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Although I am British, I love my pub grub, fish and chips, roast etc but I also crave for American, Southwestern and Louisana Creole food!

When I found out about The Diner serving American food with cool American decor, it was the place to go.

There is another similar diner nearby called Al's diner where I tried fish and chips.

Anyway, the decor and setting reminded me of this really nice American Diner called Ed's Easy Diner in the UK which had dukeboxes, black and white floor tiles and red stools.

At The Diner, it was amazing, there was a real 1958 Cadillac sofa with working tail lights surrounded by authentic 1970's license plates, working traffic lights, pedestrian lights and a vintage Coke sign.


Traffic lights:








1958 Cadillac sofa:



Pedestrian lights, licence plates:




I was so lucky to sit at the bar table because I could see all the food being made and it was nice facing Arbuthnot Road.



The chefs were really hygienic because they had gloves on when handling food.


While I sat there, I caught a glimpse of the Hippie Burger which I shall order on my next visit.

The Hippie burger is a vegetarian beetroot and bean patty burger.


Kids get special treatment because their food is served in cute little Cadillac paper cutout models.



Burgers start at $125 and they have toasted sandwiches and all day breakfasts as well.




I settled for the Mac and Cheese balls and the grilled cheese sandwich.


Mac n Cheese Balls:

America's favorite comfort food in a crispy crumb with a touch of jalapeno and a side of fresh tomato & basil sauce


This was nice and loaded with cheese and macaroni but I wish the cheese was stronger and less of the jalapeno because the jalapeno taste was too prominent and spicy for me.

I would have also preferred normal macaroni and not the ribbed one.


Grilled Cheese:

Cheddar and bourbon bacon jam melted in griddled sourdough


This was delicious because the bacon jam was sweet but again I would liked more cheese.


A few days later, it was reported on the paper that this place is actually opened by a Brit!

Way to go Marcus Thomson and that really nice Chef Seb!!!!


The Diner
4 Arbuthnot Road


Hong Kong’s McDonald’s has followed the steps of Taiwan and Thailand by launching the Hokkaido Salmon burger.
Taiwan launched the salmon burger in 2014 while Thailand launched it earlier last month.
The difference is that Taiwan used dill sauce and Thailand uses spicy mentaiko sauce, which is slightly spicy, and Hong Kong’s McDonalds are now serving the Thailand version.
To be honest I think dill sauce would be better as dill is normally paired with fish and this other blogger says so because he has tried both.
Anyway, I was lucky there wasn’t much sauce because I prefer Dill sauce to spicy mentaiko sauce any day!
The salmon patty was coated in golden breadcrumbs and the texture of the salmon was flakey but not dry.
It was a nice burger but on the small side.
Although the sauce wasn’t good the onions made up for it because there was a nice raw onion spicy kick to it.

It is just as good as the salmon burger at MOS but the salmon texture is different, at MOS version is like slow cooked salmon and at McDonalds the texture is like a fried fish filet.

Salmon burger at MOS:


My friends and I were staying in Hong Kong but since they had relatives in HK, we stayed with them for a bit.

Then we spent the last two days at J Plus Hotel by YOO to complete the real vacation experience.


J Plus Hotel by YOO was really good and let us dump our luggage there a few days before and they said we could leave it there for a while after our check out date.

We chose this hotel because it was close to CWB MTR station and a few minutes walk from the big shopping malls.

Nightlife was good because there were so many eateries behind the hotel on Haven Street.

The suite we stayed in was spacious and we loved the self-equipped kitchen with pots and pans.


There is a laundry area on the second floor next to the chill area which is inclusive so we did some laundry which relieved the relatives a bit.


The room was modern with a nice European style to it with lots of white curtain veils and the table makes you feel at home.


I loved the round table because it was great having dinner there because some good eateries don’t have dine ins.


All the personal toiletries were neatly concealed behind the mirror and the slippers provided were really comfortable made with cotton flannel fabric.

There was also an orange phone called the "Handy phone" which we were fighting to use because you can go online and also make free calls to certain countries including America.


The “Handy” phone is available in all rooms which is a complimentary handy service available to all guests!!


At the reception, the furniture was really stylish with striking colours so we took the opportunity to take photos with the clothes we just bought.










Chill@JPlushk on the second floor:



Pop-up exhibition by Fin DAC:


We missed the cocktails that were served from 8-10pm because we were out for dinner but we managed to get up for breakfast and I liked the variety of savoury pastries.

There is a rotating toaster and beverages bar with brilliant teas and fruit juices in the fridge.

After having a wonderful and invigorating breakfast, which I always skip, we checked out and headed to our next location.

