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One year along my fitness journey

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Hey guys! How has it been?! Happy 2018! Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Valentines Day! Sorry I’ve been missing out on blogging… I really have no excuse, I just hope y’all will forgive me.

So what’s been new in 2018?! I’ve actually been producing content for Instagram consistently, and I’ve recently released a Youtube video reflecting on my year-long love affair with Bounce Limit. If you’d like to learn more about this, please watch the video below:

It’s truly been an extremely transformative year. Many people will argue (including myself) that I’m quite literally a different person. I eat better, I have better stamina, posture, motivation, self-discipline… Basically everything they say is true about exercising has happened to me – all without “dieting”. Again – I’m not going to annotate the entire video in text form, but please feel free to watch the entire video above. I go through basically the whole history, PLUS my story with personal training.

I know I promised a FAQ video and I’ll be releasing that soon, hopefully next week!

Though late, I’m still sending you a whole lot of love and well wishes for the new year. If you’ve not been working on your goals yet, it’s still not too late to re-start. Get on it, and most importantly live well.

K x

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