんでしょうが、モデルさんがこうも綺麗に着こなしていると、私もこんな風に着れるのではないかと錯覚してしまいます(笑)。 メンズブランドの『HARRISONWONG(ハリソン・ウォン)』。ここのデザイナーさん、かっこよかった!香港に3店舗もお店を構える人気ブランドだそうです! このジャケット可愛いな、夫に着せたいけど夫が着たらこんなにかっこよくならないだろうなww。 オシャレ!という感じのデザインが多かったです。 『HEAVEN PLEASE+(ヘブン・プリーズ)』は二人のデザイナーさんが立ち上げたブランド。 白を基調としたデザインが多かった気がします。この下のシマシマのカットソーが可愛くて欲しくなりました。 私のダメダメ写真だけじゃ物足りないと思うので、本日ランウェイで紹介されたファッションはこちらのサイトにプロの方が撮影した写真がすべてアップされております~。 https://www.fashionsnap.com/collection/fashion-hong-kong/2018ss/ 会場の外にも他に参加されたデザイナーさんのブランドグッズが並んでいました。 カセットテープのバッグも可愛いし、目玉のスニーカーも可愛い!これ、私の友達が絶対好きなヤツだww。 ファッションのことは全く詳しくない私ですが、十分楽しめたし、香港人デザイナーさんの勢いを肌で感じました。 オシャレで遊び心のあるデザインも多く、日本でももっともっと広がっていくといいなぁと思いました。 最後にデザイナーさん全員が出てこられました~。素敵なショーをありがとうございました! 今回出演されたデザイナーさんのブランドは以下でポップアップストアがオープンしています。 気になる方、是非チェックしてみてくださいね。 ◆destination Tokyo *一般入場可 期間:2017年10月14日(土)~10月31日(火) 時間:平日/11:00-22:00、土日祝/10:30-21:30 場所:東京都新宿区新宿3-38-1 ルミネエストB2F destination Tokyo ◆ラフォーレ原宿 *一般入場可 期間:2017年10月24日(火)~11月2日(木) 時間:11:00-21:00(最終日のみ19:00まで) 場所:東京都渋谷区神宮前1-11-6 ラフォーレ原宿2F Container そして海外に住んでいらっしゃる方にも朗報! 【fashion Hong Kong】は今後、海外で開催予定です。 2017/11は台北、2018/2はニューヨーク、ラスベガス、ロンドン、コペンハーゲン、2018/3はパリ、上海。 パリに住んでいるスタイリストの友達に教えなきゃ!!!! 詳しい日程などは公式サイトでチェックしてくださいね。 公式サイト:http://www.fashionhongkong.com.hk/ 違う角度から見た香港、とても新鮮でした。 いい刺激をいただいたので、いろんな角度からの香港をお伝えしていきたいなと思います。出来る限り・・・ww。 View the full article
  8. 天氣繼續連綿細雨,心情也因而鬱悶不歡?來來來,跟我一起投入朗廷酒店清幽而典雅、傳統而高貴的環境中,好好享受一頓迷人英倫風 British Afternoon Tea,保證心情豁然開朗! 一提起香港的經典英式下午茶,大家很易聯想到半島或文華;其實,尖沙咀朗廷酒店的 Palm Court,不但與倫敦的 Palm Court 同名(而該處正是全球首家提供傳統英式下午茶的酒店!),環境與茶具也極富英式風情,絕對是好好享英式下午茶的最佳地點! 本年四月才到訪過 Langham Haikou,當然也在那邊享用了下午茶,更加發覺每處 Langham 下午茶場地,都具備有鮮花、藝術雕像、音樂、書本等元素,自然而然的,讓客人進入一個寧謐安舒、身心放鬆的境界。 這天,我們就邊聽著悅耳的現場竪琴演奏,邊挑選下午茶的香茗;我選的是 Langham Blend 系列的 Palm Court Exotic Tea,茶色粉紅悅目、味道果香突出,十分清新怡人。 友人選的咖啡也美極了,同時配上肉桂棒及晶瑩可愛的咖啡糖棒,無異令下午茶更添一分食趣~ 繼飲品後,落地三層架下午茶也呈上了。除了精緻得令人尖叫的茶點,以度身訂造朗廷玫瑰圖案的 Wedgwood 瓷器,也是亮點之一;漂亮的「Langham Rose」,輕易勾起在其他 Langham 酒店品嚐下午茶的美好回憶~ 品嚐英式下午茶時我愛先吃鬆餅,所以務必等到自家焗製原味及金黃提子乾鬆餅上檯,才感圓滿。很喜歡這裡的鬆餅個子小巧、鬆香味美,趁熱配上 Devonshire clotted cream、士多啤梨果醬及手工玫瑰花醬,滋味曼妙~ 接著品嚐四款鹹點:絕不能錯過 Sustainable Smoked Salmon with Crab 可持續煙燻鮭魚手指三文治,鮮滑的煙三文魚、辣根檸檬蛋白醬,以及鬆軟粟米軟包配合得天衣無縫,加上少量魚子醬,那鮮美著實難忘!Dill Farmers White Cheddar Cheese 也清新好吃,另外 Free-range egg and Rocket Cress Salad 及 Corn-fed Smoked Chicken 也不差,全部吃光了的。 來到甜品環節,其實要吃掉它們真的有殘忍!但大笨鐘 Big Ben Chocolate and Hazelnut Macaron 在不斷向我招手,我怎能不回應呢?馬卡龍的質感及甜度都十分上乘,好吃值得一讚;更動人是蓋上英國國旗的 British Opera 焦糖果仁夾心蛋糕,是傳統 Opera 美味昇華版! 此外,充滿果香的 Strawberry Trifle、用上迷人 Langham Pink 的 Marguerite 乳酪杏仁蛋糕,以及加進提子及各種雜果的 Royal Fruit Cake,都各有魅力,令甜魔無可抗拒啊! British Afternoon Tea $348位/$598兩位,升級享受杯裝巴黎之花 Perrier-Jouët N.V. Brut Champagne 的 British Deluxe Afternoon Tea 則$528位/$888兩位,供應期至11月30日,各位英倫粉絲還不乖乖快來朝聖! Palm Court 地址:尖沙咀北京道8號香港朗廷酒店大堂 電話:2132 7898 Facebook:Palm Court at Langham Hotel ** 想得知最新飲食情報,可追蹤 甜魔媽媽;欲得知甜魔一家消息,就追蹤 Matthew and Chloe 吧~~
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  10. Bao Bei – A Year After | A Brand New Menu

