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wife biscuits (Laopobing)

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Hihi, does anyone know among these 3 brands, Wing Wah, Koi Kei and Kee Wah, which one have the best wife biscuits, that is not sweet but yet tasty??

The best is none of them! Believe me, the best is Hang Heung (http://forum.allabouthongkong.com/index.php?/blog/6/entry-14-wife-cake-of-hang-heung-cake-shop-yuen-long/)

2nd nice and famous one is Kee Wah, but DO NOT BUY Wing Wah 'coz it's... yuck! For Koi Kei, as their signature products are Almond biscuit and Peanut Candy, (and myself even don't know if they sell wife cake now...) I don't think their wife cake would be as nice as Hang Heung and Kee Wah...

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Hang Heung counter at Causeway Bay Sogo is still there on level B2, and Kee Wah counter is also located on the same level so you can may go there to take a look.

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