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Goldfinch Restaurant 金雀餐廳, Causeway Bay

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Goldfinch Restaurant, a much later Canto-Western restaurant after Tai Ping Koon Restaurant was founded in 1960s, which was also known as "House of Steak". Besides experiencing a typical local tea restaurants in Hong Kong, dinning in an old-fashioned Canto-Western restaurant like Goldfinch Restaurant could also bring back memories for the elders as the decor remain mostly unchanged for the past 40 years with 1960s wallpapers and PVC booth seats. This type of restaurants is extinguishing with only a few are still serving.


Have any of you watched "2046" and "In the Mood for Love (花樣年華)" directed by Wong Kar Wai? This is where both the movies were filmed and it could also be one of the reasons for its survival through the decades. As a result, their two popular set menus are named after the movies.


It was our dinner last week and unfortunately, we didn't order any of their popular set menu but their regular one (HK$92 per set) that includes Bread & Butter (牛油餐包), Cream Soup (忌廉湯) or Borscht (羅宋湯), Filet Mignon (免翁牛柳) or Pan-fried Lamb Chop (煎羊扒) and coffee or tea (hot or cold). The moment of stepping into the dim environment, I've the same feeling as in Tai Ping Koon Restaurant like stepping back in time. What caught my attention was the big poster of "In the Mood for Love", which was just right on top of us. Don't you think it's an ideal place for lovers?


Realized their PVC booth seats cover has changed from brown to beige or the brown was just a makeup for the movie? huh.gif

A very classic starter, basket of Bread & Butter (牛油餐包) arrived right after taking our order and we've both Cream Soup (忌廉湯) & Borscht (羅宋湯). Unlike Cream Soup looked unattractive and tasted normal, Borscht with full of condiments filled to the brim was definitely a must for the starter and I enjoyed it very much for its perfect sweetness and sourness in taste, and rich in flavour.


I had Filet Mignon (免翁牛柳) at 70% done, which was just perfect in texture... soft and juicy to be exact with less fat attached. Of course, the great texture was also due to the steak cut of beef taken from the tenderloin, and could this be the reason for the smaller portion served? When I first cut it, it's pink in the middle... it's just beautifully done. I quite like the minced meat gravy dressed on the steak and overall, the steak was tastier than I expected!


Normally, I don't take lamb for its unpleasant smell but the Pan-fried Lamb Chop (煎羊扒) here was well-marinated with no awful smell of lamb. It was sliced into thinner pieces dressed with gravy and sprinkled with some dried herbs. The lamb itself was slightly dried out in texture as it was sliced and pan-fried, and the gravy has somehow done a great job to moisturize the whole dish. Not too bad!


The drinks, Iced Milk Tea (凍奶茶) & Iced Lemon Tea (凍檸茶), came together with the 2 main course. Iced Milk Tea was too sweet for me and basically, I need to wait for the melting ice to balance up the sweetness before drinking. For the Iced Lemon Tea, nothing special to talk about, just another nicely prepared one.


For the dessert, Vanilla Ice-cream (雲呢嗱雪糕), was served in a chilled stainless steel dessert bowl, which added even more vintage feel to our dinner! Talking about the taste, it's nothing great about it as it was just an ordinary vanilla ice-cream by Dairy Farm, not too bad though~


Website : N/A

Address : G/F, 13-15 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay

Remarks : Plus 10% service charge

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