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Founded in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain's earliest chocolatiers. Encouraged by Edward VII, (then the Prince of Wales), the company first formed as a partnership between Mrs Walker and Madame. Charbonnel hence the name Charbonnel et Walker.
They are endorsed by the Royal Warrant as one of the few chocolatiers to Her Majesty The Queen where iconic customers have included Princess Diana and Princess Margaret.
The chocolates are hand-made to the traditional recipes of Madame Charbonnel.  Their renowned dark chocolate is made from the finest dark couverture which results in a decadently rich taste.


Other chocolates in the range are really tempting.






Bugles are American corn snacks but now they are available under Walkers crisps in three flavours:
Southern BBQ, Sour cream and black pepper and cheese.


Southern BBQ:
The Southern bbq flavour tasted like prawn cocktail #skips with a hint of bbq.


Sour cream and black pepper:
The sour cream and black pepper was the lightest of the three flavours but moreish because the black pepper gives it a nice kick with the sour cream.


The cheese flavour tasted like hard baked cheese #quavers that melt in your mouth.




At the food expo, I saw some interesting black water.
blk water claims that blk. water contains both fulvic and humic acid (found in soil, sediment and aquatic environments). But neither fulvic acid or humic acid are required in humans. The addition of these two acids to water in no way enhances the nutritional benefits of water.
Anyway, I tried it and it tastes the same as water but psycologically it feels weird drinking black water because it looks dirty.




Tried the limited edition Pumpkin Spice by Quaker Oats.

It was nice having it on a cold day as it was warming and comforting.
I wasn't sure what to expect but when I opened the packet I could see pumpkin seeds and smell cinnamon.

After adding milk and putting it in the microwave for 2 minutes it was ready to eat.
I don't have a sweet tooth but I found myself adding sugar to it.

It had a nice cinnamon flavour and a good crunch from the pumpkin seeds but there was no pumpkin flavour to it.

I love apple crumble especially with custard or cream.
The one at TESCO is slightly different because there are oats on the crumble.
Other than that the taste was fantastic, it wasn't too sweet and the pieces of apple were crisp.

Having tried DOLL Hello Kitty noodles and finding edible Hello Kitties inside, I decided to get the TRANSFORMERS one to see what edible Transformers would look like.
The flavour was also unique because this is the only tomato flavour that I know of in the DOLL series.
[I made the cup noodles spin using a fidget spinner]

Well, I must say I was quite disappointed because you don't get any edible Transformers but you get a sticker.
The broth tasted like Weight watchers tomato sauce.

Mince pies are a must at Christmas, so this year I got BIG SISTER as the other brand was sold out.

In a way, I was glad because these actually tasted surprisingly good.
Personally I am not fond of Mince pies because of fruit peel but these contain cherries in it which balances the fruit peel.

These are British inexpensive corn and wheat snacks by KP Snacks in a shape of an Alien's head.

The pickled onion flavour tastes a bit my monster munch but the crunch is much harder.
After finishing the crisps, I decided to have fun shrinking them in the oven like I used to as a kid.

As a kid, I have always made fairy cakes from cake mixes bought from Sainsbury's.
They come in basic flavours like chocolate or vanilla with different themes from time to time.
The chocolate one I got was the pirate.

Normally for girly themes, it would be the vanilla packs and the boyish themes are the chocolate cupcakes.
Compared to the cake mixes when I was a child, it used to be printed rice paper in the set but now they give you sugar paste decorations which is pretty but I prefer rice paper!

Pretty idiot proof, you just mix egg and water, put the mixtures into the cake case, bake and garnish with icing sugar and the sugar paste decorations.

Anyway, I thought they tasted good because the cake itself wasn't too sweet because I tried it without the icing so adding the icing makes the sweetness just right.
The moistness of the cake was not too bad as well.

For best results use a metal cupcake baking tray if you have one!!

Video of the fairy cakes being made:

The first time I had chocolate tea was at Shortbread Teas and I loved it because of the addictive chocolate taste.
Ever since they closed down, I couldn't find a tea to replace it until I discovered TESCO finest chocolate tea.
There are 40 tea bags inside and the cocoa taste is lovely and strong.
This is definitely my favourite tea as well as Earl Grey and Breakfast tea.

These Sweet & Sticky BBQ Rib Racks from TESCO were surprisingly good.
You can put them in the microwave or oven.
I put them in the microwave because it seemed easier as you just pierce the plastic and put it in the microwave.
The texture of the meat was surprisingly tender and came off the bones easily however the taste lacked a vinegary and smoky punch, it was just sweet.

I was slightly disappointed with this Double chocolate gateau from Tescos as it was a bit too rich because of the sickly sweet chocolate sauce in the middle.

It is best to remove the plastic when it is still frozen so that it won't be so messy when it is de-thawed.'

I thought it was a joke when my friend told me there was a Tobasco burger at McDonalds.
Went to my nearest McDonalds and it was true, not only was there a burger but there was softserve with spicy fudge sauce and shake shake fries with spicy seasoning Tabasco sauce.

Onion ring angus:

Softserve with spicy fudge sauce:

I decided to try the Fries with spicy seasoning:
It was very spicy as expected but I liked it because it was punchy and the spiciness wasn't long lasting.
The only let down was that the fries were overdone, hard and dry otherwise it would have tasted much nicer.