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Atelier Vivanda - Meat met Potato

This replication of a stylish butcher house is a new casually set French bistro owned by the Michelin two-starred Chef of Akrame. Specializing in a mix of meat and potato dishes, the restaurant emphasises on
simple, fresh, quality ingredients to combine an exclusive taste of meat with a specially prepared olive oil.
First is a small paper bag of warm baguette served with housemade Caractere olive oil, which has a spicy and peppery kick.
Dinner is priced affordably in a set of L’Entree, La Viande, L’Accompagnement, and Le Dessert.
The entree of eggs mimosa is looking very appetizing on a bed of fresh arugula and simple vinaigrette.
The egg yolk mixture is dressed with creamy mayonnaise and sprinkle of toasted breadcrumb.
Their philosophy to prepare meal dishes with Chef's housemade pepper olive oil has presented a thick and juicy piece of Iberican pork ribs that has been subtly livened up with spiciness and aggressiveness.
Aside from generous serving of salad greens, the unlimited serving of potato side dishes is indeed a bounced joy. We opt for two, including an amazingly crispy and fully fried potato balls that has a smooth mushy texture as well as a thick potato pancake made with shredded potatoes, spring onion, eggs and butter, which tastes similar to spring onion pancake and fried perfectly crispy to the edges.
Le Croquavor, a restaurant signature that is known as a replication of ordinary hamburger.
While it is prepared with a piece of medium done and flavorful beef patty, the combination of two pieces of thick toast and a mountain of shredded comte cheese are honestly more impressive. Still, it is an excited dish to attempt.
Without hesitation, lychee flesh, coconut and verbena ice cream, everything is combined into one light creation that is simply fulfilling. The egg white foam on top has also completed us delightfully.
Consider its unpretentious environment and a set of affordable price tag, Atelier Vivanda is indeed another favourite at Ship Street.

Le Croquavor

Atelier Vivanda

Butcher Knife

A Paper Bag of Bread

French Baguette & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Eggs Mimosa

Iberian Pork Rib


A Way Of Reinterpreting The Hamburger

Pommes Darphin

Pommes Dauphines

Lychee Soup, Coconut, Verbena Ice Cream

Meringue Foam

Atelier Vivanda
Address: G/F, 9 Ship Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Telephone: 2109 1768
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00, 18:30-23:00


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