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Welcome Food Court 時來食坊, Cheung Chau



Curry fishball is one of the must-try street snacks for tourists visiting Hong Kong, and for those visiting Cheung Chau, the big fishball is the snack that shouldn't be missed. There are a few stalls selling this kind of gigantic fishball near the ferry pier, and finally we picked this one, which was featured on TV, instead of the stall next door, which supposed to be a more popular one.


Curry fishballs sold in the city are generally small without much "bounciness" and it's rather like eating pieces of chewy cooked flour, but the one in Cheung Chau are in bigger size and a lot more firmer to the bite than those urban fishballs. I had the Satay flavour as recommended by the staff, it tended to be a bit sweet but not spicy at all, and the overall taste was not intensive enough because the fishball skewer was only dipped in the Satay sauce before serve. I guess the Sichuan Spicy flavour would be much better as all the fishballs were boiled in the bloody red Sichuan spicy soup before serving!


It costs HK$10 for just 2 large + 1 small fishballs on a skewer! It's quite pricy and forgot to mention about the last petit piece of fishball, which was the "urban" type without any bounciness but only chewy! :S

Website : N/A

Address : G/F, 150 San Hing Back Street, Cheung Chau

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