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We were quite wasted after the regular Saturday morning workout in friend's gym. Protein was the saver for me and my boyfriend that night before we continued the night activities with friends. Thanks for this new opening Thai restaurant in Wanchai, we got some energy to make night better!

It was a bit strange that we found they were offering sashimi in the restaurant while the Thai style sashimi platter was even highly recommended on the special offer list of the resto. While, I guess it is always the market decides the resto's direction. Indeed, Hongkongers love anything related to Japanese food...

I love the Raw Shrimp with a marshmallow texture. A normal and common Thai appetizer, while you have to make sure the shrimp is in its best condition to perform the taste in flavor and more importantly, in texture. They have done a really good job that night!


Pattaya Style Grilled Cheese Tiger Prawn (new item on the separated menu) was just amazing. It was fully covered by the half-melted cheese where also offers a mixed and impressive coconut aroma. It was very filling, be careful!


I was not very convinced by the 'steamed' way to handle the red curry dish... But I have to say the presentation of this new item (Red Curry Prawn) was romantic and beautiful. The steamed curry was actually made with coconut and egg. You could imagine the similar taste of steamed egg while it's seafood curry indeed!

If you are interested but not too picky to the Thai seafood place, this would be a new place worth to try.

3/F, The Hennessy
256 Hennessy Road
Hong Kong

+852 3746 9999

Mon to Sat. 12nn - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm

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