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[HEXA] The new talk of town

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Located at Tsim Sha Tsui with a 270-degree harbor view on a clear day, HEXA offers diners Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary twist in a stylish environment.


I finally tried it one evening and we got a table by the window as we were early.

For the mains, we had the Fried Noodles with dried Mantis Shrimp in supreme soy sauce and the Braised pearl rice with matsutake mushrooms, morels and sea urchin.
The [Fried Noodles with dried Mantis Shrimp in supreme soy sauce] was a little different to what I had in mind as I was expecting bigger dried shrimps but they just looked like ordinary dried shrimps and not dried Mantis Shrimps 攋尿蝦.
As for the taste, you could taste the soy sauce and the usual charred wok aroma but the dried prawns didn't add any flavour to it.

The [Braised pearl rice with matsutake mushrooms, morels and sea urchin] fared better as it was strong and rich in flavours.

The desserts on the other hand were amazing and much more photogenic.
The [Yuba Mousse with Raspberry Jelly] was shimmering and the mousse had a strong beancurd taste while it was not too sweet complimented by the raspberry jelly.

The [Ice Cream with egg custard cream dumplings] was chic and black which really matched the contemporary environment.

To be honest, the desserts were more impressive than the mains, however I have not tried their dimsums so I can't comment.

101 Canton Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


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