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Shop Well: We’re All 100% Human

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Hey guys! What’s cracking. As promised, the “style” posts are back – but in a different way. Today I want to share with you guys a brand that has a cause we can all get behind, thus Shop Well – occasional blatant but sincere brand recommendations. You know what I mean, the kind that checks the boxes with ethical production, transparent pricing, and a beautiful cause that no human being can hate.

(tick box and continue reading if you are indeed human)

If you’re a cool hipster, you may have already heard about and/or know and love Everlane. They are sort of like Grana (which I wrote about previously), except Everlane has a shoe and bag collection that is absolutely to die for. Oh, and they’re also from the US of A.


Why 100% Human

Because we’re all the same deep down, we fear the same things, we feel the same sadness and loss and love and joy and excitement. Despite people who can be and are mean (probably out of insecurity), we all want love and happiness and to feel like we are part of something bigger.

Here’s a story about buying t-shirts and shopping. In my teens, I used to exclusively buy tees that I resonate with: think hilarious and sassy one-liners the likes of “I’m just like you, except better.”

“Oh my god,” I heard you think out loud as you read this, “she was so uncool.”

I get it now too, but only in hindsight. This also applied to that pink Lotso tee that says “I’ve got a keeper”, or that way-too-small souvenir shirt from a beer festival that says “real women drink beer”.

Have I seen the wrongness of my ways now, you ask? I guess so – but in a different way. I still shop in accordance to my alliance, but the choices are more subtle now. I look for brands that have a purpose or cause (like leggings made from recycled plastic bottles a la Girlfriend Collective), I strive to support smaller brands or at least big ones that donate to a charity with every purchase, I BACK creators with cash dollars by buying their merch (a la Rhett and Link, and Philly D).

And thus explains why I’m telling you about this shirt now. Every tee purchased gives $5 to the American Civil Liberties Union and goes towards helping defend human rights in the US, including LGBTQ and immigrants.


So you telling me to buy stuff?

You don’t HAVE to buy THIS shirt, or support THIS charity. You can donate to Woman’s Right with this shirt. You can support creators you love via Patreon. You can learn to look into what you’re buying, learn to avoid ingredients or animal testing or non-eco packaging.

I guess what I’m saying is that we should all learn to be ourselves, be great in self-expression but also in that process learn about what you’re buying/backing and how you can send a self-expressing message as a consumer. We’re all human who wants things, and with the internet, there are a million options for us to make better purchases.

I hope you start making the right decisions one beautiful pair of shoes at a time. 

P.S. real honesty right here – hand wash this shirt or be gentle with the thin cotton material because the collar will stretch out after one wash in the machine.

P.P.S. This shirt was gracefully sent to me from Everlane to review – thank you so much.

Till next time, let me know your thoughts below. x

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