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Hi, i saw the website showing that there is a ferry terminal to macau at tsim sha tsui ? :unsure:

Yes, HK got 2 ferry terminals for ferry to Macau. One is in Sheung Wan on Hong Kong Island, and the other one is in Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon side. Different ferry operator stops at different ferry terminal, so you better check before you buy ticket. Briefly, there are 3 Macau ferry operators : Turbojet, First Ferry & Cotaijet, and their routing as below :

Turbojet : Macau <-> Sheung Wan (most expensive)


First Ferry : Macau <-> Tsim Sha Tsui (cheaper)


Cotaijet : Taipa in Macau <-> Sheung Wan (same as NWF or even cheaper if buying from HK's tour agency)


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