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Best Workouts in 2018 So Far…

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Hey everyone! I thought I’d find my way back to love blogging by writing a round-up no other publisher would probably take off my hands. June approaches, which means we are well on our way towards the second half of the year. (gasp!) If maybe like me you like to gym-hop or just haven’t found a gym you love yet, here’s a list of places I really enjoyed.

Full disclaimer: I’m self-paid on guava, #notspon unless specified, and obvs everyone have different preferences so don’t @ me! If you’d like to drink the Guava juice, please do join via this link so I can save an itsy-bitsy amount of dollars for referring you. Thank you in advance!


Murder in the gym



Literally just pain for 45 minutes straight, but you get it over with and you’d be really proud of yourself. Workouts alternate between special powered-by-your-run treadmills and floor exercises, and depending on the day of the week focuses on different parts of your body e.g. arms or abs & booty.

1/F, Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley Street, Central


If you’re a long-time friend/follower, you’ll know I’ve been a day one of TORQ. Being the first spin studio in Hong Kong, TORQ is still killing it with competitive and energetic classes. Your stats will be displayed on the big screen, but don’t worry – you can choose to not do that to yourself. I’m especially a big fan of their spin-off (lol!) HIIT classes off the bike called SWITCH. It’s again just mostly non-stop high intensity floor exercises, but boy is it fun. For half and half action, go for TORQ-SWITCH. Class names do get confusing so make sure you’re booking yourself into the right one.

3/F, Abdoolally House, 20 Stanley Street, Central

Crossfit Cavaliers

This is for people who are serious about their workouts. Who aren’t afraid to lift weights, or *gasp* run outdoors. I go to their Funfit classes which are women-only, and almost always start with a run around the block. Then it’s crossfit-style WOD (or workout of the day for the uninitiated) with a variation of barbell, kettlebell and other exercises involving some sort of weights. Finally, it ends with another run around the block. YEP. Needless to say, it’s INTENSE but I just love how it pushes me beyond my comfort zone.

533 Queen’s Rd W, Kennedy Town (near HKU station)


Me @ Yoga Dimensions

Finding zen

Lemon Drop Studio

Perched right at the end of Kennedy Town, LDS is something of a favourite of mine. I absolutely love the journey there passing the serene harbourfront, and I ADORE the homey feel that the studio has. Fave classes include the relaxing restorative yoga at the end of the day, or the intense Ab Focus class that, you guessed it, works your abs to the core.

Shop 2, 37B Cadogan Street, Kennedy Town

Yoga Dimensions

I stumbled onto this when I was on KFIT for a bit, and I found their yoga classes to be really awesome. The instructor is strict and pays attention to every detail of your posture, but she doesn’t push you too hard or goes too fast of a pace. If you want to get your foundations right or safely hit the next level, I would recommend checking this studio out.

Wing Lok Mansion, 162 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan


Similar to Yoga Dimensions, this is another local studio that really doesn’t cut you a lot of slack when it comes to technique. I went to what I thought was a restorative detox class, but ended up getting literally twisted and bent into all sorts of shapes. The result? Genuinely relaxed muscles achievable only through pushing yourself that little bit more. #prettyhurts

Flat C, 7/F, Kwun Ngan House, No.751 A-C Nathan Road, Mong Kok


Me being extra at Flex’s gorg changing room

Low key killers

Anhao Wellness

Any pilates lovers here? After an accidental 1-on-1 pilates mat class at Anhao (I was the only student who registered), I became a convert. Though it’s no weight lifting or cardio, when done right Pilates easily works you harder than most fitness classes. It practices immense amount of control over tiny and unused muscles, causing you to truly be mindful and get to know yourself. Highly recommend a try.

5 Ladder Street, Sheung Wan

Flex Studio

Xtend Barre is the bomb! It really tests your strength with repeated and small movements inspired by ballet. I took the class first in Flex’s aberdeen studio, then I was hooked and kept going back. Actually I finish Flex’s credit on Guava the fastest every month. Other classes I love include TRX and HIT. It’s just such a calm place… And which other studio brews you coffee in the morning?!

3&4/F Man Cheung Building, 15-17 Wyndham Street, Central
Shops 308- 310, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang

Barre 2 Barre

Another favourite of mine in Central. I love Barre bootcamp there when I’m not feeling like I’m up for a workout, though it really works me out without stressing me out with heavy weights and treadmills. Trust me, those weights you’re working in their classes may seem tiny, but you will definitely feel the burn.

4/F, Cheung Hing Commercial Bldg, 37 Cochrane St, Central


A scorpio doing a scorpion

Kowloon dwellers

Bungee Workout

You’ve probably seen this on Facebook trending somewhere, but the bungee workout is now in Hong Kong! Though located all the way in San Po Kong, this photogenic and liberating workout is definitely worth a trip. After you learn to fly and fall (it’s a little painful and a lot scary), make sure you finish strong with a Thai dinner in Kowloon City.

Unit 903, Port 33, 33 Tseuk Luk Street, San Po Kong

P.S. There is another workout system involving a bungee called 4D Pro Bungee Fitness, now teaching at the more conveniently located and Guava-enabled XP Fitness Hub in Central. I personally haven’t tried it yet, but am stoked to!


This is definitely my go-to on Kowloon side. Focusing more on perfecting technique than getting the most reps, Gymbeginner is aptly named and made for fitness newbies who want a comfortable environment to get started in. My visits have always been lovely, and if I was feeling extra, I can add more reps or make drills more difficult too.

Flat 4A, Capri Building, Austin Road, Jordan

Optimum Performance Studio TST

I randomly went into a core training class there once, but the experience definitely stuck with me. The space itself is actually half rehabilitation centre and half gym, and my instructor a super experience krav maga fighter. Needless to say, the hour-plus long workout was intense, and involved ONE HUNDRED BURPEES. LOL, to this day I don’t know how I did it. But hey, I did. The training also starts with foam-rolling and ended with a circuit training, so all in all, just a really good and fun workout.

16/F, 9-11 Hillwood Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

Pheew, that’s it! Does this at least make up for my infrequent presence?! I sure hope so. P.S. I do a weekly shout-out to my favourite workout of the week, so if you want more updated info, please do follow me on Instagram!

Till next time, leave me a comment la!


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