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Montmorency Falls Quebec – Why it’s worth a stopover

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If you’re visiting Quebec City and are looking for something to do outside the city centre, I would recommend checking out Montmorency Falls. Although not quite as impressive as Niagara Falls, Montmorency Falls were beautiful and unique in their own way. You’ll be surrounded by nature, have the chance to walk over the falls on a walking bridge, and take the stairs leading right down to the bottom.. all for free. Whether you’re traveling with your family or a friend, Montmorency Falls Quebec are definitely worth a visit.

What to see & do at Montmorency Falls Quebec

Montmorency-Falls-Quebec-1-1024x683.jpgViews from the walking bridge above Montmorency FallsMontmorency-Falls-Quebec-2-1024x683.jpgViews from the walking bridge above Montmorency Falls

Montmorency-Falls-Quebec-3-1024x683.jpg Montmorency-Falls-Quebec-4-1024x683.jpg Montmorency-Falls-Quebec-5-1024x683.jpg Montmorency-Falls-Quebec-8-683x1024.jpg

Once you’ve parked (there is paid parking right beside the entrance, but you can also park for free along the road in one of the neighbourhoods if you don’t mind the walk over), head in and walk straight down the path. This will take you to the walking bridge over the falls. The bridge has a great vantage point – you can see all around the falls and watch as people zipline across. There’s a little viewing area just across the bridge where the people who zipline end up.

Then, head back to the entrance and take the other route. This will take you into a large grassy area with a food truck, the start of the zipline (if I remember correctly, it was between CAD$20 – $30), and the stairs that take you all the way to the bottom of the falls with a few viewing areas along the way.

Is it worth the drive?


I’m happy we stopped by the falls on our way from Quebec City to New Brunswick. Montmorency Falls may not be massive, but they really were beautiful and are worth a visit if you’re nearby.

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