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Hing Lok Restaurant 興樂菜館, Cheung Chau



Can't remember exactly how many times have I visited Cheung Chau so far but I'm quite sure it wouldn't be more than 5. It's not far away from the city with about an hour ferry ride from Central pier no. 5, which is a pretty good weekend getaway destination for locals. For some frequent visitors, if you're bored of hanging around the city and thought of experiencing the peaceful side of Hong Kong, try Cheung Chau Island. If you can afford a full day there, you can even do some hiking to the Cheung Po Tsai cave (張保仔洞). Also, don't forget to try their seafood before leaving.


This time I was there with 2 friends, whom has recently relocated to Hong Kong. This was my second visit to Hing Lok Restaurant as I found their dishes were quite delicious last time. And here we ended up with 5 dishes for HKD$218, which was really affordable.


The first dish landed on our table was Sautéed Prawn with Ketchup (茄汁蝦), which was definitely a mouth-watering dish that instantly got up our appetite even by its look and smell! Every prawn was beautifully dressed in redish orange colour and exuded an aromatic sourish fragrance that came from the ketchup, yet not in a heavy sticky sauce as all the moisture and flavour was absorbed and sealed inside the crust. The prawns were fresh with firm meat and easily peeled off crust but size was kinda small. Its taste was so appetizing with a well balance of sweet & sour and no wonder the restaurant serve it as the first dish of our meal!


Stir Fried Choy Sum with Minced Garlic (蒜蓉炒菜心) was a common dish that nothing much to be commented on. The choy sum was fresh, crunchy and naturally sweet though.


Stir Fried Clams with Dark Beans and Chilli (豉椒炒蜆) was impressive with good quality of clams and nicely made sauce. There were no unopened clams in the dish, which means all of them were fresh and well cooked, and they were free of sand too. Sauce was in light consistency and not overwhelmed the natural flavour of clams, but it would be better if it could be spicier!


Deep Fried Squid (椒鹽鮮魷) was the star of the meal and a must-try in the restaurant! Pieces of squid were enveloped in a thin layer of batter and deep fried to a perfect crispiness, then finally seasoned with spiced salt. Squid was very fresh, juicy with firm texture and in nice thickness that you know you're eating squid but not the batter. You know, in some restaurants they use squid of worse quality and cover it up with thick batter that you can only taste the batter instead of the squid! Remember to dip it in the Chinese vinegar that served along with the dish to add a little sour kick on each bite. We all fell in love with this dish and it's finished up fast. Nice one!


On the menu, you can only find Steamed Sea Fish but the fish type is not specified because it depends on the daily pick of the restaurant, and fish of the day we visited was Steamed White Pomfret (清蒸白鯧魚). Though it's not a kind of expensive sea fish, however the restaurant turned it into a gourmet by steaming it with right timing. The meat was soft and smooth, and the soya sauce was in right sweetness and saltiness that didn't overwhelm the natural flavour of pomfret.


There are lots of seafood restaurants along the street and every one of them would have someone standing outside to ask you in. Just in case you forgot the restaurant name or unable to find it (as their restaurant name is somehow hiding below the wide shade cover), look for the one with green checker tablecloth! It's how I remember the restaurant too~

Website : N/A

Address : Shop D, 11 Pak She Praya Road, Cheung Chau 長洲北社海傍路11D號舖

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