Checking out was smooth and fast.
J Plus by Hotel Yoo
1 Irving Street


At the entrance of the Hotel, there is a Christmas Boutique that has gift ideas and sweet treats.
They had macarons, which were huge but inexpensive for MOP20 that you can also get at the Lobby Lounge.

My favourite was the green macaron, which is tea flavoured, filled with a delicious chewy cherry in the middle that was a surprise because I thought it was just brown ganache in the middle.
The strawberry rose was also similar with a piece of strawberry in the strawberry rose filling.
The blue one was chocolate and coffee, which was dusted with poppy seeds that guys will like because it is not that sweet.






The Xmas Trees at Grand Hyatt Macau are truly green Christmas trees because they are made with used items around the hotel.

You will find seven different Christmas trees made from the following recycled materials: 13,000 glass vases; 3,000 recycled wine bottles collected from banquets and events; 600 party hats; 500 stainless steel kitchen utensils; 300 pastry boxes; 300 soft sheep toys made for Chinese new year; and 200 floating glass bowls.

Guests staying at the hotel for Christmas will be given a tote bag and colour me in postcards with the Christmas tree designs.









Estrada do Istmo City of Dreams
+853 88681234


In support of the Operation Santa Claus, Sino Group of Hotels launched its “A Patchwork of Caring Hearts” campaign, complemented with a Christmas patchwork blanket decoration workshop to spread the joy and warmth to the community during the festive time of the year.

I was really lucky to be invited to attend this event where over 20 guests, including journalists, influential lifestyle bloggers and Chocolate Rain’s founder, Ms. Prudence Mak, joined hands with Sino Hotels’ Executive Management Team to add a festive touch to the colourful patchwork blankets together with 21 children from Liu Ming Choi Kindergarten.

A total of 50 patchwork blankets were created by the award-winning local design house Chocolate Rain and each was made from donated clothing and upcycled fabric. They will be donated to the beneficiaries of Operation Santa Claus such as elderly centres, through a series of outreach programmes conducted by Sino Hotels in December.

Sino Hotels’ Management Team, Chocolate Rain’s founder, Ms. Prudence Mak and 21 children from Lui Ming Choi Kindergarten worked hands in hands to add a festive touch to the Christmas patchwork blankets. The blankets were made from donated clothing and upcycled fabrics by Chocolate Rain and will be handed out to the community sharing the festive warmth and joy.
Kick-starting the festivities and outreach program with Christmas cake cutting from Sino Hotels’ Management Team, Chocolate Rain founder Ms. Prudence Mak and the children from Lui Ming Choi Kindergarten gather around Santa Claus.

Christmas arrived early – Santa Claus arrived as the special guest and offered gifts and Christmas party glasses to the participating children.




Christmas charity sales of the party glasses starts on 3 December and will be available until 28 December with all proceeds going to Operation Santa Claus.

Children showcasing the Operation Santa Claus Christmas party glasses which will be on charity sales from 3 to 28 December at The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers, City Garden Hotel, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, Island Pacific Hotel, The Pottinger Hong Kong and Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club.


There are not many decent French places on the Kowloon side so I retreated to Agnes B that has other branches in Hong Kong.
It is well hidden in Festival walk because it is camouflaged behind their clothes store.
Started off with the assorted platter which had:
Duck foie gras terrine on truffle farm bread, shrimp with truffle caviar, Quail egg wrapped in parma ham, green asparagus, escargot with fries.

It was a nice savoury assortment and the foie gras terrine was silky and thick.
The escargot was a surprise because it looked like a real escargot shell but the shell was made of crispy wafer so the whole thing was edible and really nice with strong herbs.

Finished with the asparagus, which was crisp and sweet.
Then we had the Black truffle cheese fondue which is what you would expect because it was real cheese mixed with wine. To go with the fondue were cubes of ham, chicken, asparagus, bread and quail eggs.

My favourites were the cubes of ham, asparagus and bread because it goes well with the cheese.
For the mains we had Braised beef cheek in port wine truffle sauce which looked really similar to Beef bourguignon.


It was just as nice as Beef bourguignon because the sauce was rich and tasty packed with carrots, pearl onions, mushrooms and leek.
The beef cheek was soft and gelatinous while the sauce just matched in heaven with the bread.
We also had a Galette filled with smoked chicken and smoked duck with cherry sauce.

As well as the visible cherry sauce, there were more delicious sweet cherries in the galette which made the chicken even more appetizing.
For desserts we had the Panna cotta with blood orange sauce and truffle icecream.

The panna cotta was presented in a cute copper saucepan and I liked the way the tartness of the blood orange sauce balanced the sweetness of the panna cotta.

On the other side of the plate, there was truffle icecream on a bed of truffle jelly cubes.
To finish off we had the sparkling Christmas cakes.
Let it snow (ginger chocolate mousse, ginger apricot and cocoa streusel).

