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4D3N to Hong Kong

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Hey Angellingling, guess you almost finished your HK trip by now... sorry that I couldn't reply your last post 'coz I was away from HK after replying your last post, really sorry about that..

How was your trip? Hope you can share with us here~ :) You can link your external blog (if you have one) to our community blog here~ FYI, there are no offical Gucci Factory Outlet in HK.... so don't be sad if you can't find one here... :P

Hey dear!! haha my blog only on clothes =P can link them here?

yaya wonderful trip ahah we took mtr from airport to yaumatei LOL 3 person they have cheaper rate if not mistaken i think HKD125!! =) so its ok la good also hehehe still ok for us.. but the hotel a bit hard to find because once we reached there already late nite!

so actually you are from hong kong? or msia?

ya a bit sad cant find gucci outlet... i think no burberry outlet also hahaha~~ but bought a small purse from coach la =) heheheh was a fun trip lucky only rain awhile =)

i guess will be going over again nxt yr! hoping for cheap air asia flights this time! LOL or maybe when cathay have got promo for hotel+flight!

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