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Taipan Bread & Cakes 大班麵包西餅

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Sorry for the extremely-late featuring on mooncakes this year! Another 10 more days to go before the Mid-Autumn Festival on 30th Sept, I'm sure most of you have taken plenty of them by now. :D

When talking about snowy mooncakes, many would suggest the brand Taipan Bread & Cakes, which is the first bakery producing snowy mooncakes in the world. Since then, it became very popular among local community and also Chinese community around the globe. As I had featured custard mooncakes from The Peninsula Connoisseur and Tsui Hang Village Restaurant on previous years, so here is the snowy version.


Frankly, I don't really fancy much about snowy mooncake due to bad experience on certain brands in the past and I was quite hesitated to try them until now, so I may not be in a good position to compare though!

In Taipan, there's a selection of unique flavours available as well as combination of flavours in gift boxes that you could choose from. OMG!! They even have Durian flavour as well. I've bought a gift box of 8 mini pieces with 4 different flavours (HK$124), Mung Bean Paste (經典綠荳蓉), Mango and Mung Bean Paste (芒果綠荳蓉), Pina Colada and Bean Paste (菠蘿特飲荳蓉), and Almond Sesame and Bean Paste (杏仁芝麻糊荳蓉).


All the snowy mooncakes here shared the same wrap, which is made of glutinous rice flour. It has a perfect thickness with a little bit chewy texture.

Mung Bean Paste (經典綠荳蓉, back) is the original flavour without any filling. It wasn't too sweet, which was good but it didn't carry much of bean flavour. However, I would say Almond Sesame and Bean Paste (杏仁芝麻糊荳蓉, front) was the best among all, probably due to the aromatic almond flavour added to the paste. Also, the runny sesame filling at the centre was too watery, but it did give out different sensation in texture within.


Both Mango and Mung Bean Paste (芒果綠荳蓉, back) and Pina Colada and Bean Paste (菠蘿特飲荳蓉, front) shared the same bean paste as the original, fair enough! The sweet filling of mango tasted quite artificial and so did the Pina Colada, which carried strong flavour of artificial pineapple essence without any expected taste of rum, perhaps it's better to be named as pineapple instead of pina colada?



If you're not picky, the overall quality of their snowy mooncakes weren't too bad, which is definitely above average. Maybe I just have too high expectation from Taipan?

Website : http://www.taipan.com.hk/ (Chinese only)

Branch : There are too many of them. Check out the website to locate them.

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