With Love (chestnut mousse, blueberry mousse, almond bread and chocolate chiffon cake).

Stay together (Chocolate ganache and cocoa crumble).

My favourite was WITH LOVE because there were lots of different textures and tastes going on.

A cup of Earl grey was needed to go with the cakes and the was imported from France.



Shop 33, UG, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong


Allegretto is located on the terrace of China Hong Kong City building with beautiful views of the sea and sunset if you are there at the right time.
Tried to come here two years ago when the cute 3D animal foam cap craze started but they don’t serve it after 4pm so I didn’t get to try it.

Getting here was easier than expected because I cut through Kowloon Park which takes me to a footbridge that connects there and you go through some glass doors where Allegretto is opposite a Thai restaurant and near this dimsum place.

Anyway, came here again with a friend two years later because the café is spacious with a good environment to chat as the place is pretty laid back.




I liked the traffic lights from Germany and pictures that they have on exhibition because lots of people have seminars and exhibitions here.



The menu has improved since my last visit because there is more to offer and they serve filling dishes that are affordable.


Ordered the drinks first because they take some time when they are busy.

The star of the show finally arrived and it was so cute!!
I loved the bear and the cat.

The elephant looked a bit sad though.

As for the taste, the chocolate was really good because it was not too sweet while the coffee was just right according to my friend.
We also had a rose latte as well which had a fragrant rose flavour that was not too sweet.

For food we had:
German sausage with chips:


The sausages were surprisingly good but as I have not been to Germany before I don’t know what the real ones tastes like.
I liked the sausage texture because it was soft and slightly similar to luncheon meat paired with this curry sauce that had a very fruity taste with a hint of spiciness.
The curry sauce taste reminded me of Coronation chicken because it tasted like dry raisins but the consistency of the sauce was thin.
Eggs benedict with Salmon:

The eggs Benedict was quite different because I found it quite garlicky with a garlic buttered muffin and the Hollandaise sauce tasted like creamy garlic sauce.
Chocolate Fondant:


The chocolate fondant was rich and not too sweet paired with icecream that was light.
The centre was molten as the name suggests.


I have always wanted to dine here ever since I saw a photo of the green pea lasagna because I love lasagna and green peas.
The menu changes really often so you have to keep checking which is really difficult for me because I don’t know where the menu gets updated.
There is always a menu on the restaurant wall, but I find it intimidating to go there to see what is on the menu and leaving if it doesn't interest me.

Finally went here and tried the food.

They are currently doing a banquet denoted by the starred items on the menu that cost $450 per person.

We had a light dinner that night so here was what we had:
Vitello Tonnato:
The veal slices were a bit like pastrami but the taste was not as strong mixed with tuna puree.
Octopus, Squid Ink, Green Chilli, Crackling:
I loved this dish because the octopus was not chewy infused with a delicious squid ink taste.
Caramelised Lamb Ribs, Orange, Caraway:
The lamb was soft and came off the bone easily with a delicious sweet crispy coating.
Lasagna, Eggplant, Tomato, Smoked Scamorza:
A wholesome lasagna packed with delicious veggies.
Wagyu Skirt Steak, Radish, Bone Marrow Butter:
I loved this juicy steak paired with evilicious bone marrow butter and crunchy radish.
Zucchini, Pine Nuts, Ricotta Salata:
The julienne zucchini was refreshing and light flavoured by the pine nuts and cheese shavings.
The pieces of chunky pumpkin were sweet and mushy.
Stracciatella, Beetroot, Balsamic, Basil:
The beetroot dish was a bit too sharp for my liking and tasted like beetroot soaked in strong vinegar.
Pannacotta, Coffee Caramel, Almonds:
Chocolate and Hazelnut Cremoso, White Chocolate Crumble, Sea Salt:
Olive Oil Cake, Vanilla Cream, Strawberry, Candied Olives:
For desserts I liked the chocolate mousse which had a tad of sea salt in it and the olive oil cake had a strong orange peel taste but no olive oil could be tasted.


The Popsy Room in Sheung Wan is a small gallery for artists to exhibit their art with a space for dining but now there is a bigger and better place at the Popsy Modern Kitchen for more people to dine there and appreciate the exhibit.

I loved the décor because it was sparkly and glistening and they had these huge acrylic spheres and flowers.



For me, I was just mesmerized by the sparkling décor because we were in the room in the corner that was decorated with white and silver elements, which I just love.
In the main room, there were portraits of local celebrities with threatened animals shot in Africa by Sean Lee Davies with a message to protect endangered animals.

The menu was quite good and offers more choices than the Popsy room with beautifully illustrated pages and I love the way the drinks are called Poptails.