    Tucked away down an underground space on Wyndham Street, Bao Bei is still the made-in-Hong-Kong eatery and bar located in the nightlife hub of Hong Kong. Introducing a brand new menu a year after, it still serves small plates of east-meet-west dishes with a playful and modern presentation. Bao Bei Bao Bei A Sichuan Edamame to start, seasoned with hot Sichuan pepper and chili oil. Followed by thinly sliced pork belly with chili garlic sauce, and a very refreshing hand-pulled chicken salad with mixed greens and a moreish wasabi sesame dressing. Sichuan Edamame Edamame, Sichuan pepper, chili oil Thin-Sliced Pork Belly with Chili Garlic Sauce Sous-vide pork belly, shallot, cilantro, red vinegar Hand-Pulled Chicken Salad Yellow chicken, mixed greens, homemade wasabi sesame dressing Aside from their signature steamed bao with slow-cooked pork belly, we have a new rice burger with homemade barbecue pork and fried egg. The rice has been pretty well flavored with “furikake”, a kind of Japanese rice seasoning, pan-seared and stuffed with tender char siu, arugula, caramelized onion and a runny fried egg, despite the barbecue sauce is a tad too sweet for my liking. Char Siu & Egg Rice Burger Homemade Cantonese BBQ pork patty, fried egg, arugula, caramelized onion Char Siu & Egg Rice Burger Homemade Cantonese BBQ pork patty, fried egg, arugula, caramelized onion Pork Belly Bao Sous-vide pork belly, portobello, pine flowers, apricot salsa, gravy, pork floss Favourites are the popular mapo tofu fries baked with cheese, minced pork, tofu and chili over a huge bed of thin cut fries; chewy and batter-fried rice cake covered with creamy cheesy carbonara sauce. Mapo Tofu Fries Minced pork, tofu, chili, cheese, spring onion Rice Cake Carbonara Chinese coin rice cake, Jinhua ham, prosciutto, parmesan, mozzarella Something bigger on the menu is a Korean-inspired claypot rice baked with kimchi, and bulgogi, whilst the baked curry chicken in a sweet and crunchy pineapple bun crust is deliciously juicy and succulent. Not to mention its strong and aromatic lemongrass flavor! Korean Bulgogi Rice in Claypot Kimchi, sweet soy sauce Baked Curry French Game Hen in HK-Style with Pineapple Bun Crust French game hen, red curry, onion, lemongrass, shallot, garlic Baked Curry French Game Hen in HK-Style with Pineapple Bun Crust French game hen, red curry, onion, lemongrass, shallot, garlic Our meal ends with two desserts, a green tea molten cake with red bean filling, plus a signature mango pomelo sago slushy with a delightful kick of white rum. Green Tea Molten Red Bean Cake Vanilla ice cream, fresh berries Green Tea Molten Red Bean Cake Vanilla ice cream, fresh berries Mango Pomelo Sago Slushy White rum, fresh mango, pomelo, mango juice, sago, coconut milk Finally, there are two playful signature cocktails including a Yakult shot mixed with soju and yakult; a Childhood Memory that is sweet, milky & creamy with a soft hint of rum and Baileys. They are not to be missed! Yakult Booster Soju, yakult, morello cherries Yakult Booster Soju, yakult, morello cherries Childhood Memory Spiced rum, Bailey’s, Vitasoy malt Bao Bei Address: B1/F, 75-77 Wyndham Street, Central Telephone: 2801 7779 Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 17:00-02:00 Website: http://www.baobeihk.com / https://www.facebook.com/baobeihk Source
  11. 自他共に認めるビールラバーのウンチクです。 香港では最近、メイドイン香港のクラフトビールが増えていていろいろ試していますが、まだまだ置いてあるバーや販売しているお店が限定されてしまいます。 で、以前『香港魂』さんがfacebookにアップしていたお店がどうしても気になってしまって、連れて行っていただいたのがココ【Craftissimo】。 上環の太平山街をちょっと入ったところにあるビアショップ兼ビアバー。 メイドイン香港のクラフトビール、今回はお土産に買って帰るんだ!! お店の前にもテーブルがあったり、お店の横にはプチカウンターがあり、ここでもビールが楽しめます。販売しているビールをそのままこちらでいただくことも可能なようです。 私も購入したときにレジのイケメンお兄さんに「飲んで行く?」と聞かれました。 まぁとにかく種類が豊富!香港のクラフトビールってこんなに種類があるんだ!!と逆に驚きました。 お値段も結構お手頃です。 散々悩んだ挙句、購入するのは1本と決め、更に悩みに悩んでその1本をチョイス。 それは・・・。 ヤングマスター(少爺/Young Master)の「CLASSIC」にしました。29HKDでした。 ちょっとサッポロビールのサッポロクラシックっぽいロゴww。