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Singmalay Series

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I love Singaporean and Malaysian food so decided to make a record of all the Singmalays foods that I eat.
Some are authentic and some are just Singmalay inspired.

[Singmalay Part 9]
Date Dined: 2009-Sep-28
Restaurant: Malaymama 馬拉媽媽

[Singmalay Part 8]
Date Dined: 2009-Sep-21
Restaurant: King Laksa 喇沙王

[Singmalay Part 7]
Date Dined: 2009-Feb-22
Restaurant: Malaysia (Port Klang) Cuisine Limited 馬拉盞星馬美食

[Singmalay Part 6]
Date Dined: 2008-Oct-15
Restaurant: Prawn Noodle Shop 蝦麵店

[Singmalay Part 5]
Date Dined: 2008-Jul-04
Restaurant: Pasar Singaporean Flavour 巴沙新加坡小品

[Singmalay Part 4]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-20
Restaurant: Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵

[Singmalay Part 3]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-18
Restaurant: Katong Laksa Prawn Mee 加東叻沙蝦麵

[Singmalay Part 2]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-10
Restaurant: YEOH'S BAH KUT TEH (楊氏肉骨茶)

[Singmalay Part 1]
Date Dined: 2008-Jun-10
Restaurant: Sing Ma Restaurant


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