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MO Bar X JIMMY CHOO Afternoon Tea, Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Central



As mentioned in my previous entry that themed afternoon tea is always my top preference. Whenever I craved for a decent afternoon tea, I wouldn't go and pick any hotels but rather wait until something special to "happen" in town. Yes! Finally there came a really special themed afternoon tea that I am longing for, which is the JIMMY CHOO afternoon tea by MO Bar of Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Central. An afternoon tea offered by two international prestige brands, I couldn't think of any reasons to resist~ :D

MO Bar is located at the ground level of the hotel and to my little surprise, it's rather small but gorgeous. There are only 2 types of table available, high or low, and we were seated at low table which made eating easier than the high bar tables. Lucky that we reserved earlier as I heard that high tables were reserved for walk-ins only.


The bar counter in the middle installed with light panel and a large tilted mirror is the focus of MO Bar.


The JIMMY CHOO afternoon tea set was served during 2 Apr - 5 May 2013 at HKD260/pax on Mon-Fri, or HKD280/pax on Sat & Sun including the sweet delights from the buffet as an added benefit for weekends. The dessert buffet already costs HKD200/pax itself, so for just 80 bucks difference and diners could enjoy both tea set & dessert buffet, no wonder the weekends' tables were booked out in no time!


Tea served first and here is my JING Tea in a Pot - Lemongrass ginger tea, which tasted like the spa tea that we used to be served after massage or spa session in Thailand. Taste of lemongrass was mild and smooth, and well matched with the light ginger taste. It's a soul-healing tea that can improve digestion too, best choice when having buffet, hehee... :lol:


A classic English afternoon tea is not complete without scones. We had Raisin and Plain Scones with clotted cream and preserves (strawberry & marmalade) for the tea set. The appearance of scones here was slightly different from those traditional one in The Lobby of Peninsula Hotel with no horizontal cracks in the middle but looked like a very thick cookie instead. They were extraordinary delicious with strong buttery taste and no alkaline aftertaste from baking power at all. Quite crumpy but moist enough, they're good enough to eat alone without clotted cream and preserves.


Inspired by JIMMY CHOO's Spring/Summer 2013 collection, chef at MO Bar has turned sweets & savouries into edible miniature high-heels, bag & clutch. They were all very cute but the taste of sweets was quite a little let-down... From left to right:

  • Green tea mousse, strawberry jelly & yuzu mousse shooter - better to eat separately because the fruity tangy taste of yuzu mousse was a total mis-match with the green tea mousse, which was also a mistake to match with the strawberry jelly at the bottom. It's like eating something spoiled when all tastes mixed together...
  • Pink chupa macaroon with passion fruit & mango cream - it's rather too sweet to my liking as the macaroon was indeed made of white chocolate. The sweetness has even overwhelmed the fruity taste of passion fruit & mango cream inside.
  • Litchi, rose and raspberry mousse & white chocolate bag - again, I could only think of one word to describe it, sweet. I couldn't taste any of the litchi, rose & raspberry flavour from the mousse at all.
  • Milk chocolate high heels - Even sweeter! My friend even abandoned it at the end...



Savouries tasted a lot better and I love them all. From left to right:

  • Black bun with cooked ham mousse served as gold baguette crystals with savora mustard - black bun was actually a piece of rolled bread which was thin and soft, and the cooked ham mousse was light in taste that I couldn't tell what it was without looking at its name on menu.
  • Whole wheat sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber, cream cheese coloured pyramid studs - my most liked item in the tea set though it's just an ordinary sandwich in clutch shape. Smoked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber blended so well and flavours were in good balance.
  • Foie gras high heels in cherry dip on crispy brioche bread - the sweetness of cherry dip has overpowered the aroma of foie gras...
  • Quiche with mushrooms & spinach seasoned with pesto - my second favourite of all as it was full of mushroom in the filling, love it.


Alongside with the 3-tier afternoon tea set, our weekend version has included dessert buffet as well. It looked more tempting with an array of mouth-watering desserts displayed on the buffet.


Start drooling now? :rolleyes:


Apple & basil cocktail was the only beverage item on the counter. Nothing much special than a glass of blue syrup but I quite like the cyber look.


Ice-cream and sorbert


Crème caramel with rum & raisin, I would call it the best dessert of the buffet! The texture was silky smooth and the rum aroma was strong enough to make me drunk!


Strawberry swiss roll was another highlight. Made of ultra-thin layer of cake instead of ordinary fluffy sponge cake, it was filled with more strawberry cream filling in between to bring a more intensive flavour in each bite.


My first round from the buffet.


Small gift that included in the JIMMY CHOO tea set was a multi-purpose notebook with blank pages. I hope it could be something more "CHOO", maybe a mini clutch-like coin purse? Haha... Anyway, I know I was just thinking too much with a tea set at only a few hundreds bucks... :P


Website : http://www.mandarino...-dining/mo-bar/

Address : 15 Queen's Road Central, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong Island

Google Map


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