なぜコレにしたかというと・・・。 完全にジャケ買いww。この九龍城を思わせるイラストがとても気に入ってしまったので! キャップも可愛い!ヤングマスタービールのイラスト入り!これは絶対に捨てられないですww。 店内にはビアグラスも販売しています。本当は欲しかったけど割れ物は今回は断念。 次回行ったら絶対買おうと思います! 太平山街周辺をお散歩途中にここで軽く一杯飲むもよし、お土産用に買って帰るもよし。 でもこんな重いもの買ったらこのあと街歩きするのが大変だよ・・・という方。 10HKDでこのビール用バッグが購入できます。6本まで入ります。 まぁさすがに6本買ったら、一度ホテルに持って帰えることをオススメします(笑)。 もちろん、香港以外のクラフトビールも置いてます。 結構面白いビールもあるので、ビールラバーの香港迷さんにはオススメかもしれません! 公式サイトには取り扱っているビールリストが出ているのでチェックしてみてくださいね。 お店の場所ですが、太平山街には面しておりません。 西營盤方面から太平山街を中環方面に進み、ポークチョップの美味しい「科記」を超えて階段を登って10mくらい先の路地を右に曲がるとお店が見えます。 MTR上環駅と西營盤駅のちょうど中間、どちらからも徒歩10分くらいです。 尖沙咀にも支店があるようです。 味見は後日ご紹介しまーす。 【Craftissimo】 住所:上環太平山街22-24号 (Shop D, G/F, 22-24 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan) 営業時間:12:00~21:00(金土は22:0まで) 公式サイト:http://craftissimo.hk/ ◆尖沙咀 住所:Shop A1, G/F, 11A-11D Hart Avenue, TST 営業時間:11:00~21:00 View the full article
  12. 打風之後的週一,絕對肯定是 Blue Monday 無疑!所以今天決定分享幾篇甜食記,來為大家打打氣,包括主打手工雪糕的 Igloo Dessert Bar、銅鑼灣樓上店的 ZUC.CCH.ERO,以及大玩分子料理元素的 李好味,不知那一間是你心水? 既然是 Blue Monday,就由 Igloo Dessert Bar 開始介紹吧;小店位於中環7號碼頭(天星小輪)閘口位,可說是碼頭旁邊的「小冰屋」,主打手工意大利雪糕,除了大路的雲尼拿、朱古力、士多啤梨味,也不乏特色口味如檸檬蜜糖蛋糕、大白兔奶糖味等,十分有趣。 更加吸引甜魔的,是店內的巨大雪米糍:選好 Gelato 後,可看著店員即叫即包糯米糍,一塊新鮮糯米皮、一大球雪糕、還有一塊oreo,轉眼間便包好,可以迎著海風食用~ 外層的糯米皮十分薄身,口感軟熟又煙韌,配上特別香滑的雪糕及香脆 Oreo,味道可口吸引;不過由於 Gelato 比一般雪糕融得較快,拍照後要趕快食用哦! 喜愛煙煙韌韌滋味的一眾人,還追加了麥提莎糯米糍,其實就是糯米皮包著麥提莎,再灑上可可粉而成,製法不複雜,但就令原本香甜脆口的麥提莎,多了一份軟綿煙韌感,甜度也拉勻變低了、更易入口,我們一班好友都超喜歡的! 也少不了為愛美而點的 Blue Vanilla Gelato,其實吃來與正常雲尼拿味無分別,但就悅目開心很多,而且吃下去的確份外香滑呢! 這天甜胃大解放,最後還吃了以 Tarte 呈上的 花生醬奶油多吐司雪糕,在幾款神奇配料的襯托之下,的確有在吃吐司的錯覺! Igloo 不時還會與對面 白鬍子炸魚薯條 做聯合推廣,大家經過碼頭的話,都不妨放慢腳步,欣賞一下美景同時支持一下小店~ 接著分享銅鑼灣百樂中心18樓的 ZUC.CCH.ERO 的超精緻甜品,這甜品店是友人的強力推介,先不計味道,單是那份創意及心思已經令人萬分折服! 來到這間充滿藝術感的 Dessert Cafe,看著選擇多樣化的創意餐單,其實都幾難作出選擇... 有感地下地球圖案地毯很漂亮,首先點下 Planet Earth ($128) 一起分享。 地球狀的甜品實在很美,上層的棉花糖則充滿夢幻感;甜品同時附上一支綠茶/焦糖噴霧,當噴出水氣、接觸棉花糖,就會有下雨的特別效果,太有趣了! 除了賣相美,切開薄脆的「地球殻」,中間的慕絲軟滑清甜,西柚味夾心尤其清新討喜,加上甜甜的「泥土」,更加美味。 然後有浪漫如畫的 Para Para Sakura ($138):櫻花樹以粉紅色棉花糖及朱古力製成,底下則有朱古力蛋糕、紅桑子果凍及細滑的朱古力漿,味道香濃柔滑中又帶酸甜,滋味也不錯~ 最後是個人最愛的 Break the Tear ($138),甜品師會即席用糖膠吹成藍色通透玻璃球,以巧手塑造成形後,再會注入神秘的煙霧,單是甜品製造過程本身也是藝術! 完成的作品通透優雅,恰如一顆藍色的眼淚;此時甜魔們需要狠下心來,將眼淚打破,方能品嚐中間藍芝士雪糕、西芹沙冰、合桃碎和榛子碎的混合體。這組合聽上去新奇,其實有點像昇華版的 Tiramisu,層次豐富超好吃,非常推介大家一試呢! 壓軸介紹的,是創意度滿瀉的 李好味,就算不看店子英文名是 Lee Lo Mei,只憑超特色的環境及裝修,也不難猜到,這裡的甜品出品一定非泛泛之輩。 首先品嚐 破漿重圓 Sweet Rice Dumplings ($88),店子使用分子料理技術,將薑湯同小丸子包在圓球之內;湯圓外皮很薄,一咬之下薑湯併發,味道也跟足傳統薑茶湯圓神髓,又薑又辣又甜,十分過癮! 如果你是芝麻迷,則不能錯過 黑 Black ($88)。甜品由七款不同形態的芝麻元素:芝麻石仔、菲林卷、芝麻雪糕、芝麻醬、芝麻蛋白霜及芝麻泡沫等組合而成,口感豐富而味道香濃。 最後是由豆腐為主題,用料包括豆腐布甸、豆腐雪糕、西米糕、珍珠及椰汁的 白 White ($78),超喜歡中間清香滑溜的湯丸狀腐竹糖水,心思非凡,絕對不是呃鬼佬之作啦! 還未甜夠?不要緊,更多甜品資訊已經收錄在 甜甜哋 🍓 Sweet Sweet Day 🍓,除了瀏覽資訊,也歡迎參與留言,發放更多甜蜜消息,Cheers! Igloo Dessert Bar 地址:中環中環7號碼頭地下C舖 電話:26563318 Facebook:Igloo Dessert Bar ZUC.CCH.ERO 地址:銅鑼灣耀華街3號百樂中心18樓1802-3室 電話:34279828 Facebook:ZUC.CCH.ERO 李好味 Lee Lo Mei 地址:中環擺花街8號地下及1樓 電話:28967688 Facebook:Lee Lo Mei ** 想得知最新飲食情報,可追蹤 甜魔媽媽;欲得知甜魔一家消息,就追蹤 Matthew and Chloe 吧~~
  13. One of my favourite desserts in Bangkok is probably a mango sticky rice shaved ice. And lately, a new dessert shop opened in Argyle Centre, Mongkok, happens to create a very similar version. Chatuchak Shave Ice 翟道翟棉棉冰 Chatuchak Menu 餐牌 They offer mainly three shaved ice flavors including durian sticky rice and Thai milk tea, but mango sticky rice flavor is surely the most popular order here. Consist of sticky rice topped with mango shaved ice, chopped mango and mango sauce; the coconut cream on top is amazingly thick and creamy, which melts