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Old Port Market Quebec City/Marché du Vieux-Port de Québec: Worth a visit?

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If you’re traveling to Quebec City and aren’t quite sure what to do besides wander around the city center (don’t worry, I wasn’t either), then you could head over to the Old Port Market Quebec City to check out the quaint farmer’s market. I’ll be totally honest, this isn’t your typical big city farmer’s market. You’ll find a small variety of stalls selling local produce, various food and drink, and a few souvenir shops in the Marché du Vieux-Port de Québec, as known by the locals.

What to expect at the Old Port Market Quebec City

old-port-market-quebec-1-1024x683.jpg old-port-market-quebec-2-1024x683.jpg old-port-market-quebec-3-1024x683.jpg old-port-market-quebec-4-1024x683.jpg old-port-market-quebec-5-1024x683.jpg old-port-market-quebec-6-1024x683.jpg old-port-market-quebec-7-1024x683.jpg

Located next to the old port, the market is easy to get around with a fairly small selection of stalls. I saw a variety of local produce, cheese, a few baked goods, wine, maple syrup products, simple souvenirs, some desserts, and a marketplace restaurant with outdoor seating overlooking the water. I was hoping that this market would have a bit more, but the selection wasn’t overly impressive to me. That being said, I ordered a poutine at the marketplace restaurant and it was delicious, so I won’t complain.

Is it worth a visit?

If you’re really pressed for time and only have a day in Quebec City, I probably wouldn’t bother with the Old Port Market Quebec. However, if you’re in the city for a couple days and are looking for something to do to kill a few hours, then it’s worth a quick trip. I think we spent maybe 45 minutes wandering around the market and I did see some of the biggest tomatoes ever, so if you’re into produce, this market will likely be interesting. Afterwards, you should walk along the water before heading into Old Quebec to walk around.

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