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Wing Kee Noodle 榮記粉麵, Causeway Bay

Posted by Northasian , in Location - Causeway Bay, Food Paradise 25 May 2011 · 4,720 views

Noodle House
If I were to pick the top 3 types of food representing original Hong Kong cuisine, cart noodle (車仔麵) is definitely on my list with no doubt. Cart noodle is a kind of a la carte style noodle that you can select pre-cooked ingredients and sauce from the counter/menu and make up your desired combination of food items in a bowl. It's believed to be originated and became popular during the hard time in the 1950's when people were struggling to live a life. Many people became street hawkers selling cooked snacks on roadside using carts, and cart noodle was one of the kinds. Nowadays, as street hawker is diminishing, cart noodle has became a type of food sold in restaurant or indoor food stall.

Ok, it's time to talk about our cart noodle hunt after such a long-winded explanation... :P This inconspicuous noodle house - Wing Kee is specializing in cart noodle and very popular among locals. Located in Sugar Street in Causeway Bay, it's very easy to find.
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Menus (Chinese only) are posted on walls which clearly listed all the ingredients that you can pick from and also the price of various combinations. You can select 1 to maximum 5 ingredients to come with your choice of noodle. If somehow you're not in the mood to have anything starchy, you can also order just a mix of ingredients.
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This was my bowl with 3 mix ingredients of my all time favourites : Curdled Pig's Blood, Turnips & Pig Intestine with Oil Noodle (豬紅蘿蔔豬大腸配油麵 HK$26). Look at my intense-looking bowl of noodle, does it look scary & unhealthy with full of animal organs filled to the brim...? But they are all very typical ingredients to make up a very typical bowl of cart noodle! Taste wise, I can say it's perfect~ It's been ages that I've never had such a delicious and authentic cart noodle since I graduated from high school! Curdled Pig's blood & the pig intestine were well marinated & cooked to the right texture, and the turnips were so fresh and naturally sweet. They are all must-try if you don't resist to have some animal organs. Remember to request for extra sauce of beef brisket that can further enhance the overall taste!
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Hubby's bowl was a rather healthier choice of 5 mix ingredients : Turnips, Fishballs, Fish Curd Slices, Squidballs & Bean Curd Puff with Flat Noodle (蘿蔔魚蛋魚片墨魚丸豆卜配粗麵 HK$36). As I always say, healthier food is often less tasty, and it's again applicable on this bowl of cart noodle. Turnips were the same as mine, while the other ingredients were just of ordinary taste that you could probably eat a better one in other noodle eateries.
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As this place is famous for long waiting queue so be prepared to share table with strangers and allow more waiting time during rush hours like lunch time on every day of a week. It was a rainy afternoon at 4pm on Saturday when we visited, so we managed to get our seats without waiting. My advice is better avoid normal meal hours in order to have more pleasant space & time to enjoy.

Website : N/A
Address : G/F, 27A Sugar Street, Causeway Bay
Branches :
  • G/F, 43 Jardine Street, Causeway Bay
  • 1 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai
  • CF 2, Lower Wong Tai Sin Estate Lung Lok House, Wong Tai Sin
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