perfectly into the shaved ice. Mango Sticky Rice Shaved Ice 芒果糯米飯棉棉冰 Mango Sauce, Mango Shaved Ice 芒果醬, 芒果刨冰 The serving of sticky rice at the bottom is also warm and generous, whilst the crispy rice sprinkled over is a bit hard to chew. Coconut Cream, Crispy Rice 椰奶忌廉, 脆米 There are also a list of drinks including milkshake, soda and their home brewed Thai milk tea, and we opt for a Tom Yum Gung soda that is merely spicy but refreshing. Tom Yum Gung Soda 冬蔭功梳打 Chatuchak Shave Ice 翟道翟棉棉冰 Address: Shop SK6B, 2/F, Argyle Centre, 688 Nathan Road, Mong Kok Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 13:00 -22:30 ; Sat-Sun 12:00 -23:00 Website: https://www.facebook.com/%E7%BF%9F%E9%81%93%E7%BF%9F%E6%A3%89%E6%A3%89%E5%86%B0-Chatuchak Source
  14. This Autumn, the restaurant at The Cordis Hotel – The Place, has launched a dinner buffet featuring the theme of “Japanese & Korean Autumn Celebration”. The buffet highlights many popular delicacies from two Asian culinary destinations, which also includes a selection of Japanese beers and wine. The Place Japanese & Korean Autumn Celebration Dinner 「日韓秋祭」主題自助晚餐 Selected Beer 日本啤酒 Starting with cold appetizers, there are fresh lobsters, crab legs, whelks and clams at the seafood station. Two kinds of freshly shucked oyster are served, the Australian one is particularly buttery, creamy and carries a tad subtle sweetness. Seafood Station 海鮮 Fresh Oyster 生蠔 The Korean Imperial appetizer platter consists of kimchi and spicy marinated lotus root, spinach and assorted mushroom; the soba noodle is also colourfully displayed including white, red and green colours. Whilst at the sushi bar, assorted sashimi is offered upon your choice, as well as Japanese sushi hand rolls and a few fire-grilled sushi. Korean Imperial Appetizer Platter 韓國宮廷九節板 Appetizer Platter 九節板 Korean Soba Noodle 韓式冷麵 Japanese Hand Rolls 日本手卷 Flame Seared Aburi Sushi 火炙壽司 The noodle station offers two soup bases, chicken soup and pork rib soup; but my favourite is the traditional chicken and ginseng double boiled soup with a surprisingly strong bitter aftertaste. The hot dishes also highlight plenty of Japanese and Korean cooking, including a miso and cheese baked lobster, wagyu beef, Korean luncheon meat fried rice and Korean beef ribs. Noodle Station 即煮湯麵 Double Boiled Soup 韓式人蔘雞湯 Baked Lobster with Miso & Cheese 味噌芝士焗龍蝦 Wagyu Beef 一口和牛粒 Korean Gyeran Bokkeumbap Bap with Luncheon Meat 韓式午餐肉炒飯 Fried Lobster Claw with Garlic & Black Bean 豉蒜炒龍蝦鉗 Korean Bulgogi (Beef Short Rib) 韓式牛仔骨 In addition, there are tteokbokki (i.e. hot and spicy Korean rice cake), Korean fried chicken and shrimp tempura. Some chutney and mint yogurt to be served with Indian curry, also find roasted ribeye and pan-seared foie gras. Mango Chutney, Mixed Chutney, Mint Yogurt 芒果酸辣醬, 雜菜酸辣醬, 薄荷乳酪 Fresh Oyster, Korean Marinated Spinach 生蠔, 韓式醃菠菜 Roasted Ribeye, Black Pepper Sauce, Choi Sum, Fire-grilled Salmon Sushi 肉眼扒, 黑椒汁, 菜心, 火炙三文魚壽司 Double Boiled Chicken Ginseng Soup 韓式人蔘雞湯 Pan Seared Foie Gras 煎鵝肝 My most loved section is definitely the dessert corner with many Japanese-Korean-inspired desserts. A green tea chocolate fountain with marshmallow lollies, green tea cheese cake, daifuku with red bean filling, half-baked cheese tart; some other favourites are Japanese white peach pudding, homemade warabimochi and surely the huge varieties of Movenpick ice