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Tai Ping Koon Restaurant 太平館餐廳, Causeway Bay

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Tai Ping Koon Restaurant was founded in 1869 with most of its decor remained unchanged since the opening of this branch. At the moment of stepping-in, it was like back to the 60's and all their staff are at least half a century old with their bow tie on. Don't expect a fantastic service from these skillful waiters as the long unchanged outlook of this restaurant has indeed reflected on their management and services... Old Fashion! With such a long history, it has no doubt established a fame of success and has been appearing on TVB programmes or magazines from time to time. This was our long planned hunt and we're only after 2 of their famous delicacies, which were invented long before all of us were born.


As compared to other tea restaurants in Hong Kong, they're not cheap at all and not even at a reasonable level. So in order to try their signature dishes at a much affordable price, the wise way is to go for their afternoon tea set like we did. It was always crowded whenever we visited this place but we're lucky this time 'coz we arrived late at 4:30pm on Saturday.



For any afternoon tea set, it comes with a drink. We've ordered 2 sets in total and the souffle is a set for 2, so we've ordered total 2 cups of coffee and a cup of tea. Coffee was fresh brewed and tasted not bad but just wasn't too outstanding and so was the tea, it wasn't thick enough like those served in traditional tea restaurant such as Kam Wah Cafe, which was like a blend of English style & Hong Kong style milk tea. Perhaps, their coffee & tea are more towards the western modern style?


Here comes the legendary dish, TPK Chicken Wing in Swiss Sauce set (太平館瑞士雞翅 HK$52) includes 2 pieces of chicken wing and a child meal size of really ordinary fried rice with egg & ham plus a drink. Let's dig out the history of it! It was named Swiss Chicken Wing in direct Cantonese translation, not because it was Swiss made or originated from Switzerland but was named by mistake. And this was what I quoted from their menu:

"The story goes that when a Westerner first tasted the chicken wings at Tai Ping Koon Restaurant in early last Century, he exclaimed, "Sweet Sweet!" To the restaurant staff this sound like "Swiss Swiss!" Thinking that the chef had somehow happened on an Alpine speciality, they dubbed the chicken wings doused in home-made hearily sweetened soy sauce, "Chicken Wings in Swiss Sauce!"

Frankly, the chicken wings tasted really delicious and we're talking about something different from what we usually taste outside so can't compare at all. Yes! it was sweet but in an extremely tastefully way. The perfectly marinated wings were tender and juicy as the sauce has penetrated thoroughly. Also, please be reminded that it'll take roughly 15mins to prepare and serve. This is highly recommended to everyone.


The TPK version of souffle is also their top signature dish that mostly people will go for. Souffle tea set for 2 (太平館式焗梳乎厘 HK$105) comes with 2 drinks. No kidding, the souffle was a gigantic one, which is good for 3~4 persons, and was made upon order with a waiting time of at least 20mins. The moment when the waiter delivered it towards our table, everyone was starring at it just like someone approached us with a big birthday cake~! :lol: The freshly baked souffle was steaming hot and aromatic, especially when we tore it, the aroma of egg was very strong and smell really good with mild sweetness in taste. Texture wise, same as regular souffle, it was soft & fluffy inside but with layer of brown skin outside like a chiffon cake. For me, it wasn't really a wow but good to try if you haven't tried such a huge souffle...



Website : http://www.taipingkoon.com/

Address : 6 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay

Branch :

  • G/F, 19-21 Mau Lam Street, Jordan
  • G/F, No. 60 Standley Street, Central
  • 40 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui

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