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The Market @ Hotel ICON, Tsim Sha Tsui



I'm not really a big fan of buffet but it could be a great moment to catch up with friends. Having heard so much about their popular buffet since the opening of Hotel ICON, I was so eager to try but my mood was always turned down by their few months advance reservation... that could be a long list especially on weekends. Really thanks to my friend for deciding a gathering there, otherwise I wouldn't have try it until now. It was the brunch buffet from 11:45am to 2:45pm on Sunday that we had, which I booked it a month ago.

The hotel's decor and atmosphere are truly simple and trendy with some creative furniture and fittings. That was very me!



I quite like the swirl staircase at the corner that I viewed it as a sculpture rather than a staircase in the hotel.


The entrance to The Market has a mystery appearance. Every steps of my approach to the reception has triggered my curiosity on its interior.


This is the first look from the entrance next to the reception... quite cozy with mainly natural sunlight brighten up the restaurant.




The dessert corner. I would say there isn't much variety on their desserts as compared to other hotels but they do have a great collections of unique flavour with every attention to detail.



The salad corner.


The cold cut corner.


The sushi & sashimi corner.


Mixed Sashimi Rice.


If you're interested, you can even purchase their wines from the vending machine at the centre.


The main difference between their brunch (HK$398 for 2) and dinner (HK$598 for 2) buffet is probably the availability of oyster bar at night.


The Chinese & Southeast Asian hot dishes counter.


The Indian cuisine counter.


The noodle corner


Free-flow of French Vittel mineral water is provided on every table.


Peking Duck Wrap is a must-try here so this was the first thing I tried during my meal. There were 2 chefs serving made-to-order Peking Duck Wrap at the counter next to the Salad Bar. The duck was still warm while served and I love the sweet sauce that was great to eat with the duck and shredded spring onion.


Cold Noodle with Peanut Sauce was tasty but the noodle was kinda overcooked and a bit mushy in texture.


My entree plate with assort of cold cuts and seared pepper. Cold cuts were not my cup of tea and I just wanna get a try of their quality, so that's enough for me. Seared pepper was nice with vinegary taste, a great appetiser!


DIY Caesar Salad from the salad corner. There're a few types of dressing available and I made an Italian salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Mixed Sashimi Rice was fresh but nothing really extraordinary here.


In Hong Kong, seafood is always the most welcoming dishes in buffet among locals, so certain standard of freshness has to be well-maintained to satisfy everyone' crave. I have no doubt on the freshness of their seafood and indeed all of them were nice, but I only went for 1 round of seafood as I hate spending time & effort cracking crab shell and peeling prawn crust... Lazy me... :P


The Scallop with Risotto was awesome with great texture but the Egg Benedict was not as good. The pouch egg was a bit overcooked and the hollandaise sauce was tasteless, I ended up leaving half of it unfinished on plate... Tandoori chicken at the back was extremely delicious with tender and juicy meat, which was also well flavoured with moderate strength of Indian spices. The squares of Deep Fried Prawn Toast at the back towards the right was great too with crunchiness and not too oily.


The mini portion of Hainan Chicken Rice was surprisingly good with authentic taste especially the rice that has a great moisture and chicken flavour.


The Shark Fin Dumpling in Soup wasn't impressive at all. The soup was alright but the dumpling wrap was too thick and starchy.


Basically, most of the Chinese food tasted alright, not much to comment on.


This is my plate from Indian counter. Mutton Curry was very delicious with soft texture. Even the Biryani rice (Indian yellow rice) was great too.


The mini Laksa is also one of their popular dishes there. For me, although it can't beat those in Singapore & Malaysia but it's good enough in Hong Kong.


Beef Brisket in Clear Soup is again another must-eat. The beef brisket was boiled to really tender texture and the clear soup was surprisingly delicious without any taste of MSG at all.


Another must-eat in The Market is their dessert. Like I mentioned, there aren't many choices but each and every piece was truly an amazing experience to me. The Green Tea Cake was surprisingly good with rich matcha taste mixed with a light taste of red bean paste. For those durian fans, Durian Cheesecake and Durian Tarts are must-try as their flavours were so genuine and natural without any taste of artificial flavouring. The Red Wine Jelly in a little jar was an adult's jelly with very strong taste of red wine.


The Baileys, Mango and Green Tea Panna Cotta were served in lovely plastic egg-shaped cups. For Baileys lovers, you gonna try this and tell me how good it is! Mango and Green Tea were nice too but not a wow to me. Mini Chocolate Lave Cake served in a little glass cup was good too with rich dark chocolate flavour, which wasn't too sweet. Chocolate Jasmine Cake (front towards the left) was a big surprise to me and the chef who thought of this creative pairing of chocolate and jasmine is a genius!! Mango Cheesecake was only so-so and not impressive. Bread Pudding at the back was classic and good, and don't forget to put some custard sauce on it before going back to your table~


Had 2 scoops of Movenpick ice-cream to round up my meal.


Free flow of sparkling white wine and a variety of juices are also included during the meal, and a cup/glass of tea or coffee is included at the end of the meal too. I've ordered Iced Lemon Tea, it was refreshing and good for digestion. ^_^


Coffee for my partner. They're using illy coffee there so it was very rich and full bodied.


Website : http://www.hotel-icon.com/

Address : 2/F, Hotel ICON, 17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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