For dinner,  here was what we had:

Started off with a strong macho drink infused with chili, rosemary garnished with floating blueberries followed by some bread and butter.
Then we had bread:
Crispy volcano egg:
Started with this colourful dish with a molten egg on a bed of asparagus puree and chopped mushrooms.
The egg was wrapped in this delicious wafer thin crispy parsley sheet and garnished with strands of fried purple potato, which looked like silk.
I liked the simple flavours because you can taste each of the elements, which don’t really need any special sauces.
Scampi in the clouds:
Next we had the angel hair which was beautifully laid on the plate. It looked like a small portion but there was quite a fair bit of pasta in it.
The angel hair was very creamy and I felt that a little more salt or sea urchin flavour was needed but the crayfish balanced it nicely.
Roast Angus beef tenderloin:

A nice juicy tenderloin paired with filling risotto that was not too creamy.
For dessert we had the Earl Grey Disco.
A delicious earl grey and chocolate mousse paired with rich red berries.

Popsy Modern Kitchen:
5/F Wellington


This relaxing joint caught my eye because it stood out amongst the market and jewelry wholesalers on Wing Kut Street.
They basically serve smoothies and Paninis.
Their name ZUMUFI which is rather cool and pronounced Zuuu Moooo Feeee if you pronounce it with a Hongkie accent!!

For me it reminded me of Smurfs because of the spelling.
When you order a drink they will ask for your name and write it on the tag and attach it to your drink when it is ready to avoid confusion with other customers.
Unwanted tags can be placed in the glass bowl where they donate $1 to charity for every tag returned.
There were two series for the smoothie Zumufi and Zumufi+
The plus series contain more superfood ingredients and they do not use milk in any of their smoothies.
In the end I went for the Skin+ and Detox+
I chose the Skin because I like avocados and the Detox+ because of kale and cilantro.
As expected I really liked this because it was sweet and natural with blended avocados and you could also taste the orange juice and bananas as well.
The detox tasted stronger compared to the Skin+ but the watermelon taste was strong.
Panini: Ham & Cheese
When it comes it doesn’t look like a ham and cheese panini because all you see is spinach leaves but after you take a bite you will realize that you can still taste the cheese and ham.
I really liked it because of all that spinach and the fact that it only costs $29 with decent cheese and ham which wins the paninis at Starbucks or Pacific coffee!
Shop D, G/F, Willy Commercial Building, 28-36 Wing Kut Street Sheung Wan, Hong Kong



Veggie spinner (Tai Hang)

Ever since it was opened I have always wanted to go, but since there were no reviews I didn't know what type of vegetarian food they served.

After seeing the first review by Spicygal I made up my mind to go.

It is located in Tai Hang which is not that far from Tin Hau MTR.


It was a small modern cozy joint with wooden tables and benches.


The menu was simplistic serving wraps and burgers.


I had the Turkish wrap (lavish roll) but as I was still hungry I ordered the burger as well.

The combo comes with wedges which I didn't want to order initially because I thought they were going to be deep fried, but they were baked which were healthier than I thought.

The prices were quite reasonable compared to other vegetarian places.

I am glad there is finally a good place for REAL vegetarian food with real vegetables and not man-made substitutes called "c u tmr" a term known to the vegetarian world meaning you see it again how you ate it (ie not digested).

So here was what I ordered.


Fiji apple juice:


The apple juice was extracted using a hirum slow juice extractor which retains natural flavor, color, and nutrients of the apple.

It looked like orange juice when it was brought over.

The taste was really sweet which I did not like but they told me they used Fiji apples which are really sweet and golden in colour.


Veggie burger with potato wedges:


Inside the burger, there was Halloumi cheese, organic tofu, grilled mushroom and grilled vegetables.


The bun they used for the burger was delicious because it was a wheat burger that had such a nice taste after it was toasted giving it a crispy touch.

Every element in the burger was vital, the halloumi cheese gave it some saltiness, while the mushroom gave it a meaty and earthy taste, and the tofu which had strong soy bean taste gives you protein as well.



Every bite of the burger was amazing packed with sweet grilled pumpkins, aubergines flavoured by the cheese, tofu and mushroom.

As for the potato wedges they were baked and non oily. It came with their homemade ketchup which flavoured it nicely.


Irish moss and cucumber salad:



Came here on another visit for this salad, I loved the cucumber and Irish moss which is rich in collagen but I did not like the dressing because it was balsamic vinegar which I found too sweet.


Lavash D Roll:


Inside the roll there was omelette, fried onions, roasted potato wedges and lettuce.


The roll was really good because the potato wedges made it feel filling whilst the omelette and vegetables complemented each other nicely with the ketchup sauce.

Again, I liked this roll because you can see pure vegetables and just homemade ketchup to give it flavour.



