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Tai Wing Wah Restaurant 大榮華酒樓, Yuen Long

Posted by Northasian , in Location - Yuen Long, Food Paradise 27 December 2010 · 5,051 views

Dim Sum
Focus is not just on its delicacies but the foodie star behind the scene, the owner, Leung Man To (梁文韜) otherwise known as God of Gourmet (食神), delights everyone with variety of mouthwatering Chinese cuisines. I was so grateful that before heading off to my hiking at Kadoorie Farm in Tai Po last Sunday, I got to try their Dim Sum with a bunch of hiking buddies. I was the last to arrive when the first round of Dim Sum was ready on table, quickly settled myself and started taking pictures on the food. Having located in a remote area, this restaurant incorporates a neighbourhood atmosphere with all its waiters & waitresses being so friendly to such an extend that a waitress stopped me from taking picture on the Fried Chinese Dumpling (咸水角) before she cut them into half so that they appeared like a blossom flowers in my picture.... Thanks to her!
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Unlike other Chinese restaurants, fame of Tai Wing Wah are proudly reflected on the walls with framed photos of him, newspaper and magazine clippings.
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When come to their Dim Sum, they're just impeccable in general. A must-try Dim Sum is their signature Steamed Egg Custard Mai-lai Cakes (奶黃馬拉糕). The cake was fluffy and rich of custard flavour. Another Dim Sum that impressed me was the Braised Chicken Feet (鳳爪). Not many Chinese restaurants can make a well marinated Chicken Feet with the right texture as Tai Wing Wah!
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Tai Wing Wah is not only famous for the great tasted gourmet, but also the uncommon old style Dim Sum that can hardly be found in Chinese restaurants nowadays. Like the Spring Roll Cheung Fun (春風得意腸粉), by just reading such a beautiful Chinese name on the menu, I really couldn't imagine that it's actually a Cheung Fun (Rice Roll) with Spring Roll inside! It's special enough but the taste could not make me WOW... It might be better if the filling of spring was not yam or anything starchy. Another old school Dim Sum was the Chicken Big Bun (雞球大飽), you will know why it got this name after looking at its size. It looks like BBQ Pork Bun (叉燒包) but the size is almost a threefold and with 3 or 4 different fillings inside, like Chicken Wing, Chinese Dried Sausage (臘腸), BBQ Pork and Chinese mushroom.
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I ordered my Hubby's favourite Fried Chinese Dumpling (咸水角) in the last round. Again, it didn't disappoint us as it really tasted great with the crispy-soft wrap outside, and yummy filling with strong Dried Shrimp (蝦米) flavour.
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Overall, most of their Dim Sum are tasty and up to my satisfaction. Though the location is quite far away from the city, I still highly recommend you to try it out if you happen to go to Yuen Long to get the Hang Heung Wife Cakes. Oops, forgot to tell you that another famous Wife Cake brand - Wing Wah is indeed owned by Mr God of Gourmet! So, do remember to arrive Yuen Long earlier to try the long-lost village style Dim Sum of Tai Wing Wah before you grab the Wife Cake~

Website : http://www.wingwah.com/
Address : 2/F Koon Wong Mansion, 2-6 On Ning Road, Yuen Long
Dim Sum Price :
  • Mon-Fri : 06:45-11:00 & 14:00-16:15, small, medium & large at flat price of HK$11
  • Mon-Fri : 11:00-14:00 & Sat, Sun & PH (whole day), small HK$11, medium HK$13 & large HK$16
  • All-time : Special Dim Sum HK$21 & Top Dim Sum HK$24
Remark : Plus 10% service charge

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Hello Northasian,
Do you know if the prices are still the same?
Hi Li Quid, the entry is over a year back so I think it's no longer the same now under such a high inflation rate nowadays...

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