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CNY Puddings by Loong Toh Yuen 隆濤院, Hullett House, Tsim Sha Tsui



As everyone knows Chinese New Year shouldn't be lack of puddings, and trying to make or pick a real good pudding is one big headache to me every year. This year I no longer have to worry about it as I received a set of gorgeous CNY puddings by Loong Toh Yuen as a gift, heartfelt thanks to Hullett House!

The two boxes of pudding were packed inside a beautiful drawstring bag with Chinese floral pattern instead of paper or plastic bag. I really love the bag and it is a very environmental friendly idea from Hullett House to encourage people to reuse the bag rather than discarding it.


The puddings were the two essential ones, Chinese New Year Pudding and Cantonese Turnip Cake. As Hullett House takes environment conservation as the main concern, only the basic plastic boxes & simple paper wraps were used in order to reduce packaging waste as a whole.


New Year Pudding garnished with a red date and some melon seeds. Simple and classic.


Turnip Cake was sprinkled with dried shrimps and diced dried sausages. I can smell the aroma right after the cover was lifted!


They looked delicious and because they're freshly made and free from preservatives, I just can't wait until CNY to try them out! The Turnip Cake was oh-so-yummy with a right savoury and very strong umami taste. The texture was soft but firm, and turnip was cut into thick chunks to preserve its natural taste and juicy texture. One more grateful thing I found was the ingredients listed on the paper wrap didn't include MSG or any artificial flavourings, and it's not greasy at all! It's so simple & basic as if home-cooked by mother!


The New Year Pudding was also tasted heavenly good with a soft and chewy texture. It's not too sweet and with a little hint of coconut. Different from my mum's version that coconut sugar is used, which brought quite a strong coconut aroma, this one made of coconut milk was tasted rather mild in coconut and replaced with a clean sweetness from Chinese brown sugar slab.


Having tried many packaged CNY puddings by restaurant chains and most of them are yummy but added with various artificial flavours & preservatives, I really hope I have time to learn and make my own puddings for the sake of healthiness. Never expect packaged puddings could be that delicious and pureness close to home-made standard but this has been achieved by Loong Toh Yuen. Highly recommended!

Website: http://hulletthouse.com/dining/loong-toh-yuen

Address: G/F, Hullett House, 1881 Heritage, 2A Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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