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George Town Penang Street Art: Exploring the city’s artistic side (Part 2)

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In my last post, I focused on all of the street art in George Town that was completed by Ernest Zacharevic in 2012. Since then, many artists have added their own work to the streets of George Town. While I don’t know the artists names or when they were painted, I enjoyed stumbling upon all of this impressive artwork. This post is basically to serve as a memory for me: an image dump of some of the  more interesting Penang street art I found, most of which was discovered by complete accident.

George Town Penang Street Art: Where to find the artwork

My best advice for how to go about discovering the various pieces of art in George Town is to first plot out a map of the things you really want to see. For me, that was Ernest’s murals for the ‘Mirrors George Town’ project and a selection of local restaurants (you have to try Line Clear, Moh Teng Pheow, and basically all the other delicious Malaysian dishes you come across) I had read about. While I was out wandering around the city, I stumbled upon a tonne of fascinating street art. You’ll pretty much find some form of art on every single street you walk down. Below is a collection of street art that I found the most compelling. If I were to include all the photos I took, there would be well over 50.

A selection of the street art I found in George Town

penang-street-art-1-683x1024.jpg penang-street-art-19-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-16-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-15-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-14-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-13-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-12-683x1024.jpg penang-street-art-11-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-10-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-9-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-8-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-7-683x1024.jpg penang-street-art-5-683x1024.jpg penang-street-art-4-683x1024.jpg penang-street-art-3-1024x683.jpg penang-street-art-2-1024x683.jpg

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