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Let's enjoy a grand dining

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Hey! Its my first post here and i will definitely suggest some good restaurants to you guys. So my friend just took me to a restaurant which is so great in their design, decorations, and of course, their dishes. Its Sun Palace in causeway bay, just a few steps near time square.


omg! The chandelier right in the centre is so eye-catching. We sat next to window that we can enjoy the nice view in causeway bay. There are set dinners with appetizer, soup, main, dessert and drinks. Thats so enough for me. Surprisingly, the sets are not that expensive, which around $400 to $500 depends on your main. So i got my steamed seabass served with squid and lemon sauce, and my friend chose the grilled US organic primer rib eye served with truffle mashed potato.


We add extra $58 to change the soup into Lobster bisque and seafood bouilabaisse. The bouilabaisse is so cute that its served with another pot. Both soup are nice, especially the bouilabaisse as there are so many seafood in it such as mussel, prawn and clam.


A moment later there were our mains. My fish is totally excellent. It is so smooth and soft, and the fresh lemon sauce is quite a perfect match to the dish. I didnt try my friends' rib eye but it looks nice too, which grilled just right and with soft texture. Luckily i didnt order that because steak is just to heavy for me.


Dessert and drinks appeared in the last, which are my favourite - opera cake and mocha. Both are with delicate decorations and absolutely delicious. I like the cake serving with a lovely marcaron.


The set dinner is quite nice in total including their dishes and services. Highly recommend you guys to try!







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