On this trip to Macau, I decided to have a luxurious trip by travelling on TurboJET's Premier Grand Class.
There are selected travelling times because the TurboJETs have to be equipped with meal stations and VIP cabins.

There is a TurboJET Premier Lounge in Hong Kong where you can relax and have access to WIFI with drinks and snacks but unfortunately on my trip to Macau I did not find this lounge.

I ended up waiting in the Premier Grand Class waiting lounge near the boarding area.
(photo taken inside the lounge hence the reversed wording!!)

The lounge has two areas, one for the Superclass ticket holders and the other lounge for the Premier Grand Class.
The Premier Grand Class has red carpets and white leather sofas and you are given a bottle of water when you arrive. 
There is a water dispenser at the Superclass lounge.

Video of the Premier Grand Class waiting lounge:
At the time of filming I was disappointed because I did not know there were two lounges.

I loved the lounge because the TurboJET staff will assist you with boarding and the Premier Grand Class passengers board last, it was fun skipping the queues to the TurboJET.
As Premier Grand Class passenger, you are seated at the front with a full view of the sea.

Video on board the TurboJET:


There is a VIP cabin too which I would love to try next time.
They bring you the latest newspapers to read.
At the front, there are magazines.
 Video of the magazines.

For people who have to be online, they provide you with an exclusive WIFI too.
Shortly you are served your meals, on this journey I had Breakfast.
 The breakfast was lovely especially the scrambled eggs and croissant.Macau_200114-220114+%2528007%2529.jpg
After breakfast you are served drinks with chocolate nibbles.
Food and drinks menu:

Within a flash, you are in MACAU. 
I felt so privileged being a Premier Grand Class passenger because you get to leave first.
In the monetary world Time is money and Money is Time!!


This was the last stop in Macau before going back to Hong Kong.



Most of the items at Pacific Coffee were the same as the ones in Hong Kong.



Stopped by for a drink and tried the Lamington.








The Lamington in Macau was about 60% cream and 40% cake whereas the Hong Kong version is 30% cream and 70% cake.




I got meal vouchers to dine at Quick Rich in Macau.


The name and logo is designed just like a CASINO.


Each day, they have six different meals


Each meal has a product shot for reference:







The meal collection system was quite good, you just go to that relevant counter, give your voucher and get the meal.

The lady is impatiently waiting for Meal 3.


Here was counter 6 for the vegetarian dish.



Mixed vegetables in red beancurd sauce:


This was a bit disappointing because there were too much mushrooms, but the taste was quite good.

The vegetarian meat and seaweed soup was great but there was some sand in it.


Stewed lotus root and duck


The sauce and duck was nice but the duck was a bit chewy.



Since I was in Macau, I decided to go to Macallan's Scottish bar because of the decor.

The decor was really nice with a real fireplace.




Originally I was sitting near the bar, but the cigar smoke got too strong, so I sat elsewhere.


When you sit down, they give you some peanuts and almonds.
(I was shocked they were free)

As I do not drink alcohol, I got mock-tails.
The mocktails were pretty cheap too around MOP5X.
The pussyfoot was nice
The Virgin mary was way too spicy to drink.
The candle that they had was really cool, it was not a burning flame.

A video of the non burning candle.

The bill was quite cheap, it was about MOP12X for two drinks.


I have always wanted to dine at Morton's of Chicago but the one in Hong Kong is inconvenient and there are other temptations around the area.

Decided to dine at Morton's so that I could also visit The Venetian.

If it was not this restaurant, I would not set foot in The Venetian again!!!

The mall was extremely annoying and big, every place looked the same.

There was a shortcut via the Casino but they kept checking me for ID to prove that I was over 21.

(I was also checked at other Casinos as well :( )


They had digital kiosks with floor-plans but most of them were not working.


(Compared to the City of Dreams, every digital kiosk worked perfectly and the place was so much more comfortable and modern).



After frantically walking in that maze for an hour, I finally found it!



Finally sat down!!





Onion bread:


The onion bread was served and it was lovely and warm.

It was soft with a nice bread texture and it was slightly sweet.


Maine Lobster Cocktail:



There were not many pieces of lobster but it tasted fresh and sweet which was the main thing and the meat was springy.

It tasted great on its own that I did not need to use the sauces.


Sauteed Spinach & Button Mushrooms:


I loved the spinach, it was not overcooked nor undercooked with a crisp crunch flavoured by the rich mushroom juices.

The mushrooms were lovely and earthy.


Jumbo Lump Crab Cake:


The crab cake was divine, it was 100% crab meat that was sweet with a hint of natrual saltiness.


For desserts there were so many options that they had a sample tray to show people.

