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What Blogging Did to Me (part II)

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Hey guys, how’s it going? You may have noticed my sneaky name changes over on Instagram, and soon (if not already) it will happen over here too. Why? What does it mean for helloabella? I know you will have lots of questions, because you’re obsessed with me duh, and I will answer them one by one.

Why Live Well Basics?

It’s because I’m no longer the person who started helloabella. No evil clone of course, or hard feelings. It is just because my priorities in life has changed, and I’m no longer (or ever really have been) a person that’s obsessed with appearances, style, fashion and beauty. That said, I still love shopping, beauty and finding my style – just not especially hardcore about it anymore.

It’s been brewing for quite long inside of me, but a little by little lately I’ve been discovering myself and the spiritual side of me. I don’t mean becoming all hippie and start waving around aura talks (though I’m actually really interested in crystal healing…), it just means taking better care of myself. It means being myself, but being better, continuously finding ways to better myself towards not monetary or career driven goals but feeling better and content and fulfilled.

Are you still with me? So what Live Well Basics, to me at least, means the basic things we all need, simple tricks we ALL can do, to live better, to live well. It also implies that I’m basic as234 and always will be. But why not?


So you’re going to be a fitness blogger now?

This is not going to be some blog telling you how to go on strict diets, how to chisel your abs or how to spend your salary’s worth on groceries and protein powder. This is, I am, not that kind.

What it will be though, is a record of my journey towards wellness in this crazy city with a crazy schedule and crazy amount of things to do. So if you’re lazy AF, broke AF, and basic AF, join me! Be a friend and (insert plug): sign up for my mailing list to be the first to receive tips, wannabe funny stories and fuckups, and pointers to be healthy however we can. We’re all just coping here, let’s all help each other do that ?

What about all the beauty and fashion stuff?

They will still be there hun! Healthy girls still gotta look pretty. But as my concerns go, I will try to explore more fitness apparel (234 yeah leggings), sustainable + AFFORDABLE brands, as well as how to shop less but more efficiently. Same with makeup – I know we all can’t be 100% cruelty free and eco-friendly, but let’s try working towards that and feel pretty in the process.


A major disclaimer:

I’m saying it here now, and I will continue to say it. I am, and won’t be, an expert on anything. But I do want to share my journey, and learn about yours too. So why don’t we just become friends? This is a good vibes only zone.

What’s going to happen with everything #helloabella then?

I will continue to have that domain point towards this site. I have also switched my personal (and private) instagram account to that username.

In conclusion…

Please, please continue to support me as I go on this slightly different path. I swear this isn’t just some trick to gain likes or join the trends, and I hope you will be my company as I learn to take better care of myself, and you yourself.

#hippiedippytrippy #motivationalwedsnesday #idekanymore #anyways LEAVE ME A COMMENT TO SAY HI!

As always, till next time. xx

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