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Lindt - Excellence Dark Chocolate

Lindt is the chocolate brand that is popularly known to everyone around the world. Available to Hong Kong are Lindor and Excellence, they are series of round chocolate candy and chocolate bar respectively.
The Lindt Excellence serie is made with a combination of milk and dark chocolates, with promising experience of velvet and unique chocolate flavor.
I have recently received a giant Lindt Excellence bar package and inside includes 4 chocolate bars with different cocoa contents and 2 flavored chocolate bars - sea salt and lime.
As a sophisticated version, Lime Intense is the latest dark chocolate with a sensory touch of lime.
Thank you Cred Communications for this chocolatey gift! :D

Lime Intense

Lindt Excellence

Dark Chocolate Series

Sea Salt, Lime Intense, 70% Cocoa, 85% Cocoa

Lindt Chocolate
Website: http://www.chocolate.lindt.com / https://www.facebook.com/lindtchocolateworld


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