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A Complete Guide to the Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

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The Tsukiji Fish Market is on just about everyone’s must-do when traveling to Tokyo, and for good reason! Earlier in the year, it was rumored that the fish market would be shutting down and relocating to another area of Tokyo. Thankfully, for those that have yet to visit the market, that plan has been put on hold for the foreseeable future. Until it does close, head on over to the Tsukiji Fish Market to try an array of street snacks, eat some ridiculously fresh sushi, and explore the wholesale market.

How to get to the Tsukiji Fish Market


The Tsukiji Fish Market is surprisingly easy to get to. The market is about 25 minutes from Shinjuku Station and only a few minutes’ walk from Tsukiji Station (just follow the direction of all the other white people :P).

Street snacks found at the Tsukiji Fish Market

tsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-2-1024x768.jpgMochi with fresh strawberry (¥300)tsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-4-1024x768.jpgOnigiritsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-7-1024x768.jpgTonkatsutsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-5-768x1024.jpgTomago (¥100)tsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-3-768x1024.jpgCorn Fritter (¥320)

We arrived at around 9:00 am and stopped at just about every other stall to grab something to eat. We first tried the mochi with fresh strawberry (¥300). The massive mochi is filled with various flavors: red bean, matcha, chocolate, etc. and was an odd but satisfying morning snack. There were a few shops selling onigiri and tonkatsu, though everything was in Japanese, so it was a bit of a guessing game when choosing. I loved the simple and fluffy tomago (¥100), especially since it was served hot on the very cold and rainy day we decided to go to the market. The corn fritter (¥320) was definitely a highlight for me – the ones served at the market are made with a mild fish paste that was surprisingly delicious.

Where to go for a sit-down sushi meal

sushi-katsura-2-1024x683.jpgSushi Katsura

You’ve likely heard of some of the popular sushi shops by the Tsukiji Fish Market, like Daiwa Sushi and Sushi Dai, that people begin queuing up for at 4:00 am (or earlier!). Since there was no way I would be waking up that early just to stand in line for 3+ hours, I managed to find an alternate sushi restaurant only a few minutes’ walk from the Tsukiji Fish Market. Sushi Katsura (すしかつら) is a fantastic alternative with an omakase menu that starts at only ¥950 (compared with the above mentioned restaurants where it’ll likely cost triple). Sushi Katsura also doesn’t open until lunchtime, so you don’t need to wake up at a ridiculous hour to enjoy high quality sushi.

Read more about my experience at Sushi Katsura here

Places to explore around the Tsukiji Fish Market

tsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-9-1024x768.jpgWholesale areatsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-10-1024x768.jpWholesale areatsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-11-1024x768.jpIndoor markettsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-12-1024x768.jpWasabitsukiji-fish-market-tokyo-8-1024x768.jpgAlong the streets

You can head into the wholesale warehouse to explore after the auctions have taken place, however, it’s a bit chaotic and they ask you to put away your camera before going inside (I clearly didn’t listen to the rules). Things were winding down when I went in, but I did come across some of the largest scallops I’ve ever laid eyes on. There are also two indoor market areas you can walk through with little stalls throughout selling fresh sushi, sashimi, uni, and plenty more.

Things to know

The outer area of the market is open from 5:00 am – 3:00 pm (hours may vary slightly depending on the shops).
The wholesale area opens to visitors as of 9:00 am.

Days of Operation:
The Tsukiji Fish Market is closed on Sundays, holidays, and most Wednesdays. Be sure to check the calendar before you plan your visit.

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