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A Promising Newcomer @ The First Floor by Lifestyle Federation

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The First Floor by Lifestyle Federation used to be a private venue for members only but recently they opened its doors to the public and I was lucky to be one of the first to have a preview of this hidden space on Duddell's Street. Duddell's Street is such a narrow street that doesn't allow too much sunlight with tall buildings on each side but I was surprised how bright the restaurant was with a view of lush and green right outside their big windows. The restaurant has a dining area connected to an open kitchen that is solely used for plating and decorations of the dishes as they take the presentation of their food very seriously. You will see in a bit once I finish with all the rambling

We tried a number of appetizers, a main and a selection of dessert. There were a clear star in each course, and I am going to show you some of the highlights



Oh they even have a private members-only cigar room for the sophisticated ones! And it is actually the first cigar room in Hong Kong! I don't smoke so can't really comment on the selection


Jamones Martinez 30 Months Iberico Cebo


Amuse Bouche - Kyoto Jelly with Red Vinegar Jelly. Very sour but definitely wakes up the appetite


Butter - Salted, Unsalted, Honey Cinnamon and Pesto (my favourite)

Bread arrived hot but as soon as they got cold they became very hard and difficult to eat. I was impressed by the Man Tou Baguette!


Veg Ten (185HKD) - Ten different veggies beautifully presented and a light yet tasty start of the meal!


Seafood Hassun (260HKD) - The meticulous plating is really impressive. My favourite item here was definitely the Baby Shrimp Tartar followed by the Prawn. I loved how the Sakura Shrimp and Seaweed powder enlightened the flavours 


Spanish Red Prawn Consomme (175HKD) - The broth was soooo tremendously rich! This was actually one of my favourite dishes of the meal!


M8 Australia Wagyu Sirloin with Seasonal Vegetable (380HKD) - had a bite of this and was amazing how they have seared the surface of it so perfectly while keeping the centre juicy


New Zealand Baby Lamb Two-ways with Seasonal Vegetable (380HKD) - The gamey taste wasn't too heavy and loved the crispy surface without drying out the meat inside 


They have a nice collection of teas to go with the dessert


This dessert trolley really sparked a lot of amusement among the foodies. Everyone snapped out their cameras and phones once this was pulled over to our table. Their passionfruit and raspberry marshmallows were suprisingly good with a nice fluffy and airy texture minus that sugaroverdose that usually clings to your palate after eating a marshmallow. The macaroons were also worth to mention with my favourite being the rich sesame flavour! 


Another example that their dessert both had beautiful presentation and good taste was their Pineapple Ravioli with Coconut Emulsion in Secret Soup (85HKD)
It was a divine little packet packed with a special and delightful aroma. I will let you try for yourself and give it a guess what the ingredients in the secret soup is


The First Floor by Lifestyle Federation is not just another place for business lunch in Central. Their beautifully plated food is actually surprisingly tasty, and I would see myself coming back for a meal to soothe my eyes and satify my tummy

Where: The First Floor by Lifestyle Federation, 1/F, Baskerville House, 13 Duddell Street, Central (+852 2840 0032)
When: Sep 30, 2015
Highlight: Seafood Hassun and Spanish Red Prawn Consomme
Downside: Once the bread gone cold they become very hard


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