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brotzeit. German Bier Bar & Restaurant



It was a gathering with friends on Friday night. Before I came out with an idea of having it at this restaurant, I was searching high and low for something different that we don't usually have and somewhere we could get to feel the vibe of TGIF night. And here we went to have an authentic Bavarian food along the harbourfront in Tsim Sha Tsui.


The 2-storey restaurant has an open-air indoor bar and an alfresco dining area at the ground floor, which I definitely don't prefer under such a hot weather these days. So finally, we requested for a table for 6 on the first floor, fully air-conditioned.... Yeah nice!



Everyone knows beer is a major part of German culture, and that's the reason we're here! Brotzeit has a long list of German brews on the menu but we just had no idea on choosing the one that suits our taste. After browsing for a short while, everyone decided to go for unique beer mix, Affensaft - Weissbier with Banana or Mango Juice (0.3 ltr HK$45 and 0.5 ltr HK$69), which sounded mild & fruity, and majority of us have chosen to go with mango juice. With the mix of mango juice, it wasn't bitter at all and it was sweet, refreshing and thirst-quenching with well-retained light beer flavour. A highly recommended one!


It is always good to start with something light & fresh to arouse our appetite while waiting for some friends to arrive. I quite like their salad menu for having 2 sizes each. Their choices are not many but enough to pick a decent one for the kick-off. We have chosen Meeresfrüchtesalat / Seafood Salad (Small HK$98 and Regular HK$138), which is a mixed salad with smoked salmon, seared tuna, prawns, semi-dried tomatoes, olives, grilled zucchini, orange wedges and sour cream tossed with house dressing. Like I said it was a decent one, except the colourful presentation & top freshness, it's delish with the mild-flavoured dressing and the well-seared tuna~


We were targeting on the classic Bavarian dishes, pork knuckle & sausages that are must-eats in many German cuisines. We ordered platter set, Brotzeitplatte, which was served on a table-long wooden board and good for 4 to 5 pax at ony HK$588, isn't it reasonable? It includes pork knuckle, best of their sausages, pork schnitzels and 2 side dishes of your choice, and we have picked spicy potato wedges (Kartoffelhappen) and homemade buttered Spätzle (Spätzle).

German sausages were yummy and good to go with mustard and chili sauce provided. I couldn't distinguish the type of sausages but could only say they were all heavenly tasted even the less appealing white one.


Not only it was the star, the roasted pork knuckle was a surprise too for its crispiness of the skin and the meat was truly tender and juicy that could easily detached from the bone with just a few slices and twists. Sauce was served separately for dipping and it's equally tasty with a dip in the English mustard or the special Bavarian sweet mustard.


However, pork schnitzels was a disappointment. They're actually deep-fried battered pork chop but were kind of bland, dry and slightly stiff on chewing.


Spicy potato wedges was usual but tasted superb. Something that we couldn't stop eating while chatting, hehee...


Homemade buttered Spätzle was a kind of egg noodle and the texture was like gnocchi cooked in a Bavarian way. Tasted creamy with a slight chewy texture and a very mild butter flavour. Nothing impressive! It's just another pasta for me...


For the dessert, this is the one, Emperor's Cake (Kaiserschmarren HK$78), which is a shredded pancake with rum and raisins served with plum sauce. The baked shredded pancake was a delight that carried a very strong egg aroma & flavour with light crispy edges and fluffy content. By eating it alone without dipping is even more delicious as the plum sauce was too sour to my liking. The only setback was that I could hardly taste any rum from the raisins in the pancake.


It was an enjoyable night filled with laughter, good beer & food! Will surely be visiting again to try out other classic dishes~

Website : http://brotzeit.co/tstc/

Address : Shop G6 & UG16, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

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