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Sushi Man Hong Kong: An excellent omakase dining experience

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Sushi Man’s latest location in Whampoa (original location was in Tseun Long) has made it much easier to get your omakase fix now. Situated just across from the MTR station, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Japan once you step through the front doors. The seating is intimate without being stuffy, so it’s perfect for any occassion. During lunch, you can order from Sushi Man Hong Kong’s a la carte menu, but I would recommend going for their omakase dinner menu in order to get the full experience.

Omakase – HK$1750

sushi-man-hong-kong-1-1024x683.jpgDinner Menu

Steamed Egg

sushi-man-hong-kong-3-683x1024.jpgSteamed egg with eel to start

We began with the steamed egg dish. Although it wasn’t what I expected, it was still really good. The eel on top made for an interesting contrast to the smooth, tofu-like egg underneath. The overall flavors were quite subtle, helping to ease us into our next courses.

6 Kinds of Sashimi

sushi-man-hong-kong-4-1024x683.jpgBaby sea eel with yuzusushi-man-hong-kong-5-683x1024.jpgBaby squidsushi-man-hong-kong-6-1024x683.jpgOctopus – head & tailsushi-man-hong-kong-7-1024x683.jpgLightly battered fresh scallop with shisosushi-man-hong-kong-8-1024x683.jpgWhite fish with kelp

I was actually quite surprised with the sashimi dishes, as they weren’t your typical cuts of fish. I tried a few interesting dishes like the baby sea eel (not everyone’s cup of tea!), and liked how Sushi Man Hong Kong really tried to separate themselves from other omakase menus by including such a variety of sashimi. My favorite sashimi dish was the octopus tail – the octopus is slow-cooked for 24 hours and has an incredible smokey flavor to it.

8 Kinds of Sushi

sushi-man-hong-kong-9-1024x683.jpgAbalonesushi-man-hong-kong-10-1024x683.jpgBaby Snappersushi-man-hong-kong-11-1024x683.jpgBaby Codsushi-man-hong-kong-12-1024x683.jpgSalmon Roesushi-man-hong-kong-13-1024x683.jpgSand Borer (Kisu)sushi-man-hong-kong-14-1024x683.jpgKuromutsusushi-man-hong-kong-15-1024x683.jpgEelsushi-man-hong-kong-16-1024x683.jpgTuna Cheek

I really loved all 8 pieces of sushi. I’m not a fan of abalone at all, but was pleasantly surprised with the taste of it here. Moving on, the salmon roe balls were so sweet in comparison to other sushi restaurants I’ve been to – I could have literally ate them by the spoonful. My favorite piece of sushi had to be the tuna cheek. It was so incredibly tender and full of flavor – absolute heaven in a bite.

Cup of Uni

sushi-man-hong-kong-17-1024x683.jpgRice, Uni, Ebi


We were all patiently waiting for this massive bowl of uni to come out. Although I do like uni when it’s fresh and of high quality, I still don’t quite get the obsession with it throughout Asia. Regardless, this dish was immaculate: layer upon layer of sea urchin covered a small mound of rice.. Sushi Man certainly does not skimp out on portions!



We literally had no idea what we were eating when the sushi chef handed us this handroll, but the chef said it was some type of root plant. Not my favorite handroll, but I did appreciate a more subtle dish after the rich uni bowl.

Soup & Kudamono

We finished with a bowl of miso soup and a large pre-sliced wedge of fresh cantaloupe for dessert.

Verdict on Sushi Man Hong Kong

If you’re looking for a new omakase menu to check out, I would definitely recommend Sushi Man Hong Kong. The restaurant is cozy (especially if you’re able to book out the private dining room/counter), service is prompt (although there is a language barrier, which made it difficult to understand all of the ingredients in each dish), and the food is incredibly satisfying.

Sushi Man Hong Kong 
6 Tak Hong Street (Across from Whampoa MTR Exit A)

Tel: 2794 3995

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