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Ding Ding Grilled Fish 汀汀烤活魚, Mong Kok

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I've always passed by this restaurant seeing customers savouring their fish on a portable stove but didn't really have a clue on its cooking technique and way of eating. The scene was attractive and mouthwatering, so what took me so long to try it only now...? Because the restaurant only happened to appear right in front of me after my meal all the time... Darn!!!

This time, I went there in purpose just for the hotpot fish! Just don't wanna let myself down again. :lol: Besides fish, you can also choose for crab and chicken. Anyway, since they're famous for their fish so why not trying their fish instead?


Knew that the fish could be huge for 2 of us, so we wouldn't want to order too many dishes. However, a light appetiser would be great for the kick off, so here we had Ma Poh Cold Tofu (麻婆凍豆腐 HK$26). Tofu texture was great with appropriate coldness but was kinda too greasy especially those at the bottom. The spiciness was of Sichuan style. If you're used to spicy food, I would say the spiciness was just moderate.


For a hotpot fish, there're a few types of fish, choices of broth and level of spiciness to choose from and that indeed took us some time to decide, but really thanks to the friendly staff who was so patient in guiding us to the right decision. So finally we had this awesome Signature Grilled Catfish (招牌烤魽魚 HK$208) with moderate spicy broth.


Once we've placed the order, the fish was lightly grilled in the kitchen before it was served to enhance the flavour as well as to remove the unpleasant smell of fish, I assumed. So when it was served on the portable stove, the fish was half-cooked and it took around 15mins to get it done. There are also side dishes of raw ingredients that you can order to cook in the broth just like hotpot.


The whole fish was marinated and covered with some Sichuan herbs & spices that brought out a rich exotic fragrance and flavour. Meat was smooth and firm that reflected perfect freshness, and what's even better was this type of fish had fewer bones for easy eating. Broth was at average spiciness to us and the greasiness was still at an acceptable level.


We ordered Veggie Platter (田園拼盤 HK$36) to add some healthy element to our meal. The platter included winter melon, potato, turnip & lotus root, which were fresh and nice.


This restaurant is definitely one of those that worth revisiting again.

Website : N/A

Address : Shop C, G/F, 13A-B Yim Po Fong Street, Mong Kok

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