cream. Mango & passion fruit, maple walnut, blueberry cheesecake, lemon & lime; fresh fruit juices are served during the meal as a great refreshment too. Movenpick Ice Cream 雪糕櫃 Green Tea Chocolate Fountain 抹茶朱古力噴泉 Hokkaido Green Tea Cheese Cake 北海道綠茶芝士蛋糕 Green Tea Daifuku 綠茶大福 Kyoho Grape Jelly, Korean Peach & Soymilk Pudding 日本巨峰提子啫喱, 韓式香梨豆奶布丁 Citrus Honey Cake 柚子蜂蜜蛋糕 Bread & Butter Pudding 麵包布丁 Warabi Mochi 日式蕨餅 Hokkaido Cheese Tart 半數芝士撻 Strawberry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon & Lime, Maple Walnut Ice Cream 士多啤梨雪糕, 藍莓芝士蛋糕雪糕, 青檸檸檬雪芭, 楓糖合桃雪糕 *The buffet will finish by the end of November, offer during dinner time only.* The Place @ The Cordis Address: Level L, Cordis, Hong Kong at Langham Place, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok Telephone: 3552 3028 Opening Hours: Dinner 18:30-21:45 ; Mon-Sun 06:30-00:30 Website: http://www.cordishotels.com / https://www.facebook.com/cordishk Source
  15. The packaging for the Calbee American Buffalo Wings flavoured crisps was exciting so I got a pack. The taste was really good with a good spicy punch to it, however the thing that let it down was the sour notes of the buffalo sauce, it was non existent as advertised! Source
  16. TESCO Lasagne

    Everything was good but the sauce let it down because it was too sweet. It can be put in oven or microwave. Source
  17. TESCO Spaghetti bolognese

    Tasted bland so added salt to enhance the taste. Can be put in the oven microwave. Source
  18. Loved this roasted Hazelnut yoghurt, it had pieces of hazelnut to it which added to the nutty taste and it wasn't too sweet. Source
  19. Loved this black cherry yoghurt which was loaded with pieces of cherry. Source
  20. TESCO finest chocolate tea

    The first time I had chocolate tea was at Shortbread Teas and I loved it because of the addictive chocolate taste. Ever since they closed down, I couldn't find a tea to replace it until I discovered TESCO finest chocolate tea. There are 40 tea bags inside and the cocoa taste is lovely and strong. This is definitely my favourite tea as well as Earl Grey and Breakfast tea. Source
  21. Not a fan of beef patties so got the Soya patties. They were tasteless so adding sauce makes it taste better. Having the soya patties with cheese in a bun: Source
  22. These Sweet & Sticky BBQ Rib Racks from TESCO were surprisingly good. You can put them in the microwave or oven. I put them in the microwave because it seemed easier as you just pierce the plastic and put it in the microwave. The texture of the meat was surprisingly tender and came off the bones easily however the taste lacked a vinegary and smoky punch, it was just sweet. Source
  23. TESCO Deep Pan BBQ Chicken pizza

    Pizza base was good but the sauce ruined it because it was too cloyingly sweet. Source
  24. TESCO Double chocolate gateau

    I was slightly disappointed with this Double chocolate gateau from Tescos as it was a bit too rich because of the sickly sweet chocolate sauce in the middle. It is best to remove the plastic when it is still frozen so that it won't be so messy when it is de-thawed.' Source
