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Eco-Friendly Things: What and Where to buy in Hong Kong

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Hey guys! I know, I know. I’ve been recently reminded of my absence, and I can’t believe it’s been over three months either. So, I thought I’d write up the motherload (sort of) for you to enjoy. As the festive season approaches, I think it’s only appropriate to write up little amateur guide on where to buy eco-friendly things and/or what to buy to help reduce waste – I realise how ironic that sounds but nonetheless I reckon a good start. These are obviously great for personal use, but wonderful for gifts too!

H/T to Kammie from The Lesser Evil for the X’mas gift ideas, make sure to check out her blog and subscribe to her newsletter, it makes my week!




1) Keep Cup

Why: There was a moment in my life, when I realised how quickly I can consume a beverage in a disposable container (minutes!). This meant also meant I produced trash, I TURNED SOMETHING BRAND NEW INTO GARBAGE in a matter of minutes. It was sobering. Plastic wraps, straws, takeout containers, all had a total lifespan of minutes and will spend eternity in a landfill – or worse, in the ocean choking fishes or something. SO, that’s why I got a Keep Cup.

I chose the plastic one because it’s lighter to carry around, but of course, the glass one with a cork band is exquisite too. Most importantly, you don’t have to feel guilty anymore AND you can save a few bucks. Granted there will still be days when you don’t have the cup with you, but then you can still go lid-less on those rare days.

Where: I got mine from Barista Jam, but you can also order from their website, or psst, Taobao.


Image via Chazi

2) Re-usable straws

Why: Okay I’ll be up front. I don’t actually bring these out often, and I mostly use them at home. I actually lost one the first time I brought it out to use in a restaurant. That said, because I’m an obsessive straw user, even just having this at home saves me packs of plastic straws. And I don’t need to go into the evilness of plastic straws right? PS they make real good gifts!

Where: My girlfriend bought them for me as a gift from Chazi, but you can easily find them at a lot of other green stores (read till the end for full list)


Nike leggings made from 10 recycled plastic bottles

3) Leggings made from recycled plastic bottles

Why: BOY do I love leggings. I mean, why wouldn’t you? They’re comfy, they keep your muffin tops and spare tires under control, they’re also rather flattering. And my god, aren’t recycled plastic leggings a godsent?! If you’re gonna spend $$$ on KuKuKemons, then why not also look into feel-good brands eh. The only downside to this material is that it’s usually thicker of a fabric, but it’s fantastic for cooler days ahead.

Where: I don’t know if they are still available but I found some from Nike a while back. As an early adopter of Girlfriend Collective, I am very keen to finally be able to give them a shoutout, especially now that they have more than one length and colour. I’ve not personally tried but there’s also many brands in the US and AUS, just do a quick search for recycled plastic leggings ?


Charity Bottle from Lionrock Press

4) BYOB (Water Bottle)

Why: Same shit – avoid bottled water la. Especially imported fancy “still” water. You’re just paying for unnecessary use of fuel to fly all these whatever spring mineral water, on top of the waste you’ll produce. Remember that next time you’re buying bottled WATER! (Ok la I’ll let soft drinks/teas/juice slide a bit kkkkk). We all want a lightweight bag, but worry not, there are single layered stainless steel bottles that are super light too!

Where: The Lionrock Press has a really cute collection with proceeds going to Plastic Ocean Foundation. 24Bottles has some really handsome looking ones too! Ofc, there’s always Cotton On hurhurhur.

5) Extras

There are some things I have not personally tried and tested, but I still think they make some pretty sick gifts…

  • Bath to Basics Toiletries (shampoo, body wash etc) – organic, local brand, you can even BYOB to refill. They also have some really awesome essential oils and good smelling stuff!
  • Bamboo home stuffs – toothbrushes, soap trays, dish clothes, chopsticks, even toilet paper (from Salvation Army if you’ll believe it!)
  • Wax food wrap – reusable clingfilm basically
  • Foldable lunch boxes – for all ya meal preps and leftovers and takeaways

via Live Zero HK


Here are some shops you can physically/virtually browse for goodies! I’m not gonna start listing brands and this list is in no way exhaustive. Just a little list, ’tis all. There is no order in this list. 


Plastic-Free HK

Live Zero

Delightfully Green

Tree Children’s Lodge (note: kids store but has eco-friendly items too)

Ztore (note: online grocery store that also stocks eco-friendly products)

Thorn & Burrow (note: home decor store that also sells some reusable ware like S’Well and straws)

GaoMadYeah (note: Local waste reduction community with mail order available and occasional pop-ups. Chinese site only)

Let me know as usual if you have any thoughts, comments or what-nots!

Peace, xoxo

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