On the tray, there were:

-Fresh Raspberries or mixed berries

-Key Lime Pie

-Carrot Cake

-Double Chocolate Mousse

-Creme Brulee



The first dessert menu they gave me had no prices, so I asked for one with prices.


In the end I chose the souffle

Grand marnier souffle:


The souffle came with as bowl of sauce about the size of the souffle.

I did not use the sauce because it was really sweet and the souffle was already sweet.

The souffle was hot and foamy with a strong orange peel taste.



Price: MOP6XX

Service: OK

Service charge: 10%

English Menu: Yes

Air Conditioning: Yes




Spicy Andong (Causeway Bay)

Thanks to Gary for bringing me along to this tasting.

This is a new branch of Spicy Andong because they have another branch in Mong Kok where the interior is really cool. They have padlocks hung on the walls and cute message cards attached.

At the Causeway bay branch, they also have these message cards and colourful interior.


Anyway here was what we had:


Basically for Spicy Andong chicken there is one with oyster and one without.

Spicy Andong Chicken:

Tasted quite similar to the one below but the taste was less fancy without the oysters but the spiciness was still there.

Spicy Andong chicken with oyster:


To be honest I prefer the one with oyster because there are more flavours in the dish and the oysters were plump and huge!

To begin with the oysters were quite spicy, but after a while they get even spicier after absorbing the sauce.

Luckily they offer a non spicy version.


Collagen salad


This salad is called a collagen salad because it has slices of pork trotters which are rich in collagen.

I liked the cool crunchy lettuce leaves tossed in tangy sesame sauce which is perfect for soothing the palatte after some spicy food.


Curry Toppokki with cheese


The curry toppokki was really cool because the usual sauce is spicy and not many places serve it in curry sauce.


Steamed pork with spicy garlic sauce


The sauce looked innocently refreshing but it was devilishly hot!!!!!!

So beware!


Grilled beef on lettuce


Nice chunks of beef paired with spicy kimchi.


Cheese and spicy minced pork pizza


The English menu does not indicate how spicy it was but this was another super spicy one!!


Clams steamed in jinro


I loved the golden metal teapot because you can pour soup out from the spout without the contents coming out.

It would be good if the alcohol taste was stronger.


Pan grilled eel


A lovely plain grilled eel which lets you taste it in its most natural form.

The suggested way of eating it is putting the eel on the lettuces leaves with the sauce provided.


Pan grilled ribs


Nicely pan grilled ribs which were thinly sliced.


To To Bibimbap with onions and egg


This was my favourite because most bibimbaps come with kimchi and meat, but this was plain rice, egg, onion and seaweed.

After mixing it, the rice and onions were really fragrant. There is an extra side of finely chopped onions which had strong sesame oil in it which I added as well and it tasted so much more nicer.


Brown rice milk


The rice milk was lovely and not too sweet with a delicious roasted rice taste.


On each table, there was a pair of scissors for the noodles which came in handy for cutting other pieces of food too.


To be honest, I was attracted by this pearlescent ball.00VK4U3340439B6128B5F8l.jpg
I found out that this room was used for Japanese tea ceremonies so I booked the tea ceremony to experience this lovely tea room.

When I arrived, I was given a sheet of instructions about the tea ceremony and how it is conducted.

It does not matter if you don't read it because the Japanese lady will instruct you again inside.

After you have read the instructions, you are given some Japanese wagashi before going in the room because the tea is going to be bitter.

I found the wagashi a bit sweet, one of them had red bean puree and the other tasted like compacted sugar powder.

Entering the tea ceremony room:

Before you enter, you have to wash your hands using the Japanese bamboo ladle.

When you get inside, there are some Japanese teaware.
When you are inside comfortably (I actually found it uncomfortable because I can't cross my legs or kneel properly).

To see a video, scroll down to the bottom.

The Japanese lady starts the tea ceremony and makes you a cup of tea which you drink.
She will then pass the bowl to you which you turn clockwise and then drink it.
When you drink it, she will instruct you to make some noises when you drink.


After you have finished, you wipe the bowl with your right thumb and then use the tissue provided to clean it.



Lastly, you turn the bowl over to appreciate it.


Japanese tea:
I found the Japanese tea quite nice, it was much nicer than the bitter ones because it did not have any grassy taste.
Then it was my turn to make some Japanese tea. The green tea powder has already been placed into the bowl, so all you have to do is get some water from the container and pour it in the kettle and get the water and pour it in the bowl.
After I did that, I had to mix it with their special Japanese tea brush.

Japanese tea (MADE BY ME):


I did not mix it too well and put too much water because it tasted quite bland.
The temperature of my tea was much hotter so I preferred the one she made.


When the ceremony is finished, you sit outside and have a last cup of tea.
You can also take more photographs outside the room as well.
The tea ceremony costs MOP230 plus 10% service charge and lasts for approximately 40 minutes.
Available from 1500-1800 (Tuesday to Sunday)
Advance booking is required.