  25. Lamma Island is well-known for its relatively easy Family Walk; from Yung Shue Wan (the main pier) to Sok Kwu Wan (the ferry pier on the south side). If you’re wanting to head to the island, but are looking for something a bit more challenging, head to the south side of the island. This Lamma Island hike takes you from the Sok Kwu Wan ferry pier, east to Mo Tat Village, south-west along Shek Pai Wan Beach and then back up to the pier. Along this hike, you’ll pass through a few villages, see beautiful views of the south side of Hong Kong Island, and have the opportunity to end your hike at the beach or with a seafood feast along the water. Starting point of the Lamma Island hike Head to the Central Ferry Pier and take the Lamma ferry to Sok Kwu Wan (check the schedule ahead of time, as this ferry isn’t as frequent). The journey is around 40 minutes. Sok Kwu Wan to Mo Tat Old Village After you’ve passed the restaurants, with the temple on your far left. Head straight and up the stairs on your left.Once off the ferry, head right, along the walkway of a dozen or so seafood restaurants until you come out into an open space with a small temple on your left. You’ll see a slightly hidden set of stairs going up into the trees in front of you and to your left (just to the right of the small shed in the photo above). First fork in the path. Turn right for a quick photo op first, then head left.Photo op views. There’s also a few large rocks to the right that make for great photos/views.Once you’ve climbed up the stairs (and passed a few cemeteries along the way) you’ll reach a fork in the path (Ling Kok Shan) where you can go straight, left, or right. Head right for a quick photo op – there’s a pavilion and a few large rocks to stand on that overlook the surrounding area. Once you’ve updated your Instagram story, head back down to the fork in the path and turn left instead (technically, at this point, you’ll be going straight). Looking out at AberdeenThe trail you’ll be going alongLooking down at Sham WanLooking down at Mo Tat WanDescending down the hillThe trail is all paved, so you really can’t get lost along the way. The trail takes you east along the ridge top where you’ll be able to see some great views of Aberdeen and the south side of HK Island (depending on how clear the skies are), as well as the the south side of Lamma Island. When you reach the bottom of the stairs leading down to Mo Tat Wan, turn right (there are public toilets right there) and continue to follow the path. Mo Tat Old Village to Yung Shue Ha to Tung O via Shek Pai Wan Beach Along the way to Yung Shue HaWalking into Yung Shue HaYung Shue HaShek Pai WanAt the end of this path, turn right and follow the sign that says “Sok Kwu Wan”At this point, there are a few little shops (basically people’s houses) that sell drinks and snacks if you’re wanting to take a quick break along Shek Pai Wan beach. I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the water, as every time I’ve done this route, there has been mass amounts of garbage floating in the water and along the shore. Regardless, I found the little village of Yung Shue Ha really interesting and appreciated the signs that were posted, briefly explaining the history of the village and who currently inhabits the area. After you reach the end of the path (in the last photo above), turn right, following the sign to Sok Kwu Wan. Continue to follow the path (shortly after you’ll veer right up a set of stairs) which will lead you to Ling Kok Shan where the pavilion was. From here, just retrace your steps back to the Sok Kwu Wan pier where you can finish your day with a seafood feast at one of the many seaside restaurants along the way. Journey Length: about 7 km Total Time: about 1.5 – 2 hours View the full article
