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Mui Kee Congee 妹記生滾粥品, Mong Kok

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I always heard about this popular congee place from friends and even from members' itineraries but never had a chance to try it out myself before this. This shop is located at the food court of Fa Yuen Street Market, which is on 4th floor above the wet market. The food court is not air-conditioned but the ventilation system wasn't too bad with reasonable numbers of fan installed, so try to grab a table as close to fan as possible to keep yourself cool especially enjoying congee under the summer heat.


It opens everyday from 6:30am to 3pm and we nearly missed it as we arrived just 15mins before it closed. That's why it was so unfortunate that we couldn't try some of their must-try dishes that had been sold out. But one thing good about that timing was that it's... crowd-free!!! Even it's about the closing time but still, the staff was quite friendly taking order and delivering the food to us with no hurry.


It's quite impossible for them to list out all their dishes on the menu because all the congee ingredients could be mix & match. So think of a great combination that you love before your visit.


This place is famous for its congee with fish slices but too bad, it's been sold out and we had to think of something else in place. Since fresh fish maw is one of their signature ingredients, so we ordered Congee with Fresh Fish Maw & Pork Meatball (鮮魚卜肉丸粥 HK$30) instead. The congee was fine and smooth with perfect consistency & saltiness, which was definitely a good one.


The fresh fish maw had similar texture close to squid but was kinda more chewy and elastic for me. Flavour wise, it wasn't outstanding and it did carry an extremely slight hint of unpleasant fishy smell. However I quite like the pork meatball, which was flavourful. Since it was made of fresh hand-chopped minced pork, it has a well-balanced combination of fat and meat that produced a great overall texture.


Congee with Sliced Beef (鮮滑牛肉粥 HK$25) was another good one. The congee tended to be slightly sweeter than the above, probably due to the natural sweetness brought by the beef slices.


The sliced beef was nice without much surprises. It was soft and smooth indeed.


Website : N/A

Address : Shop 11-12, 4/F, Fa Yuen Street Market, Mong Kok

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