Video of the tea room:

Price: MOP230
Service: good
Service charge: 10%
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes


Just a quick teaser for Shui Yue.

This was an off menu item that they prepared for me.

It was so sweet that they remembered these little crabs.

They were fried to perfection and because they were freshly done, the taste was not rancid.

Although the crabs did not have a strong taste, they were sprinkled with seaweed powder which gave it that extra freshly caught from the sea feeling.

The crabs were too cute to eat and they all looked alive on the plate.






Yun Yan (Causeway Bay)

This was my first time having high end Sichuan food.

The ones I normally go to are casual and the seating is less comfortable.

Here, the restaurant is really modern with an open dining area.

There is an open kitchen bar for COLD & SHAKE where Sichuan starters and noodles are shaken in cocktail shakers mimicking popular Sichuan snacks served on the streets which are shaken in bags with sauces and spices similar to the Hong Kong bag noodles that used to be popular a while ago.


Translucent beef:

Although there is no picture here, it is definitely worth trying because it is thinly sliced beef similar to beef jerky with a lovely sichuan peppercorn taste with sweetness.

In chinese it is called lantern beef because each slice is so thin that it lets light through almost like a paper lantern.


Beef tongue in wild mushroom oil:


This was not spicy and I loved the chunky cubes of beef tongue complimented by the fragrant wild mushroom oil and crispy black and white sesame seeds.

For a stronger and intense taste you can add more mushroom oil which is on the table too.

The beef tongue was tenders and soft.


Chilled noodles with garlic pork belly:


There were a choice of sichuan white flour noodles, cornflour noodles or buckwheat noodles.

We had the cornflour noodles.

The noodles were refreshingly cool tossed in Sichuan vinaigrette with lots of garlic.

A good option for females wanting a light lunch.


Eight flavour tofu:


This was just fun!

There was a huge slab of tofu accompanied by a choice of condiments ranging from:

pepper powder, chili powder, chili sauce, sichuan style preserved cabbage, scallion, chili oil, garlic puree, sesame oil, black vinegar.


Basically you choose the condiments you like and slap it on the tofu!

The Sichuan peppercorns are not grounded so you have fun grinding it in the bowl and once its done you can really smell and taste how fragrant they are.

Before I tried the condiments with the tofu, I tried the tofu on its own and the soybean taste is really strong.

As well as the fancy condiments, they also had pink Himalayan salt which also tasted good with it.


hot and sour crab meat soup:



The soup had generous pieces of crabmeat in it as you can see.

Unfortunately the soup was too spicy for me, but I loved the Vinegar jelly cubes that you put in the soup which contribute to the sourness of the hot and sour soup.

It is recommended to put 1-2 cubes of vinegar jelly in the soup.

I tried one of the jelly cubes on its own and it was basically vinegar in jelly form.


sauteed prawns in chili garlic sauce:


These prawns were huge and the edges were nice and crispy.

The sauce was rich with lots of finely chopped garlic and chili in it perfect with the meaty springy prawns.


steamed fish head with chili:


Although this looked really spicy but it turned out to be my favourite because the size of the fish head was huge yet the fish was tender and there was lots of collagen in it.


Sichuan house smoked cherry duckling:


This was smoked duck similar to peking duck which came with these super cute scallop shaped buns.

The buns were easily opened in the middle just like scallops were you put the duck in between and sauce.

It was really satisfying having the piping hot bun with smoked duck complemented with the sweet smokey barbecue sauce.


Poached rib eye beef in chili broth:


I have never ordered this before because it looks scarily hot with red chilis floating on top.

Surprisingly it is not as spicy as it looks and rib eye was perfect for this because the texture is really tender with a smooth oily touch to it.


strawberry tofu milkshake :


I loved this tofu milkshake because it was blended with fresh strawberries, the sweetness was just right with the occasional strawberry tartness.

There was a strong soy bean taste too and the tofu that was blended into it contributes to that thickness just like a milkshake.


Panfried glutinous walnut cake:


These glutinous walnut cakes are green because it is made with grounded spinach.

I loved the chewy warm texture and the crunch of walnuts without being too sweet.

It reminded me of the Sticky and heavy Chinese new year cake but tasting much much better!


For icecreams, they even had green bell pepper icecream, Sichuan pepper icecream which were really cool!

I don't mind coming back again and if it wasn't for this tasting I would just assume that all dishes were spicy!



Sooo Vegi (North Point)

Walked past and saw this new shop serving vegetarian food, so stopped by for dinner.


For some reason it reminded me of Veggie Spinner at Tai Hang because they were both decorated with green.