  26. 週日又遇上打風,應該都是全天留在元朗了!也好,小一功課繁忙,時間就留來溫習及休息吧,同時也分享最近在元朗吃的幾頓飯,其實都是集中在圖書館/YOHO Mall 一帶,首先由 Aldou Cafe 開始介紹吧! 很早前已經拜訪 Aldou Cafe 的妹店 Darci by Aldou,好吃但留不下深刻印象,在超多選擇下都沒有再去了;也是上月到訪 Aldou 後,才驚覺食物十分出色而且更抵食。 媽媽知道這餅印仔爺表情很欠揍,但忍耐一下!後面就會有可愛啓明及妹妹出場~XD 很喜歡元朗新圖書館,現時平均每週去借還圖書兩次,有時會在星期天教會後,首訪那天就是了。 當日借還圖書後,便來了午餐;由於小店座位不多(Darci 反正空間更足),當日也等了一張檯才有位,非常餓的一家點了3份午餐+1份薯條~ 午餐都跟一份是日餐湯 + 麵包 + 汽水/有機茶/果茶,當日餐湯是忌廉南瓜湯,兩兄妹非常愛喝,果茶也清甜討喜,想轉咖啡或其他特飲加$12起。 散點的薯條 ($18) 先到,是兩兄妹最愛的粗厚薯條,份量不少又新鮮熱辣炸起,令人吃得十分滿意,不過再加上漢堡餐的薯條後,多得一家四口也吃不完~ 首先上場是 香蒜辣味烤雞柳意粉 ($58),意粉煮得有口感,微辣醒胃又好吃,當然只能是兩口子分享。意粉的配料也不少,最喜歡中間肥厚的蘑菇,整體很滿意! 更驚艷的 煙鴨胸忌廉意大利飯 ($58) 也上檯了,同時富忌廉柔滑及黑松露香氣的意大利飯很有口感,淨食已經非常美味,加上油潤的煙鴨胸及蘑菇更加美味,後來也是為了它而再來! 最後一款是 燒菠蘿烤雞扒漢堡配薯條 ($68),漢堡個子極大,香草醃雞扒、厚身燒菠蘿、多汁厚切番茄、新鮮生菜,再加上半融芝士及鬆軟包身,那有不好吃的道理?全場幾乎每檯都點了一份!薯條與散點的一樣,都是又香又脆的粗薯,吃完超飽肚的~ 上面那頓埋單也才$222,非常抵食;所以不久後一個週六中午,約了啓明、啓明媽一起到 兒童遊戲室 玩樂,之後又一起再訪共晉午餐。 這天發現了啓明除了可愛精靈,原來也是小甜魔,一坐下就強烈要求要喝朱古力!不過這店的朱古力 (+$12) 面層竟然有拉花,賣相很美、心思值得一讚啊~ 啓明媽的 Iced Capuccino (+$14) 的賣相也很棒,不過我一般只喝熱咖啡;想起來,上一次喝冰咖啡好像已是十年前的事.... 是我太小看三小魔的食量(放電後又尤其餓吧),起初只點了三份午餐,後來還是要加點多份。當日餐湯是薑味甘筍湯,都有擔心兩兄妹嫌辣不喜歡,但湯的調味柔和不俗,那薑味小孩也接受得來,抵讚! 當然要重溫美味又足料的 燒菠蘿烤雞扒漢堡配薯條 ($68),後來遲來的爸爸也加入午餐時,也是點了這漢堡餐呢。 然後是 香煎蝦肉黑松露忌廉意大利飯 ($72),那味道與首訪的煙鴨胸意大利飯相約,但清一點;相比下鴨胸那款會更有火花更好吃,但已夠一眾小朋友爭吃意大利飯了~ 除非你是強烈茄醬愛好分子,否則這款 煙肉羅勒黑水欖意式茄醬尖通粉 ($68) 味道實在太濃了,不太喜歡或推介。 Matthew非常喜歡吃這店的意大利飯(真識食...),所以後來又加點一份最美味的 煙鴨胸忌廉意大利飯 ($58),鴨胸的油分滋潤了意大利飯,令其口感更圓渾飽滿,的確很美味! 後來爸爸也趕到,他的午餐不拍了,要拍也集中拍一下為食啓明,心急想打開 Le Tao 雙層芝士蛋糕的模樣,原來你也是個識食為食小甜魔啊! 早前的 中秋特約 分享了 Le Tao 很好吃的法式芝士酥餅及皇家紅茶朱古力夾心餅,其實還有一份同樣日本直送的雙層芝士蛋糕,留了在這天一起分享。 雙層芝士蛋糕要解凍2小時,才達到最軟滑完美的食用口感,加上輕柔芳香的芝味,的確美味得很、輕易俘虜人心;不過之前午餐在太飽了,所以蛋糕只吃了一半就包走了~ 今篇也順便記錄一下在 YOHO 新翼的「雙王」食記,原來在甜魔媽媽與院友們到訪 王子私房菜,一同開心大飲茶後不久,點心已經全面加價了! 以前$40/4件的蝦餃或燒賣,現已加至$48/4件,以質素計仍是物有所值,不過加幅達20%也實在急呢~最後這餐二人前、五點心的午茶埋單$277! 王子回復高貴身份了,那到樓上幫襯小王好了!網上對 小王牛肉麵 的評價非常兩極,我也不建議大家週五六日去吃(其實整個場的餐廳在週末都會大跌 watt),但本週一與Chloe到訪的經驗的確不錯。 最近妹妹開始了詩歌練習,媽媽要到校接放學,放學再回到元朗已經一時多。平日中午的確小王,食客約8成滿,直走進去就有位真不錯。 一來點了 牛肉麵 ($53),並在粗幼麵中選了幼麵,也有一定粗度、口感偏軟。牛肉份量很多,以牛展為主腍滑入味,以筷子已能分成小段給妹妹享用,令人欣賞;但最讚還是香又濃兼有淡淡藥材香的湯底,我幾乎忍不住全喝光!但之後也沒太口渴。 Chloe也很喜歡吃麵及牛肉,不過她說湯底有一點辣,應該是不習慣那香料味。另外點了一份酥炸骰子豆腐 ($25),小小一份是新鮮即炸,十分香脆又沒有太油,誠意可嘉。 最後再來一份 蜂蜜檸檬愛玉 ($20),很喜歡愛玉上面加了大量蘆薈及果粒,感覺份外清新;其實,好吃的愛玉,滋味比貴價的水信玄餅更加讚嘛! 明天又是Chloe練習的日子,這次又去那一家吃好?遲點,再與大家分享吧~ Aldou Cafe 地址:元朗馬田路38號怡豐花園3號地舖 電話:26199933 Facebook:Aldoucafe 小王牛肉麵 地址:元朗元龍街9號形點1期2樓2046號舖 電話:26569388 Facebook:小王牛肉麵 - 香港 YOHO 新翼食集 YOHO 搶先試 ✾ Mango Tree Café ✾ 清新園林泰菜驚喜 YOHO 繼續食 : 再訪芒果樹 + URBAN Cafe Commune 補記暑期生活 + 妹妹生日飯@ YOHO Outback Steakhouse YOHO 繼續食 : 王子私房菜 Prince Kitchen 開心大飲茶 緣聚 YOHO ✶ 霸王川莊 Sichuan House x 少爺啤 ✶ 辣得過癮 元朗 YOHO Mall 一田開幕美食! ** 想得知最新飲食情報,可追蹤 甜魔媽媽;欲得知甜魔一家消息,就追蹤 Matthew and Chloe 吧~~
  27. I have always been fascinated with bamboo scaffolding because it is used instead of metal on skyscrapers.. Bamboo structures are also used in Chinese Flower plaques 花牌 which are bright red and made with bamboo frames, wire mesh, paper and plastic. I discovered that there was a Chinese flower plaque workshop held for free at Caritas by Wingkei, Choi, the owner of Wing Kei Flower Shop 榮基花店 so I had to register for it because you don't often get to participate and it was a good experience to learn how the flower plaques are made. Before I attended the workshop I initially thought the bamboo frames were already made so all we had to do