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Me Loved That Beef @ Momotaro

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It is okey if you haven't heard about the new Japanese fusion Momotaro in Sheung Wan. Unlike many other new openings that you will find listed in social media articles, Momotaro decides to take a more subtle approach before its official opening end of the month so it can have time to fine-tune some of their dishes to make it perfect.

We are aware of that there are quite a few Japanese fusion places in Hong Kong already, but Momotaro's concept is closest to a Japanese fusion place in Landmark. Even though the location might be a bit out of the way comparatively, I do think their food beats its competitor by a mile.

Let's be real - we all know that the Japanese fusion place in Landmark serves unfairly overpriced food and it is mostly a place for business people to grab a drink or two without caring too much what goes with their bubbles and beers, and their food variety gets more and more boring. Momotaro has a more creative menu both for drinks and food. You can start with nibbling on some Edamame with Truffle and Sea Salt (88HKD) while skimming through the rest of their menu 


Their Boiled Spinach with Homemade Sweet Sesame Sauce (58HKD) was also a delightful starter


Moving on to the more serious stuff, their snow Crab and Momotaro Tomato Salad (140HKD) was a dish we really loved as the tomato was sweet and worked perfectly with the generous portion of crabmeat


Their sashimi tartar with caviar dishes were highly recommend to us and we settled for the Yellowtail (230HKD). We found the portion a little bit small, but the quality was oustanding.We could tell that by the texture and the hint of sweetness in the aftertaste


Their assorted tempura was slightly off with the main item on the plate, the prawn, being a bit overcooked. The sweet potato was on the other hand very sweet and cooked to perfection though


The Dragon Roll (150HKD) was a good pick, too. Usually I will find myself very full after two pieces due to their size and the amount of rice, but this one was perfect with the right balance between rice and other ingredients


The star of the night was without doubt the Miso Marinated Foie Gras with Seared Japanese Wagyu Beef in Sweet Soy Sauce (350HKD half portion). The tender beef went so well with the miso foie gras, and it might sound very heavy but because the beef was thinly slice, the richness was perfetly balanced. Had dreams about this afterwards!


The Venue

We were very full already, but were told they had a selection of sushi and sashimi on their menu as well, so we ordered the Botan Shrimps (80HKD) which were plump, creamy and sweet.


They don't have a dessert menu, but they do have a variety of icecream to round off your meal. I approved of their sesame icecream while Matt quite enjoyed his refreshing yuzu flavour one



Time to move our happy hour hangouts away from the usual central spots to end of Central/beginning of Sheung Wan area for better food and drinks!

Where: Momotaro, UG/F, 198 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong (+852 2865 0005)
When: Oct 4, 2015
Highlight: The Miso Foie Gras and Beef
Downside: The prawn tempura

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