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Egg Custard Mini Mooncakes, Tsui Hang Village Restaurant

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As the ending of summer holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Mooncake Festival in some countries) is around the corner! Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the key Chinese festivals in the year. According to the Lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival will be on 22nd, September this year. We locals will start to be busy with choosing mooncakes and researching for the lower price during this time.

Besides the traditional and ordinary mooncake with lotus seed paste & salted egg yolk, there are more and more different kinds of comtempory mooncakes coming out in the market in recent years. One of the contempory mooncakes which is getting very popular, is Egg Custard Mini Mooncake. There are various brands of Egg Custard Mini Mooncake in the market with more or less the same selling price, amongst all, the two most popular brands are Peninsula Hotel and Kowloon Hotel. Unfortunately, Peninsula Hotel Egg Custard Mooncake voucher have been sold out in mid-August, I am not able to introduce this one of the best egg custard mooncakes for you all. For the one made by Kowloon Hotel, some people said it tastes better than Peninsula Hotel, but for me, I think it's a bit too dry.

So, this year, I choose to try the egg custard mooncake made by one of the Michelin Recommended Restaurants in Hong Kong - Tsui Hang Village Restaurant.


It is a box of 8 mini mooncakes, this is a regular quantity for egg custard mooncakes. Seperated in 2 layers, with 4 mooncakes in 1 layer. 2 mooncakes in 1 pack to keep its freshness.


Each size is about 4.5cm in diameter, 2cm thick. Why can't you find Egg Custuard Mooncake in regular size like the traditional lotus seed mooncake? This is because the natural texture of egg custard is not hard and firm enough to hold the shape in regular size. :)


This is my first time trying mooncake made by this restaurant, but it did not disappoint me!!! Surprisingly the taste and texture are even better than Peninsula Hotel! The salted egg yolk is finely mashed and mixed well with the custard, so it won't be too dry that you can see lumps of egg yolk falling out when you cut it in half, nor it won't be too oily that you can see the yellow oil of salted egg coming out from the paste. Taste is very nice, with taste of salty and sweetness mixed in good proportion. Texture is very fine, so it's soft and smooth.


Overall I am very satisfied ^.^ Pre-order special price is HK$135 per box (special price until 15SEP only, original price is HK$198), a market price. If you are interested to bring some to home as souvenir for friends and family, suggest you to buy it on your last day or 2nd last day. Then store it in the fridge to keep its freshness. It usually lasts for a week or two. Heat it a bit in microwave before serve, just 10sec would be enough to soften the custard for you to taste the softness and smoothness of the custard~! :D~

Website & address : http://www.thvr.hk/address.asp

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