was to decorate it with the bits and pieces. It was really fun because everything was made from scratch, we got to saw the bamboo, split the bamboo into four pieces vertically and this big frame was made by tying it together with wires. No glue is used hence bamboo splinters are made to hold things together, however staplers are used to staple the flowers onto the board. The lessons were held on Saturday afternoons and the first lesson was sawing and splitting the bamboo, the second lesson involved making metallic flowers and building the bamboo frame, the third and fourth lesson was Chinese calligraphy and fixing the writings on to the frame. Sawing and splitting the bamboo into four: Making metallic flowers: Making the Flower Plaque frames: The main Flower plaque frame by Wingkei Choi: Lining the Flower plaque frame with newspapers and stabilizing it with bamboo splints: Stapling the flowers to the frames: Painting the Chinese characters: Attaching the sheets to the plaque: I shall post an update again next year when they put these Flower Plaques up in early January 2018!! English media on Wingkei Choi: http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/travel-leisure/article/2020649/how-hong-kong-flower-plaque-maker-bringing-craft-west Organizers of the Flower Plaque workshop: 一刻 社區設計館 Magic Lanes https://www.facebook.com/magiclanesstudio/ 明愛莫張瑞勤社區中心 (MCSKCC) https://www.facebook.com/mcskcc 榮基花牌(香港)有限公司 https://www.facebook.com/wingkeiflowerstore 傳統花牌扎作班![Quoted from 明愛莫張瑞勤社區中心 Caritas FB]: 非常榮幸 榮基花牌(香港)有限公司 蔡榮基師傅親自教授,我們一眾西區街坊一起落手落腳實實在在製作一個12呎闊、15呎高的大花牌!師傅話呢次同街坊一齊合作真係開創歷史先河! 我們會在這裡繼續分享花牌的製作的進展,並會完成後於 #西營盤 #常豐里 #一刻社區設計館 開幕典禮展覽! #傳統花牌扎作班 #真正的花牌 #榮基花牌 #常豐里 #街坊參與 #社區 #花牌 Source
  28. 中秋過後蟹正肥,又到各位蟹迷大開殺戒的時候~今年各位蟹迷應該也等得苦了,今天介紹一間收費合理、質素不錯的吃蟹好去處,就是尖沙咀金域假日酒店的 龍苑中菜廳,只要提早一天預訂,就可以$448/位的價惠價品嚐七道菜的大閘蟹盛宴!文末還有免費蟹宴小貼士! 去年的毒蟹事件鬧得沸沸揚揚,但 龍苑 選用台灣來貨的大閘蟹,自然令人吃得更安心。也是由於蟹隻要新鮮空運抵港,提早預訂是絕對有必要的,否則七道菜蟹宴正價會是$748/位! 數月前才到訪 龍苑 開心飲茶,對於典雅舒適的環境不重複介紹了,直接跳到蟹宴菜式:一來先有 生拆蟹粉小籠包 Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumplings stuffed with Hairy Crab Roe,小籠包個子比正常的大,飽滿多摺的薄皮之下,蟹粉與鮮湯肉汁互相輝映,是非常可口的頭盤! 同上又有 蟹肉雞茸燕窩羹 Braised Bird Nest's Soup with Minced Chicken and Crab Meat,湯羹份量挺多,當中除了蟹肉及雞茸,又有不少燕窩,暖胃同時又可滋補養顏,當然要喝光! 大閘蟹也來到了,不過剛出爐還非常之熨手,所以先吃這 花雕蛋白蒸蝦球 Steamed Prawn with Egg White and Chinese Wine 吧~下圖是位上的份量,如圖可見蝦球很巨大,鮮甜爽彈固然吸引,底下富有酒香的滑溜蛋白更是吸引,如份量多點就好了! 蟹皇醬吉列龍躉塊 Deep-fried Garoupa with Crab Paste 也要趁新鮮熱脆吃,香脆不油、鮮美的吉列龍躉塊,淋上香濃味鮮的蟹皇醬,滋味極妙,其實好想來一碗撈麵同吃的!!! 紫蘇蒸大閘蟹 Steamed Whole Hairy Crab with Perilla Leaf 攤抖得差不多,是時間開始拆蟹大行動:蟹宴中用的台灣蟹約重4両半至5両,按月份現在是吃蟹公的季節。 防水的 iPhone 可以拿去洗,相機就比較麻煩;為了方便起見,之後的照片都轉成手機拍攝。打開蟹蓋,即見充滿誘人芳香的軟膏,令到全場雌性動物(包括我)興奮尖叫!而男士們不是沒心動,只是 Ladies first 原則下,遲了一兩分鐘尖叫,嘻嘻~ XD 被食友譽為台灣暖男的蟹公,是如此的多膏澎湃,吃下去感覺真的太幸福了!進食時配以鎮江醋、薑米調味,滋味無窮也~如果想追加大閘蟹,每隻$100十分合理;另外又有加$100任飲紅、白餐酒及十年黃酒,簡直是酒鬼福音! 細味完美味的大閘蟹,還有 香檳汁海皇蟹粉焗飯 Baked Rice with Assorted Seafood and Crab Roe in Champagne sauce,香噴噴夠乾身的焗飯,好吃又飽肚,吃完感覺很滿足。 最後再加上每位 黑糖薑茶湯圓 Sweetened Ginger Tea with Glutinous Dumplings,除了驅寒暖胃,也令整晚更加甜蜜,超完滿的一個晚上!其實龍苑尚有更多蟹粉菜式如:生拆蟹粉燕窩羮、金沙大閘蟹 、碧綠蟹皇醬大蝦球、桂花炒蟹粉等,好想逐一細味呢~ 最後提一提大家,弊傢伙!個胃食大咗! 正在玩遊戲送雙人大閘蟹套餐,只要做幾個簡單步驟,加估計 影片 中大閘蟹重量(內文已有提示),就有機會中獎!遊戲截止日子為10月16日23:59,大家也快去參加吧~~~ 龍苑中菜廳 Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant 地址:尖沙咀彌敦道50號金域假日酒店低層1樓 電話:2315 1006 酒店專頁:Holiday Inn Golden Mile ** 想得知最新飲食情報,可追蹤 甜魔媽媽;欲得知甜魔一家消息,就追蹤 Matthew and Chloe 吧~~
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