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Fiat Caffè, Causeway Bay



Generally, most people could only relate Fiat to motor vehicles, how about food and beverage? The Italian car producer, Fiat, combined the concept of wine & dine with appreciation of car and opened Fiat Caffè. In fact, Fiat Caffè has been launched in cities like Paris, Madrid, New York, Toyko, and Hong Kong's is probably its latest branch in early 2012. When the cafe was first opened on 13 Feb 2012, there was a lot of coverage and compliments from local media but I was somehow a little lay back and only gave it a try recently... :blush:


The cafe with open kitchen layout was set up right next to its showroom in Causeway Bay. The dining area was not big and nothing really special on its interior except for an eye-catching two-seater bench "made of" its model.


It becomes the focus of whole cafe area and is probably the most popular seat that every customer wish to ride on!


The showroom area showcasing latest models of Fiat and Abarth.


Initially, I was thinking they could only make cars but never thought that they also do pretty well on serving authentic Italian food as well as providing great service. We ordered one set lunch at HK$115 for a two-course meal including starter, pasta and coffee or tea, and another set lunch of three-course meal including dessert with an extra cost of HK$30, which is quite a good deal especially in prime Causeway Bay area.

They offer choices of either soup or salad for starter and with no exception, we ordered one of each so to taste both dishes. First came the warm Leek & Potato Soup, which was nice and not satiating like those kinds of cream soup. The light consistency and tinge of olive oil & herbs do make it an appetising starter.


Another starter was the Squid, Lemon & White Wine Salad that was amazingly refreshing. Pieces of squid were well cooked to a crunchy texture and the dressing was so delicious and appetite arousing with tangy lemon flavour and tad of white wine aroma.


For the main course, again, there were 2 kinds of pasta for selection and we also had one of each from the list. Bacon, Broccoli and Pine Nuts Trofie was a brand new thing to me that I never heard or saw such kind of trofie pasta before. The thin twisted pasta was cute and al dente to the extent that I guessed it was freshly made instead of those dried type pasta! The pine nuts have added even more nutty flavour to the olive oil that well coated on every piece of trofie, which made it tasted heavenly. Bravo!


Then it came another pasta, Wild Mushroom Cream Linguine. Everything was so right in this dish with the linguine cooked to the right al dente texture, right creaminess and consistency of the sauce and the right amount of mushroom which made me so happy and indulged when having it!


We were lucky to have Affogatto Tiramisu on the menu that day, as I heard most of the time they only serve gelato for dessert in set lunch. At first, I was thinking Affogatto and Tiramisu were 2 choices of dessert until the wait staff came to ask if we're ready for dessert, I only know it's ONE dessert indeed! To my surprise, it's served in a glass as if serving a glass of cafe latte and it's actually a hybrid of Affogatto and Tiramisu. The top layer of affogatto was like coffee smoothies which carried a strong and aromatic coffee flavour that instantly waken up every taste bud on my tongue. Followed with a dollop of mascarpone cheese in the middle that provided a silky smooth sensation, and finally the ladyfinger dipped in espresso & amaretto formed the base that brought an intensive coffee aroma to perfectly round up the great coffee indulgence of the dessert.


As the Affogatto Tiramisu was already a high caffeine concentrated dessert, we better gave up coffee for our drinks and took Earl Grey and Ginger Lemongrass from the tea option. It's funny to see when we were served a tall glass of hot water with a cocktail stirrer and a small cute pyramid box along while I was expecting an ordinary tea cup and perhaps with a tea pot of hot water.


The tea was kept inside the little pyramid box and it's a 3D type of tea bag with the cute little leaf tag dangling on top, I started to become more interested and excited to drop this tea bag into the glass of water~ :D


Now I know why they served the water in tall glass! As the short leaf tag was made of a kinda starched or coated twine, it's hard like wire and provides a firm support to hang the tea bag at the edge of glass, what a creative design! Talking about the taste, nothing remarkable for the Earl Grey but the Ginger Lemongrass Tea was totally a mind-blowing one and absolutely suitable for the cold weather in winter! What's more, the taste has made me feel like having a spa in Thailand!


It's definitely a good place for both car lovers and foodies that you can take a look at the latest model as well as limited edition of Fiat cars, while enjoying authentic Italian food at the same time.

Website : http://www.fiat.com.hk/

Address : Shop G5-G6, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

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