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i've known bout 'All about Hong Kong' for many years now, since the Lowyat days. I've gotten a lot of information from Northasian's posts on Facebook, Lowyat (now closed) and this forum to create my itinerary for all my 3 trips to hong kong. the information are accurate and they cover all sorts of areas from food, shopping, advice, weather. Recently i won one of their giveaways for an event in hong kong. As i was in Hong Kong at that time, Northasian arranged a meet-up to provide us the tickets, which was really kind of her as some may just insist on a postal address.


Two thumbs up to Northasian, and i hope this site can continue to grow! :D:):lol:

Thank you Northasian :)

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I wish I had found this site earlier for my previous HK trip. This website is so useful and the fanpage on facebook as well. People here are really friendly, especially admin. Thank you so much! I am going to plan another HK trip some day. I definitely support this site!!!

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