When I looked at the menu, they had Turkish rolls just like Veggie Spinner which was why I got confused.


As well as rolls, they had pastas and Chinese dishes.


I opted for Chinese food and came back another day for the Western choices.

The Chinese choice was really good because they were popular dishes such as spicy tofu with minced meat and aubergines with salted fish but in vegetarian form.

I love these dishes but I rarely have them because real meat stinks!

The prices were really affordable, just the same as the prices at Chinese cha chaan tengs and the wraps were only $28 each.


Here was what I had over two visits:


Stewed Aubergines and salted fish with rice (VEGAN):



The aubergines were paired with healthy mixed grain rice.

I really enjoyed this dish because it was meat free and healthy, the dish is not as oily as the meat version and the aubergines were nice and soft with the taste as good as the meat version.




This was soup with Lion's Mane Mushroom, walnuts and black eye beans.

I wish the taste was stronger because it lacked the taste of mushroom but the bean taste was strong enough.


Fried three treasures:


This appetizer was really cool because I have never seen a vegetarian version.

There were aubergines, mushrooms and green peppers.

My favourites were the mushrooms and green peppers which tasted meaty with the vegetarian meat substitute.

It was a bit oily for my liking but if they had the sweet sauces, I could have been fooled to think I was eating the meat version.


Mexican wrap:


The roll was wrapped with avocado, vegetarian meat sauce, kidney beans, purple onions, sour cream and tomato sauce.

The roll was not spicy which was good and it was so delicious because it had kidney beans in rich sauce and creamy avocado along with crunchy vegetables.


Buffalo wrap:


The roll was wrapped with vegetarian chicken, sweetcorn, purple cabbage, celery, mixed veg, buffalo spicy sauce and ranch dressing.

This roll was also delicious, it had a nice sour tone to it which makes you even more hungry but the sweetcorn in it gives it a burst of sweetness while the carrots gives it a crunch.

Both rolls were beautifully wrapped.


Next time I am going to try the sausage wrap and other Chinese dishes which are guaranteed to be less oily than meat dishes.



Le Salon Restaurant et Croissanterie (Causeway Bay)

Although lots of people have said the apple croissant was not that good, I still wanted to try it.

I ordered one to dine there and this time the guy at the counter ran out of plates!


So in the end, I got their napkins and formed a small tablecloth because I did not want to make a mess because their croissants are extremely flakey.



The croissant reminded me of apple crumble because it had icing and buttery crumble on top.


Inside it was filled with apple and cinnamon filling.



The taste was not as exciting as I imagined because the apple just tasted sweet, there were no sour notes to it and the cinnamon was not strong enough.

Anyway, at least I have tried it.

Although I am not a fan of peanut butter but the peanut butter one tastes better.



J's Bar & Restaurant (Wan Chai)

I was browsing OpenRice for new restaurants and found this one so decided to go.

It was a neat little restaurant bar tucked away on Anton Road near Queen Road East.

When I got there, there was a bright menu by the door.


Before going in, I made up my mind on the sandwich.

After I sat down, the girl came to take my orders, there was no lunch menu, but luckily I took a photo of the menu outside which I referred to.

After a while, I realized SHxT, there was no price on the board so I was a little worried that it might be one of those over priced places, but luckily it was only $89 after asking.

The set lunch was a four course meal.

The decor was quite pleasant with a bar facing the door.


There was a quiet dining area left of the bar.


The evening menu was difficult to see but then I realised that you don't read the white writing but the shadow behind it!


The toilet signs were cute.



Here was what I had:


Tomato soup:


It was really creative how they put the drops of cream forming a circle pattern.

After trying a spoonful I realized to was extremely spicy so I could not finish it.

The soup would have tasted really good because I loved the sourness but the spicyness was just too strong for me.


Apple and avocado salad:


The salad on the other hand was great, it was simple with an effective dressing.

As you can see, it had baby spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, walnuts, avocado and thinly sliced red and green apples.

It was really nice because everything was tossed and flavoured well with a sauce that tasted like orange juice that was really tangy.

I liked this dressing because it was not oily, heavy or creamy.


Looney tuna sandwich:



I did not like the beans because they were a bit raw, but the creamy tuna filling was good with the crispy soft baguette bun.




The tea was disappointing even though it was Liptons because it was the Hong Kong style RED tea which has a bitter taste.

It would be great if they had Earl grey or the breakfast blend.




Kung Fu Dim Sum (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Thanks to 功夫 for Chinese New Year pudding.

There is also a Chinese white radish cake too which I reviewed earlier.



After slicing and shallow frying it, the pudding was ready to eat.


You can either shallow fry it directly or dip the cake in egg before frying.

The pudding was similar to mochi but the texture was much denser and stickier and not too sweet with a hint of coconut milk.