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The Peak To Aberdeen Hike: Hong Kong Trail Stage 1 & 2, Peel Rise

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Aside from Dragon’s Back, heading up to The Peak is one of the most popular hikes (or walks) in Hong Kong. The route to the top has various starting points, but is relatively quick and offers fantastic views of the city below. If you’ve walked up The Peak many times and are looking for a change of scenery, I’d recommend trying The Peak to Aberdeen hike. This hike covers the Hong Kong Trail Stage 1 and 2, and Peel Rise. The hike is relatively easy and the stunning views over Aberdeen are well worth your time.

Starting point of The Peak to Aberdeen hike

peak-to-aberdeen-hike-1-1024x768.jpgHead down this street – Harlech Road

This hike starts at The Peak – you can either walk up to The Peak yourself (we did this – it’s only a quick 20-30 minute walk) or catch a cab to the top. From The Peak Galleria, begin walking down Harlech Road.

Harlech Rd to Hong Kong Trail Section 1

peak-to-aberdeen-hike-2-1024x768.jpgThe garden area on your leftpeak-to-aberdeen-hike-3-1024x768.jpgGo straight – this takes you onto Hong Kong Trail Stage 1

Continue walking down Harlech Road until you come across the garden on your left. Harlech Road will then become Hatton Road – instead of going down Hatton, go straight down the unmarked path. This is the start of the Hong Kong Trail Stage 1.

peak-to-aberdeen-hike-4-1024x768.jpgViews along the waypeak-to-aberdeen-hike-5-1024x768.jpgTurn left and go up the stairs. There is a few benches in this area with a lookout point and a set of stairs leading down – go down those stairs.peak-to-aberdeen-hike-6-768x1024.jpgHeading down towards Pok Fu Lam Reservoir

Follow the path and at the point where you see the large circular pavement and benches (see photo above), there will be a sign pointing to the “Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road” – head down.

Hong Kong Trail Section 1 to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir

peak-to-aberdeen-hike-7-1024x768.jpgAlmost at the reservoirpeak-to-aberdeen-hike-8-1024x768.jpgFollow the paved path – the reservoir is just on your right

As you continue to descend down the stairs, you’ll come across a few forks in the path – continue to follow the signs to the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir. Eventually you’ll come out to a very large paved road with the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir on the opposite side. Turn left where the large sign says ‘To Peel Rise via Chi Fu’ and continue walking along the reservoir.

peak-to-aberdeen-hike-9-1024x768.jpgTurn right to get to Peel Risepeak-to-aberdeen-hike-10-1024x768.jpgHead to the left up the stairs following the signs for “Peel Rise” and “Hong Kong Trail”

Eventually you’ll come to a fork in the path. Turn right, following the signs that say, ‘Peel Rise’ and ‘Chi Fu’. Continue following the path until you see the stairs leading up to the left – go up these stairs, continuing to follow the signs for ‘Peel Rise’ and ‘Hong Kong Trail’.

Hong Kong Trail Section 2 to Peel Rise

peak-to-aberdeen-hike-11-1024x768.jpgGo straightpeak-to-aberdeen-hike-13-1024x768.jpgFollow the pathpeak-to-aberdeen-hike-14-1024x768.jpgContinue along the pathpeak-to-aberdeen-hike-15-1024x768.jpgViews over Aberdeenpeak-to-aberdeen-hike-17-1024x768.jpgThe beginning of the descent down to Aberdeenpeak-to-aberdeen-hike-18-1024x768.jpgViews as you make your way down

At this point, just follow the path leading you down to Aberdeen. You’ll eventually come out into a clearing where you’ll be privy to some Instagram-worthy views of Aberdeen. Again, continue to follow the path down.

Ending point: Aberdeen

peak-to-aberdeen-hike-19-1024x768.jpgTurn right down these stairspeak-to-aberdeen-hike-20-768x1024.jpgThe end of the hike is in this estate building. From here, it’s a short walk into Aberdeen where you can catch a bus or taxi back to wherever you need to go.

The final turn you need to make is in the photo above – if you stay on the path, you’ll continue along the Hong Kong Trail, so turn right and go down the stairs to get to Aberdeen. After you turn right, you’ll walk past a few benches and then come out to a large walkway going left and right – turn left and head down the road. In a few minutes you’ll end up at the bottom of an estate building. Aberdeen is only a short walk away (I’d suggest just following Google Maps at this point) where you can hop on a bus (I took one to Central) or grab a taxi back.

Journey Length: 11.5 km
Total Time: about 2 – 3 hours

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