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Sightseeing Montreal: My three-day photo journal

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Montreal is my favourite city in Canada (only in the summer though, ’cause the winters there are way too cold for me). I’ve only been to Montreal a few times, but it’s honestly such a magical city. From the architecture to the food to the history, you really can’t go wrong with a short or long visit. This was the final stop on my 10-day Canadian East Coast road trip this past summer and the three nights/four days we were incredible. Here is my (very condensed) three-day photo journal of sightseeing Montreal.

The beautiful buildings

sightseeing-montreal-3-683x1024.jpg sightseeing-montreal-4-1024x683.jpg sightseeing-montreal-9-1024x683.jpg sightseeing-montreal-10-1024x683.jpg

You honestly can’t walk more than a block without stumbling on beautiful, historic buildings with a whole lot of character. While Toronto has a few areas with plenty of ‘old’ buildings, Montreal seems to be filled with a unique charm thanks to these structures. Although I couldn’t tell you what went on inside, they sure caught my eye.

Old Port Montreal

sightseeing-montreal-5-1024x683.jpg sightseeing-montreal-7-1024x683.jpg

Walk down to the Old Port of Montreal where you can stroll along the water. In the summer, there’s plenty going on (this is where we stumbled upon a mac n cheese festival!). Browse the souvenir stalls, grab a bite to eat at one of the food trucks, hop on the observation wheel for a ride around, or zipline across the harbour. Keep heading down along the harbour, where you’ll eventually come upon the Historical Clock Tower. If you’re not in the mood to spend the day walking, rent a bicycle from one of the many rental stations found throughout the city.

Pedestrian-only streets

sightseeing-montreal-11-1024x683.jpg sightseeing-montreal-12-1024x683.jpg sightseeing-montreal-13-1024x683.jpg

Montreal is home to an impressive (and much appreciated) number of pedestrian-only streets that are filled with bars, souvenir shops, cafes, etc. Although they do feel a tad too touristy at times, the historic buildings and cobblestone walkways seem to keep your mind off that. Grab a pint and a bite to eat at one of the pubs before buying a few cheesy souvenirs.

Odds and ends

sightseeing-montreal-1-1024x683.jpg sightseeing-montreal-2-1024x683.jpg sightseeing-montreal-8-1024x683.jpg

While I was in Montreal I saw some beautiful murals painted on the walls of buildings. The one above was found just down the street from Schwartz’s Deli. As I’ve mentioned before, there are a bunch of festivals that happen throughout the year in Montreal (especially in the summer) and we just so happened to be there during the Just For Laughs festival, which was definitely a good laugh. Though I’m not exactly sure I agree with it, you can take a tour around Old Montreal in a horse-drawn carriage if you’re feeling fancy.

Have I convinced you to visit Montreal yet?

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