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Danny Lak

Any Places to Buy Dried Meat?

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Hm... Just curious to know why have to buy from HK while Malaysia do have good jerked meat? Tell you what, the only famous brand in HK is Bee Cheng Hiang (http://www.bch.hk/) which I believe is a Singaporean brand... I think you better buy it from Macau (if you plan to visit) 'coz frankly, HK has no famous local brand of jerked meat... I personally think Malaysia's (or Singapore's) jerked meat would be more delicious~ :P

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LOL... i tot hong kong is famous for this kind of stuff.. becoz i know from wife's biscuit to moon cake alot of stuff also good... if BCH is consider good den i can get from HOng Kong... i tot HK will be diff for their brands

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